Shrimpy’s Kids Meal Gift is… a Real Life Golden Fish!!!

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I was walking in the avenues the other day when i saw a girl walking with a plastic bag filled with water… a black little fish was swimming inside the bag o tetmasha bel avenues with the girl!

Incredilous i tweeted about what i saw and my fellow Tweeps replied that Shrimpy have an offer with their kids meal, buy a kids meal and you will get a golden fish!!!

I went online to check and sure enough there is their offer poster!!! If you buy a kids meal you will get a real life fish!

I think it’s both creepy strange and a nice idea… on one hand given kids a real life fish after they have just consumed a bigger one is like handing out chicks in KFC… plus it’s messy and kids might spill the bag content and the fishy would die :( On the other hand it is a beautiful gift that is actually useful and means something… a real life fish you can grow and play with… we had a golden fish once that lived for so long but then one of my siblings changed it’s water with boiling water and the fishy died instantly w3liya! We were all sad to see her go…

What do you think?! Would you eat a shrimpy’s kids meal if you will be getting the golden fish as a gift?!!

4 Responses to “Shrimpy’s Kids Meal Gift is… a Real Life Golden Fish!!!”

  1. noora says:

    boiling water @@ wa3alaya!
    il yahal la sla7ef wala ktaket wala fish,, ya faqsenhum ya over-feeding ya msharebhum pepsi,
    shrimpy creative sara7a bs malha salfa ;/

  2. noora says:

    msharben ktaket red fanta! loonha asfar nabeeha 7amra @@
    little devilish cousins!
    o 3azich allah a katkot was flushed down the toilet!! “nabe n3aref ween eroo7″ !!!

    • danderma says:

      Noora: loool w3liyaa! did u expect the katkoot to come back and report his journey to you~ maskeeen
      i was never a fan of animals but once my siblings and cousins squeezed every singly katkoot we had just bought min arth elm3areth until they died… madry laish!!!