My disastrous Breakfast in Ladurée 360… By | January 22, 2011

Yesterday morning i woke up knowing i was allowing my self a free breakfast day! I knew i wanted to try a new place in q8 where i’ve never been before and i have read the reviews of Ladurée on Eb6ainiya & 965malls and i remember how they said the service was bad but the food was good. I thought well they’ve been open a few days now and maybe those guys went at a time when it was crowded… it’s Friday at 9 am who would go and how bad can the service be?! Let me give it a try…

I’ve never been really a fan of Ladurée, possibly because i don’t go to Paris much and i hate Harrods in London and i do not enjoy macaroons that much… but after reading the posts about macaroons in Eb6ainiya i was in the mood for some macaroons. We were there by 9:45-9:50 A.M… and to our delight the place was almost empty. A table with two ladies on our left, a table with a family of four on our left, and a table with a family of 6 in front of us and that’s it. They shouldn’t take too long to get our orders right?!

Let me summarize what went wrong in a time line…

9:50 we arrive and are seated. The seats are made of wicker and are uncomfortable by the way. We are handed the menues.

10:02 The waitress comes to take our orders.  I ask if they can make me Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms as i do not like omelettes… they say it’s not possible. Eshda3wa fry up mashromtain on the side and keep them?! So i ordered Plain Scrambled Eggs. My husband orders an omelette.

10:17 The man in the table next to us began complaining about waiting for 30 minutes for an order of eggs only to receive it wrong! They are the only table eating by the way.

10:17 Our drinks came about 10 minutes later, one decaf black coffee and one black coffee.  This time is approximate.

10:27 20 minutes to receive one order of bread rolls when we ordered TWO. All 3 bread rolls were with raisins. Other tables had bread rolls with sesame and plain.

10:29 We try to eat one bread roll… it was frozen SOLID from the inside. FROZEN! So the bread rolls are not fresh at all.

10:30 We call the waitress over, ask her NOT TO THROW the raisin rolls, but to reheat them through and to get me another plate of plain bread rolls. She says you want plain scrambled eggs ma’am?!!! I repeat my request.

10:33 The table of six are done with their breakfast and left. We are still waiting for the bread rolls.

10:37 One plate with 3 pieces of bread rolls, all plain, comes back. The raisin ones are thrown away against our request. The bread rolls are very cold from the inside but not freezing. Thank god. We can now eat some bread and butter with our coffees, 47 minutes after arriving to Ladurée.

10:40 30+ minutes have passed since we placed our orders and my coffee is ice cold, i call over the manager to complain and he takes away my coffee to be exchanged and i complain to him about not getting our scrambled eggs.

10:48 and the food finally arrives with the coffee. 41 MINUTES! That’s a record!

My husband’s omelette, it was OK. Not worth the wait.

The side of potatoes that came with the omelette order. They were good Allah khair.

and this liquid mess is supposed to be my scrambled eggs?! I had seen the table of six order scrambled eggs and it came piled up high like a tower with a much firmer consistency… i was confused… maybe they didn’t order scrambled eggs?

I take a bite… and i am sorry but it was disgusting. It tasted like something you would feed a baby… too mushy, too liquid like, tasteless, and it had bubbles as well!!! I have had scrambled eggs before and i assure you that this mousse in front of me was NOT scrambled eggs.

and it had something floating in it. Something like a tomato peel or a carrot peel… making it even less appealing.

The manager came and i told him that those eggs are not good and resemble babies food. He says no they are supposed to be this way and they are whisked with cream… he asked if i wanted him to chnange it for me, and considering the fact that i had already wasted 40+ miutes waiting for this mush i declined and asked for the check.

By the way the table on our right who were there before us and only ordered salad and scrambled eggs had their food arrive after us AND they didn’t eat it… i look at the waitress clearing the table and there was a plate of scrambled eggs piled up high in a firm consistency just like i saw in the other table before so i ask the waitress “Excuse me, what are those eggs called?” pointing at  the plate in her hands… she replies “Scrambled Eggs ma’am”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the hell did i get those mousse like eggs then?!

and as we were leaving a lady in a table of two began yelling “Shino hatha sa3a o no9 o mayabaw el akel?! Yebaw il check!” she got the check and left promptly… i felt bad for her because she was waiting for ever… and the French manager was standing by her table watching in a nonchalant manner… he didn’t even offer an apology…

I don’t know about you, but this kind of service is NOT normal for a newly opened place. It’s not bad, it’s BEYOND bad and there is no excuse! Early in the morning and not many tables being served… and lets say the service was slow because they were newly opened, what about the frozen bread, the thawed out macaroons, and the horrible scrambled eggs?!

