My Arabian Perfumes Collection

Rosolini By | January 22, 2011


One thing that puzzles people is when i declare that i don’t like Perfumes.

Some think i am senseless, others think i’m cheap, some might even go as far as accuse me of not caring much about my appearance because i don’t drench my self in perfume.

Yet that’s absolutely not the case. When i say I do not like perfumes i mean i don’t like Parisian Style or Western style perfumes. They block my nose and suffocate me no matter how lovely or expensive they are. I just can’t stand them.

What i do like however… is Arabian perfumes… dehen 3ood, 6eeb, bkhoor, ward 6aifi… i cannot resist the smell of good bukhoor wafting from a mubkhar… i cannot help but breathe in the lovely smell of an old dehen 3ood m3ataq… my mood is altered instantly… maybe that’s why i have a full revolving cupboard with a stash of Arabian perfumes…

Whenever i travel to GCC countries or go visit Mubarkiya i must be on the lookout for the latest in bukhoor or marshoosh or perfumes. The one exception i make is the perfumes made in “Parisian style”… i can’t stand those… therefore i have quite a collection of items that i don’t even remember where i got them from! The first shelve is dedicated to things i would wear on my self perfume or dehen 3ood style…

I don’t even know how many bottles are there… some of them are tagless and nameless and i cannot remember where i got them from…

Those 3 are my current favourites, all 3 from Sayed Jnaid in Bahrain… The leftmost one smells like pure ward 6aifi and the little one in the right is very light and suitable for every day use or for just smelling good 24 hours and called sera2… it’s very light with a hint of dehen 3ood and something else…

My all time favourite is this one the middle one which i’ve completely drained must now replace… it smells strongly of dehen 3ood and i think it’s name is maheeba… i use it for special occasions like weddings or parties… mmm 7safa 3leha imkhal9a the last time i was in Dubai they were out of it as well…

The 2nd shelve is dedicated for bukhoor & it’s supplies. The box in the back contains the coals, matches, shabba & 7armal for days when i feel like putting them on, and some Japanese style incense stuff i once picked up from Muji UK…

My trusty coal torch which works like a charm…

My latest purchase from Abdul Samad AlQurashi… some Indian Bukhoor that i don’t want to use up. It’s very hard finding decent Indian bukhoor that doesn’t cost a fortune now a days and every one sells Kambodian bukhoor which i cannot stand… i am still on the lookout for a better Indian bukhoor though…

The third shelf is dedicated to my favourite powders and room sprays (marshoosh)… my favourite two are the ward 6aifi by al haramainand the Kaadi mix by ne3ma perfumes…

Kady is just amazing mixed with rose water on my pillows and bed sheets… guaranteed to send me into a good night’s sleep with pleasent dreams <3

The fourth and last shelve contains extra perfume boxes and knick knacks… and this big wooden box…

More anonymous little bottles in that box… if i use them up i will never be able to replace them!
Why do i have so many little things?
I am trying unsuccessfully to recreate two scents…
First is the scent of my late grandmother Allah yer7amha… when we were kids and we went to kiss her she would smell amazingly of a mixture of ward 6aifi with a hint of rose water… i love the smell of ward 6aifi because of her… whenever i smell it i would think “re7at edida!”… i am still looking for the perfect ward 6aifi that would make me smell like her…
The 2nd scent i am trying to recreate is the scent of a very few old classy women who upon greeting you and greeting you only with kisses you would breathe in an amazing scent of pure bukhoor with 6eeb or dehen 3ood, making you never wanting to let go… very few women smell like that… and no matter how much i try i can never get the smell of bukhoor to stick on my hair or my clothes… let alone achieve that perfect mix… i would wait long enough for the coal to burn off it’s own smell and not burn the bukhoor… i would always use whatever mothabet or perfume i could use before i put my clothes 3la il mobkhar… it doesn’t matter :(
Do you love bukhoor and Arabian perfumes? Do you have any special techniques to share or favourite stores/scents to recommend for trial 😀

34 Responses to “My Arabian Perfumes Collection”

  1. memo says:

    Hi …
    Thanx 3la al post al3jeeb…
    Ana 3ndy 6reqa et5ly alb5oor et’6l re7ta belmlabs leen thany uoom
    First rshy ay kind of 36r try 7jr or lahj from sud jned or enshra7 from a9’3er 3li or aln5ba from aldr almnthor ..
    Then but ur cloth in jes alm9b’3aa and make sure ur close it men foq then but almb5er o alb5oor da5el alcase.
    O ed3ely

    • danderma says:

      sej? ma y7treq el chees?!

      ana 3adatan an6er abakher elhdoom leeen ye6l3 el dokhan mal il bkhoor min el sleeves wel neck bs akoon khayfa all the time akhaf ye7trgoon…

  2. d. says:

    Try Nazeeh from sayid junaid if u havnt
    its a must :)

    • danderma says:

      Nazeeh? khal ashoof etha 3ndi ayaha wella la2 wayed 3ndi qrash min sayed jnaid.. shino feha?

