LoFat Diet – Day 7

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Belaya Kalitva

Day 7 is here!!!! I am halfway down my diet! Only 7 more days to go! Yippeeeeee!!!

Not that i am bored or anything… but at the end of the 2 weeks i should have explored all my options on LoFat’s menu and i would be ready to make a decision on whether or not it’s worth it to subscribe for one month next month… This morning i had my Zaatar Fatera and Fruit Kebab with Decaf coffee and i have to say i missed the Labna Saj of yesterday! It made me fuller than the Zaatar Fatera did… but it was good no complaints there…

For lunch i thought i was having cheese ravioli with tomato sauce… now that is a dish i am itching to try!!! Yum! The days where i have pasta/rice as a main course are the days where i am happiest! Anyways i drove home almost flying to see what lunch options had i received for today and what breakfast will i be eating tomorrow Insha2 Allah…

The first thing i saw is the salad…it was the Italian Pasta salad… i was both happy and sad… happy for i have the Pasta salad i wanted to try but sad for it’s made with jarjeer (rocket)… i truly cannot stand jarjeer o don’t understand how people eat it!!! It came with a white tangy sauce that was tasty and ALMOST masked the jarjeer taste but the word is almost…

So what did i do? I ate a few jarjerat and all the pasta only… and gave the rest of the dressing drenched jarjeer to butoote to eat… i wouldn’t recommend this pasta if you are not a fan of jarjeer but if you are you’ll be happy… Butootee added tuna and grenadine to the remaining rocket and ate them…

Now for the main dish i had…. Vegetable Byriani?!!! I wonder what was going through my head when i chose both Byriani and pasta salad for lunch?! why on earth didn’t i choose the cheese ravioli??? Pasta Salad AND Byriani is just too much carbohydrates! Sometimes choosing the menu in a hurry lets you make mistakes like that!!! No ravioli :(

So today’s lunch was a carbohydrate feast! Pasta and Byriani! I doubt that i will lose any weight today :p I shouldn’t be choosing the pasta salad at all in the future if i am serious about losing some kilos.

For dessert i had the cutest eclaire ever! My Butootee adores eclairs so i gave it to him to eat… malah da3e eclaire…

For breakfast tomorrow i got Labna & Z3tr Saj again with Fruit Kebabs! Yaaay 😀

Breakfast: Zaatar Fatera + Decaf Coffee + Fruit Kebab

Snack: Decaf Coffee

Lunch: Cheese Ravioli in Tomato Sauce + Salad + Water

Dinner: Homeberry Frozen Yogurt + Small KDD Chocolate Milk

4 Responses to “LoFat Diet – Day 7”

  1. Sn3a says:

    shakla kan 5osh yom heheh;p kellah carbs;pP
    o en sha Allah l nateeja b3d 2 weeks t3jbch

  2. Summer says:

    their food actually looks good! i know a girl that tried their diet for 6 months oo mashalla she really lost weight!

    • danderma says:

      Insha2 Allah next week ybayn if i lost anything… i’m keeping my fingers crossed 😀