A Visit to Einstien’s House in Bern…

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I was browsing through my old pictures yesterday thinking of making them into an album when i found pictures of my trip to Bern, Switzerland… What interested me most is the pictures of my visit to Einstien’s House in Bern!

Of all swiss cities i love Bern the most (post)… the old buildings and the cobbled stone streets… One day i was having lunch when i noticed a commosion across the street…

I zoomed i with my camera and to my surprise i caught the image of Mr. Enstien peering the first floor window and tourists lining up at the door in what seems to be a museum! I want to run across the street at once but we had to eat lunch first…

The moment we paid the check we hurried across the street to the Enstien Haus -German for Enstiens’s House- and it turned out to be an actual flat where Enstien had lived while in Berlin… he was living here when he had thought of the relativity theory! We paid and got up a narrow staircase to the flat…

The tiny flat is AMAZING… furnished with early 1900’s furniture and actual Einstien’s items! A great man who achieved so much in science was content in living in this little space… and the stuff they used were so lovely! Check out his wife’s clothes and their babie’s crib!

His writing desk from the university where he worked…

Old Pictures

Old items of Enstien…

Books & Scientific Instruments

If you are going to Berlin and you love museums… make sure you pass by Enstien’s House! For more information you can check their website (here)

6 Responses to “A Visit to Einstien’s House in Bern…”

  1. admin says:

    fantastic! so simple, so beautiful.. who’s the dude with the smiley yellow face? 😉

  2. Huda says:

    I went to Bern before but I didn’t know there’s an Einstein House 😮 If I’d known I wouldn’t miss it, it looks awesome!

    And I read your Bern post, about how people look at you strangely…hmm I wear 7ejab too but I don’t think anyone stare at me, I don’t think anyone notice me at all 😀 well, I don’t know. Do you speak French or English at the French part of Switzerland? I notice that they are bitchy towards people who can’t speak French and try to speak English, but if you speak French or your own language, then they’re mighty friendly, whereas the German part respect people who speak English all the same. But I don’t like the German part much, because I can’t understand German as much as French lol

    • danderma says:

      I felt the difference because i had been there before without 7ejab… it was very obvious when i wore the 7ejab in bern that it made a scene! In Zurich not so much many women wearing 7ejab were around…

      Don’t get me started on the French side of Switzerland!

  3. ShoSho says:

    Heyyyy 3an el gala6 😛 ishfeech 3al French part?! Looool
    Walla I’ve been living here for 10 years o Ma shift shay not here or around Switzerland but then again , lol I don’t notice things unless you tell me to look Bas walla Geneva’s people are nice 😉

    3an Bern I didn’t know about that museum too 7asafa I must go next time I’m there o yeah I’m not keen on the German part because of the language as well

    • danderma says:

      Shosho 3ad the german language itwanes a7la min il french ana 3ndi o agrab 3la il English :p
      Bs ana to me el German part are much less rude and more friendly than the French… i can never forget the Maitre De in Geneva who ignored us in the restaurant and when complained he deliberately pushed by me roughly almost knocking me to the ground… i have never seen such rudeness in my life not even in France!!!