LoFat Diet – Day 11

can you buy Neurontin over the counter By | January 22, 2011


Day 11 was as Friday… and i have always taken Fridays off when i diet because it’s my free day…

So  on Friday morning i have decided to have breakfast in Laduree 360… i will post about that disaster later and thankfully i didn’t eat much.

For lunch i received vegetable byriani with corn salad. Nothing too special there and for a snack i received hershy kisses again. Please keep in mind that i have never chosen hershy kisses from the menu and i think i have chosen the chocolate mousse or the oreo cake BUT i was stuck with those hershy kisses again. I complained to LoFat and they said it must be a kitchen mistake. This is the 3rd time they mix up my dessert this week!!!

What i am going to write about this day is the new item i had received for breakfast… the french toast which i have been looking forwards to 😀

I have decided to enjoy the french toast on real plates this time… so i took them out, popped them in the microwave for 30 seconds, placed the fruit kebabs next to them… and with a cup of decaf coffee i was ready to dig in…

The maple syrup portion provided was so TINY! I was sceptical at first, i knew it would’t be enough for me… but i poured the whole thing and promised my self that if i needed more i’ll have it kaifi…

To my surprise the little tiny portion of maple syrup was more than enough! It might amount to one table spoon of maple syrup only but it was enough for 4 wedges of French Toast!

Now how did it taste? The portion was big and it needed a bit more reheating… but it was cinnamony and very light. It was more like cinnamon toast than toast soaked with eggs but it was good… better than the pancake of course…

So here is my eating plan for day 11 with LoFat

Breakfast: Decaf Coffee + Bread & Butter + 2 Macaroons

Lunch: Vegeterian Byriani + Yoghurt + Water

Snack: Tea + One piece of Chocolate from OR Bakery

Dinner: Corn Salad

6 Responses to “LoFat Diet – Day 11”

  1. Sn3a says:

    did u mix ur laduree experience with your breakfast ?
    so how did u find laduree? ambaih ana mjrbta kan zain mo wow bs l nas hnee wayd raf3ena fog!?

  2. amora_hanim says:

    wallah galby m3arney o ana reading your lofat dairy…. I can’t help it

    ma agool ‘3eer allah yewafgech o esahil 3alech o you lose weight

    • danderma says:

      Amora hanim: laish galbich em3awrich!? it’s one of the best diest’s i’ve ever been on 😀 did u start on it yet?!

  3. amora_hanim says:

    today is my 2nd and they already missed up :) they send me for reyog 7amesa la7m o b6a6 o onion (looots of onion ba3ad) lesh! madry
    and i am more than sure is did not chose 7amesa !

    and just had my ceaser salad (it was nice)

    • danderma says:

      amora_hanim: haaaaaaaaw! Esh 7amestah!? degay 3lehom la tasketeen! God who eats 7ameesa in the morning :S