LoFat Diet – Day 6

Workington By | January 16, 2011


Masha2 Allah day six is here… i am almost half way through the lenient diet 😀

I weighed my self today thinking i weigh something horrible… turns out i didn’t… insha2 Allah by next week i will be able to tell you how much did i loose exactly 😀

For breakfast today i had the Labna, Z3tr, and Cucumber saj with tea & Skim milk + Fruit Kebab and the saj tasted much better without the rocket and tomato and with the cucumber instead as per my request. I enjoyed by breakfast very much and when my colleauge asked me if i wanted to order something with her i declined happily… i was too full and happy!

When i came home today i was ecstatic… i knew i would be having Vegeterian Quesadilla for lunch and i couldn’t wait to try it… i am a sucker for Mexican food… i hoped it would taste good…

The salad accompanying it for today was -to my surpise- Vine Leaves (waraq 3enab)… and now that i think about it i remember there was a Nachos salad option for today that i should’ve chosen instead! Who eats waraq 3enab with Quesadilla ballah?

The Quesadilla looked a bit soggy but when i heated it in the microwave it turned out fine… it was filled with red kidney beans, vegetables, and cheese…

So basically that was my lunch for today. The 4 tiny pieces of vine leaves were good but disappeared quickly… and the Quesadilla was also really good yet it finished also quickly :( The Quesadilla should be eaten with a big hearty salad where you could munch on them forever not with vine leaves… i will make sure to avoid that mistake in the future…

A hint of sour cream would have elevated the Quesadilla’s taste but then i am supposed to be on a diet trying to lose weight fa malah da3ee! For dessert they brought me “Strawberry Biscuit”… what is strawberry biscuit?

It’s basically two pieces of mary biscuits filled with a bit of cream and a slice of strawberry and dusted with icing sugar… see the little elevation in the picture below? That’s the tiny strawberry slice in the middle…

I didn’t waste my time and eat it. Gave it for my husband to enjoy it… now i know if i want to eat dessert i can always have two plain mary biscuits with a strawberry as desert with my tea and i would’ve saved calories b3d…

oh and for breakfast tomorrow i am having za3tar fateera & fruit kebab… no need for a picture since i’ve already reviewed them before 😀

So here is my eating plan for Day 6 with LoFat

Breakfast: Tea with skim milk + Labna Z3tr Saj + Fruit Kebab

Lunch: Vegetable Quesadilla + Vine Leaves + Water

Snack: Chammomile Tea

Dinner: Pinkberry Parfait

14 Responses to “LoFat Diet – Day 6”

  1. CurlyCurls says:

    i congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for going this far on ur diet.. its seems thats its very hard going through a diet when ur a vegeterian :S ur options are very limited :(
    i hope u reach ur goal by the end of these two weeks 😀 w ed3eeely i follow in ur foot steps :(

    • danderma says:

      ameen insha2 Allah 😀 thank you hon… i thought i would be limited for choice but believe it or not every day there are like 2-3 vegeterian options on the menu for the main dish and many options for breakfast! So it’s quite a nice selection to choose from! Now when r u joining too?

  2. noora says:

    so2al, ma ya36oonich il calorie count bil daily menu?
    chenich shaja3teni 3ala lofat

    • danderma says:

      bel menu la2 i think if you need the calorie count you will need to see the dietaritian with an appointment … something i was not going to waste my time on because i know how to diet on my own…

  3. Esperanza says:

    Those queisdellas and grape leaves looks soo delicious!!! Bel3afiya

  4. Yours Truly says:

    Did you know that for all this time I thought that the Pinkberry parfait was provided by lofat themselves! :/ Looool

    • danderma says:

      Honey! Your Comment is comment number 10,000 on my blog!!! Congratulations and thank you for commenting on my blog 😀

      and loooooooooooooool la i supply it to my self :p

  5. Om Lujain says:

    Congrats on your diet hon! The pictures look so welcoming. You have actually made the food look delicious!!

    • danderma says:

      Thank you hon! it is in fact delicious and so unlike what you expect from diet food…
      by the way you are commentor number 10,001 😀 thank you for commenting on my blog 😀

  6. RBG says:

    keep up the good work … and best of luck. I lost 4.1kg my first week!! sooo happy :-)

    • danderma says:

      wow sej?! masha2 Allah that’s amazing! I doubt i will lose that much i would need a month with cardio exercises to lose 4 kilos but even if i lose 0.5 kilos i am happy!

  7. eshda3wa says:

    3ad im thinking of joining lofat for a couple of weeks.
    goleelee if u lost anything

    • danderma says:

      ana agolich 3n nafsi me3dete se’3rat o ma 3ndi el urge enah “im hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyy i want fooooood bamoooot wahahaaaa” abdan… kil yom china a surprise waiting for my packed meals to arrive o el ryoog s3eed jedan 😀

      Next monday aybayin ishkether i lost weight 😀