I know i am never going back again.

By the way since i was still hungry we went to the Ladurée store to take a look and i found a madeline and i wanted to taste it… it was very VERY dry and totally not fresh.  I don’t know why i even bothered!

30 Responses to “My disastrous Breakfast in Ladurée 360…”

  1. Amy says:

    wow. I never knew you could screw up scrambled eggs. haha. sorry for what happened though 😐 that’s not a very pleasant way to start a day.

  2. Sn3a says:

    Mo mn 9ghom!
    Hatha scrambled egg!
    Est’3fr Allah!!
    Ambaih ana 9j ma 7ssaita wow bs lamma
    Jarrabta brra kan zwain

  3. Huda says:

    That scrambled eggs look uncooked…o.o I mean 40+ minutes and all they did was whisked some eggs and cream and put it on the plate? I’d make some fried rice and it wouldn’t even take that long lol 😀

  4. 965malls says:

    loooooooooool – we really feel for you! now you know what we went through… at least when we went there the place was full – same crappy service for a couple of tables? that place will close down soon and the day it does we must celebrate together danderma by having proper scrambled eggs at…. ikea :)

    • danderma says:

      Exactly i noticed they serve the table that arrived first and direct all their efforts towards it. When they are done THEN they will serve the next table in line. I am not sure which culinary school supports this method but if i ever wished Gordon Ramsey could come and yell at someone in Q8… i wished it for them!


  5. me says:

    To be honest i was surprised !! i went there twice so far .. once for lunch and the second time was for dinner. In both times i had to wait for a minimum of 30 min to be seated. The restaurant mashallah was packed with people. To be honst, My experience was completely the opposite and let me mention that i was with a bunch of people, hence; u can imagine the was a lot of food to be served at once. The service was good, the seats were ok, Not as comfortable as a sofa but didn’t bother us at all, and the food was reaaaallly yummy !! very delicious.
    Maybe there was a problem when u were there cuz honestly all of the people i know who gave it a try so far.. are impressed!!
    I am not going to compare laduree kuwait to the mother company in paris, but comparing it to the one in dubai and the one in london, i really loved here more 😉 THUMBS UP to Kuwait :) as you can see i am a fan of that resturant and it is a most visit in any country i’ve been to 😉
    My advice to you is to give it another try! Hopefully you will change your mind 😉

    • danderma says:

      I am very glad you had a good time you are one of the first to report that they were in fact serviced well and enjoyed the food.

      Yet my experience was so bad there is no way on earth i am going to waste another meal in my life in Laduree Q8. I can still taste the texture of those eggs in my mouth… i am glad i didn’t get sick that day :S

  6. Sara D. says:

    eew! Ok, ana I’m not the best cook but I am pretty confident that I can make eggs better than them! lol

    • danderma says:

      Sara: you can make those eggs if you break two eggs with cream in a mixer, whizz them up and then pour them onto a plate… :p i don’t think they were even cooked!

  7. B.Smile says:

    I went their last week for a midday snack with a friend, we waited like 15 min for our coffee & hot chocolate (which good compared to your case), my friend coffee was COLD!! real cold like it was in a fridge or something & my chocolate was kind of warm (for only a couple of sips) & then it turned cold too! & their sweet taste good but old, like two days old el macaroon tegdereen tgolen kan baqsam mlawan. and their prices are so HIGH!!! why would i pay 3 somethig KD for a hot choclate that is barely half a cup!!

    • danderma says:

      B.Smile: You got the hot chocolate!!!! You are lucky! The table next to us ordered it and they said it was out!
      Because it’s Laduree hon… you are supposed to pay with a smile b3d even if their food is horrible… Lo ray7a sharba hot chocolate ib life with kakao a7san lich

  8. Ashwa ya em3awda 😛 fee nas kaloony ga3deen yegoloonly eshloon etgool ena el laduree as a cafe is not worth it bs Thumbs up only for the store 😛 ga3deen yegoloonly ekel oo ba3dain 3a6na el feedback bs dam chethe el salfa .. fakaiteeny 😛

    Shloon el macarroon? which ones did you try?

