LoFat Diet – Day 8

buy Lyrica tablets uk By | January 18, 2011


From the moment i joined the LoFat program i knew that Tuesday will be the Kushari & Om Ali day! I thought they would be starting with week 1 but turns out they started with week 2 and i didn’t get my Kushari after dreaming about all day long.

Yesterday however i realized that i will be getting my long awaited Kushari & Om Ali -today- … i was too excited to wait till today… i was excited all day at work today… and when i came home sure enough… i found my Kushari waiting alongside the nice green lettuce salad with the good mustard Vinniegate dressing.

The Kushari came with two mini boxes: one with tomato sauce and one with a very strange pink sauce with pieces of onions swimming in… i don’t like onions so i kept that thing away.

The first thing i noticed about the kushari is that they used normal rice instead of Egyptian rice… i heated it up for 2 minutes in the microwave… poured the sauce on top… enjoyed the green salad while it cooled a bit… and dug in…

Let me say this… for the past 8 days i had never reached for the salt or pepper for any of LoFat’s dishes but this time i did… just to add flavour! It was very bland… it was quite tasteless… i have tried the kushari from both Diet Center and Diet Care before and they are both excellent… LoFat’s? Sadly Tasteless :( and OILY! Check out the oil in both the rice mix and the sauce!!!

So that’s basically my lunch… my long awaited kushari turned to be a tasteless spiceless oily dish that i didn’t enjoy very much… but what about my long awaited om ali?! Check the picture below…

Yes… THAT is not Om Ali!!! That is something called lazy cake. I never once checked lazy cake on my menu. Om ali was at the top of the menu, lazy cake at the bottom. There is no way i could have somehow checked om ali and the check have been interpreted as Lazy cake. I got this lazy cake when i have been DREAMING and DROOLING over om ali for the past 8 days… how angry i am? VERY ANGRY!  Even angrier after tasting that kushari… believe me this mix up will not go without a complaint :(

and no i am not eating this cake.

For breakfast tomorrow i am having Pancakes with Maple Syrup & Fruit Kebab.

So here is my eating plan for Day 8 with LoFat

Breakfast: Tea & Skim Milk + Labna & Z3tr Saj + Fruit Kebab

Snack: Decaf coffee + handful of unsalted nuts

Lunch: Kushari + Green Salad + Water

Dinner: HomeBerry Frozen Yoghurt

4 Responses to “LoFat Diet – Day 8”

  1. M says:

    I guess they use basmati rice instead of egyptian rice cuz its lighter..as an egyptian, I can tell you there is no low-fat, low-carb way to make koshari. Koshari is CARBS loool

    Remember me telling you once that I felt some of their dishes were oily? I also had the problem of them mixing up the days, I would anticipate for one thing then find out they brought me another!

    • danderma says:

      I see what you mean exactly… you can make rice and pasta totally oil free in the Koshary there is no need for all that oil!!!
      So you have had that mixup problem before? So far i see that they work by week and it is not necessary the week u start with… the mixup has been with the desserts so far for two days in a row? I should give them a call!!!

  2. M says:

    Ive had mix up with alot of their days..and when it came time for me to renew my membership, there was so much confusion from their side about sending me the menu, then taking it back and it took them quite some time until they started sending me my food again…its not rocket science