  3. giggles says:

    fe combination i always use and some people ask me about it boss femme perfume ma3a il 5al6a il fetheya min il shaye3 they smell good together, and some days i also like to use woody and prestige il 3arabiya both from il 3arabiya lel3od and i use montale roses musk min il jazeera lel3e6or as well. 3ala 7asab il mood etha i want something smells like 3od i use the ones from il 3arabiya and if i want something smeels like rose i use the one from il jazeera, as to the combination that i mentioned previously i use it everyday 😉

    • danderma says:

      a7eb el khal6a el fethya min il shaye3 <3 you reminded me betkhale9 lazim aroo7 i buy some more…

      hmmm baroo7 ajareb ur khal6at 😀 Thanks hon 😀

  4. d. says:

    madri sheno feha honestly… bas i love its smell oo i always get asked what im wearing :)

    oo etha t7ebeen bukhoor/ma3mool.. try ma3mool 7anaan eli men el 3abdelmi7sin… also amazing :)

    • danderma says:

      hmmm the next time i pass by 36orat el 3bdil me7sen them i will try it ma3mool 7anaan! ana a7eb el ma3mool for tabkheer el bait el 39aree… Thanks hon 😀

  5. Chirp says:

    I love the smell of bukhoor, not a huge fan of dihin 3ood, bas i like ward 6aifi waaaaaaayed.
    I like misk el3aroos from elqurashi so much, it smells like cleanliness!

  6. Sara D says:

    Wow mashalla…thats a cool stash! I never liked the Arabian perfumes up until recently, I used to feel that they were too strong for my taste, but now they just remind me of home…so my taste has changed a bit but I still love Parisian perfumes as well

    • danderma says:

      Sara: true the smell of bukhoor reminds me of home, and ramadan, and evening time with tea <3

  7. 3alaaaich bil 3afyaa sweetii;** o malich shighil ib a7ad il bukheer 3an 20 3i6er loooooool:P
    Ana min na7yeti i love everything:P

    • danderma says:

      Gold Medal: Allah y3afeech hon… hal ayam itha ma t7e6en ele el nass tbeeh it9ereen mo khosh admiya!!!

  8. memo says:

    5la9 enshallah next time e’da b5rt a9wrlech o adz lech …
    and i agree with d m3mol 7nan 3jeeb
    the same bet altmweel ust3mlona

    • danderma says:

      memo: ahh m3mol 7anan mal beit il tamweel!? ok i know the smell now… waiting for your picture :)

  9. Anon - London says:

    Allllah! Amooot 3la Arabian Oil perfumes. I have one that I have made specially from a local woman where I’m from and she makes two different ones then I mix them both together and 3ad Dehn il3ood to it and I’m good to go.

    I wear it every single day and now everyone knows it as my scent. <3
    But I do admitt, I do mix it with a "western/parisian" style perfume. For example Amor Amor – Cacharel or Burberry Brit. <3

    Danderma, I LOVE your blog.

    • danderma says:

      Anon 7abetich el 3afiya hon welcome to my blog :*
      ana on the contrary i don’t like mixing arabian o parisian at all… i love the pure raw smell of arabian only <3

  10. I used to have alot of (el ‘7al6a el fe’9iya) malet el shaye3 .. Now 9arlee foog el sena haab eb ‘7al6at (Montale Paris) malet el jazeera .. Their best three is: Diamond, Black oud and oud Flowers .. weya el bo’7oor shay mo 6abee3y :)

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: El our flower ele qarshat.ha pink?! Ana madry laish el jazeera mo ray7at.lah 3adel lel7een yabelah zyara san3a! Thanks!

  11. M says:

    Coal torch? Where can I get one of those?

    Even though my family is purely egyptian, we loooooove bokhour and use it almost daily, do these coal torches actually work?

    • danderma says:

      sure it’s the best way to light up coals in a mubkhar… go to alshaye3 they sell ashkal o alwan… i recommend you use a long one so you would be able to light the coals from a distance

  12. el qarsha loonha ke7lee .. you have to! they don’t have the best bo’7oor but they do have really really good ‘7al6aat .. Elegant!

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: 3ad ams i passed by their store o remembered your recommendation! But i didn’t go inside! I will try next time insha2 Allah 😀

  13. I’m coming to Kuwait (from Bahrain), please let me know the name of your perfume in Syed Junaid & I’ll be more than happy to bring it for you :-)

    • danderma says:

      Shoosh: Thank you sweety and welcome to Q8… i might be getting my hands on some sayed jnaid perfumes very soon 😉

  14. Lemony says:

    You have to try il jazera’s Montale ( oud, amber and rose ) 3ajeeeba illi lonha wardi.

    Wel jazera’s Diamond.

    W Ajmal’s We9al.

    Those three are my fav.
    W 9ij i hate al7en el parisian perfumes w a7ib il oud wel rose .

    • danderma says:

      Lemony: I tried it o if i am not mistaken my sister took it but i didn’t like it much
      Diamond and we9al? I will have to try those and see…

  15. swera says:

    mashallah mashallah allah yzeeed webarek :)

    I love Arabian Perfumes, t9eeer re7tech 5aneeena 😀

  16. Clinton says:

    Hi! I am in love with Arabian perfumes but I don’t know how and where I can get bint el sudan, shamsul ahmal, shambutu asal, wardi pas, banjana, perfumes. I am mailing from Nigeria. Thanks and may Allah bless you.

    • danderma says:

      Hi, I am sorry but I’ve never heard of those before! I suppose you might find them somewhere nearby like Morocco for example?

    • Abdul says:

      Hi. Am also from Nigeria. I’v been looking for shambutu asal and sasorabia saudi made, but i dnt know that if u’ve found it yet. I’l be vry gratefull if you’ll contanct me via my e mail

  17. Abdul says:

    Salam. Perfumes are just part of our lifes we cant do without them. I’v been looking for a perfume sasorabia saudi made for long now but i cdnt find it, i dnt know if some1 cld help me out.