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: ele ygoolik ikil golah walah yhemik roo7 jareb il scrambled eggs o id3eele… 3ogob halle kaletah ana zain ma 9ar fene selmonilla!!!
      El macaroons were ok i suppose… then ana mani a huge fan of macaroons… i had the rose water one, the raspberry one, the orange blossom one, and the date and fig… i didn’t taste the date and fig but to be frank all 3 macaroons were too sugary for me to actually enjoy their distinct flavor… but then again i ate them 3ogob tasting el scrambled eggs fa my taste buds could have been kharbaneen shwaya…

  9. deqor8 says:

    sounding like the place is not worth visiting … too bad

  10. Anon - London says:

    Ouch. I had Laduree in Harrods yesterday. It was mediocre.
    Madri what’s the hype about.

  11. LOL! Salmonella!? La ye7ooshik 😛

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: ee uncooked eggs = salmonella 3la 6ool! EE don’t forget the ice cold frozen bread rolls ham mohemeen fe el culinary experience in Laduree :p

  12. Ansam says:

    3ad I am looking forward to my visit there – na6ra etkhof el za7ma – unlike you, I like Laduree… but I am also not a big fan of Macaroons…

    And your post with timeline thakkarni eb my first Ryoog review LOL min kethr el qahar we kept a timeline I guess just to be fair and constructive about it LOL

    • danderma says:

      Ansam: you will have to wait a very long time until they get their act together… and steer clear of the scrambled eggs :S
      Ee mo min il yoo3 wel thooja mako sho’3ol 7a6ait il time line!!!

  13. Nouf says:

    OMG this is a fiasco!

  14. blanco says:

    how can i take your advice on a place that you already said that you do not enjoy going to…… ladaure is known for macaroons, how can you criticize macaroons if you already hate macaroons……… I know it is your opinion but there are some contradictions with then review

    the style of food is french…. to be fair no one can expect an english breakfast in a french restaurant….

    and come on….. who would expect something special from a plain omlete!! ITS PLAIN!!

    as for the service… the place is only open for 10 days give them a break and let them learn from their mistakes…..

    In my opinion if you are to build a proper review….. the positivity and negativities should be laid out to your readers and based on that you can come up with a result….

    why hadn’t anyone noticed the design, the atmosphere, and location….

    to be fair the dishes you order are very ordinary… it would have been more interesting if you have tried their specialties and gave us a review on that…

    • danderma says:

      Im sorry but who told you to take my advice? You are a free person. You are allowed to make your own decisions, why take my advice? You can always go and enjoy their scrumptious dishes. What you find revolting i might find delicious and vise versa! I truly hope from all my heart that you enjoy your experience there… something i couldn’t do!

      This is MY BLOG… i write what I have been through… what i think is good TO ME and what i think is bad TO ME! This is what i think of the place. what I THINK… what I have been through. Others have had a better experience, others have had a worse experience. The table next to us who barely touched their food had a worse experience in my opinion… and i don’t know what specialities you would expect me to order for breakfast… seared fois gras sandwiched between two salted caramel macaroons mathalan?!

      and frankly after what we have been through all thoughts about atmosphere and locations have gone out the window… what use is the atmosphere when the food is inedible?!

  15. Slaytar says:

    I think it needs a little more effort, its strange but non of my friends actually enjoyed their experience at LADUREE Kuwait, I havent been there yet and really not that excited about going even though i very much enjoy having my brunch or breakfast in London or Paris at laduree, my friend visiited it at 360 and had a usually his favorite drink they only had one flavor every where usually serves different flavors like chocolate, pistachio etc…. frappe wasnt cold enough which is suppose to be a cold drink ,, any way hope they get stuff right and if i ever go ill let u know 😀 ….. thank you for sharing ur opinion i like the post very detailed 😉

    • danderma says:

      Slaytar: you never know maybe in a months time their service would improve. Let me know how your experience goes when you do decide to try them :)