My Monday Ritual…

By | May 25, 2009


I love Mondays…


Because it is a lovely day to go out and stay out…

You see, it’s not the first day of the week, and its not the end of the weekend.

It is a Midweek day, so when you get out you do break your routine.

It is a less crowded day than the other days.

It is a work day all right, but while ur at ur desk, you anticipate a weekend like outing, carefree and happy, after the end of your working hours. Of course people do get out every day now adays but still when you designate a certain day for ur special day out… it just feels different…

And its a day just for me & Butootee, no one is allowed to come out with us, no one interrupts us, and no one dares makes plans with other people on this day… it’s our day 😀

What do i do on that glorious day?!

Well for a start, sometimes if i can i a take an early leave from work… if i can’t thats ok

I get out straight from work to whatever it place it is at the moment (Avenues of course)… we stroll around, shopping, hungry, thinking of what to have for lunch (and ruin my diet every single week)… after a nice quiet yummy lunch in a near empty mall, we must pay a visit to the food court in Avenues II to get my self some mini muffins on a stick from Crumbs OR Chowee Goweey Cookies now that they sell them…  This week insha2 allah im trying Cold Stone Ice Cream 😀

Then we hide the treats in my enormous bag and tip toe back to the movies… we watch a nice movie if there is something worth to watch, if not, then its free shopping time 😀

We must also visit Ikea cause i can never get enough… big problem hal ikea in the avenues…

and for my Butootee we must visit Al-Ghanim & Mac. Every single week. I’m getting bored of their merchandise already!

oh well… maykhalif… the boring stuff we have to endure for  men 😀

After we become too full to move, and have emptied our pockets shopping, and our legs are too tired to carry us any longer, we each get in our cars, sometimes getting dirty looks from the melageef watching us and thinking we are only dating… and we drive home, change into comfy pj’s, and plant ourselves into DHW and Ugly Betty 😀

Isn’t Monday a pretty awsome day?!

15 Responses to “My Monday Ritual…”

  1. eleventhst says:

    Sounds like a great day! Enjoy your monday!

  2. Curly Curls says:

    in ur life its is .. in mine .. its first day of the week , worst day of the weeks and longest day of the week .. ooo now its exam day of the week .. i have an exam in 5 hrs ed3oooly :(

  3. Stand-Alone~ says:

    so cute!!
    inshalalh doom togetehr and mondays forever!

  4. Zabo0o6a says:

    Funnnnnnnnnnn !
    waiting for your coldstone impression 😉

  5. MiYaFuSHi says:

    Sounds like a perfect day!

  6. Silver says:

    pretty awesome.. ;p

    hehe aham shay ppl think ur dating;p

  7. nosa says:

    seems like fun!
    i love days like thats.. its about the company ur with more then the place itself..

    n lool about the dating thing! hehe

  8. Elegant Chic says:

    awwww so cute….i wish i cld spend my time lke that :)

  9. eshda3wa says:

    yes sure sounds like it is

    and cold stooone!!

    i just got back from the avs and totally forgot it opened!

    i should head there asap !

    how was it btw?
    cold stone?

  10. Amy says:

    I love Mondays too. Desperate housewives <3 can u believe it? 2 episodes of season 5 left! God I can't wait!

  11. Daddy's Girl says:


    It always was! and hopefully it will always be… btw the cinema is half price on that day too which makes for an economical day out 😀

    Curly Curls

    How did it go? allah ye3eenich o yesa3dich insha2 allah ya rab…


    Hi Hon… mashkoora o ameen allah yesm3 minich ya rab :*


    I took the french vanilla with brownies, pecans, caramel sauce into a waffle cup… but there was somethign off in the taste madry shino, china il ice cream nafsah mo mithel mal dubai?!

    still it was fun to eat 😉


    It was a good day … too bad the movie “Terminator Salvation” sucked


    Loool u should see the looks we get… sooo funny looool


    True, the company itself makes all the difference… and also can ruin every thing

    Elegant Chic

    Invent ur own special day where u do what u love and no one can take it away from u, be it a whole day in the bath reading or cooking for friends and family… anything u love with company u feel comfortable with !


    ma sawoolee show yoom 6alabt my ice cream :(
    mal dubai a7la…. even the ice cream tasted better there madry laish…


    Eee it’s almost over! But if it finished Mondays will not be the same :( what am i going to watch then!?

  12. eshda3wa says:


    3ad aba a7ib cold stone cz they sing for you..

    bs u know in the states they only sing if you give them a tip

    ymkin here its the same!!

    3ad 7adi im hoping el ice cream ykoon amazing !

  13. Ansam says:

    I heard on Mondays the movie theater gets pretty crowded… but maybe you go on a good time of the day! But come on… Monday is the second day of the week.. when I am done with Tuesday (which is the actual midweek day :-P) I anticipate the weekend then hehehehe

    As for weekdays, I am like you… I go to the malls and such! On weekends I stay at home or visit friends at home to avoid the crowd and the madness!

  14. alka says:

    i hate mo ndayssss cause there are so many days for the weekend to start!! wah!!!:(:(:(:(:((:: i love wednesdays todya yahoooooooooooooooo cause tomrw is the last working day

  15. newbride says:

    woooow miss you girl :)

    me 2 i love mondays but mine geer :) Monday is “My Day ” a6la3 mn el dawam direct to the avneus akeed buy me lunch from dean and deluca lazem :) o ashtree cup cakes or cookies o arja3 elbeet , on that day J lazem y6l3 mn el39r keefa yroo7 ay mkaan , ana ag3ad at home well dressed 7agee 😉 o ashof dhw and uglly betty o i have to watch a movie :)