How Do you Introduce Your Blog/Twitter Self?!

By | January 25, 2011

How do you explain your online identity to our society?!

Let me explain… in the Internet world i am known as Danderma. I am known as a blogger and as a tweep. Therefore my fellow bloggers and my fellow tweeps know me as Danderma. and i know them with their own identities as well… such as FourMe or Eshda3wa or Yours Truly etc.

Online we know each other well enough due to our daily interaction with each other. If we happen to meet in person we don’t have to shake hands and say i am Flana ElFlaniya… i still don’t know the first name of many online friends. i still don’t know the last name of many online friends. I don’t have to and i don’t posses the need to know. I know those friends well enough.

The problem arises when you try to introduce your online life to your social real life… If for example you go to a gathering with a group  of bloggers and you get asked “Where did you go yesterday” “out with a group of friends” “Mino?” “My blogger friends” “Ee malhom asamee? Min banatah?!’ … if you reply i don’t know you get the whole “huuuuuh how can you go to someone when you don’t even know their name etc. etc.”… same goes to when a blogger decides to send you something as a noq9a or a gift… “who is it from?” “My friend on the internet”… mino?! walaain…

Also when you want to go visit a blogger/tweep in a social function… if her family asks “where do you know each other from”… how can i reply to an elderly lady “internet?” or “blog” or “twitter?!” … the word “flana is my friend” will not be enough…. they will have to know how did you meet… and just saying the word “internet” will not be enough…

It’s a hard relationship to explain. and the society isn’t that familiar with the current method of internet interaction… i usually keep the talk about my internet double life to the minimum becasue i don’t feel like explaining especially to the older generations not familiar with the word twitter or blog!

So now i am asking you… how do you explain your Internet Self to the society? What do you do when you want to visit, or recieve something, or send something, or talk about your blogger/twitter friend?!

20 Responses to “How Do you Introduce Your Blog/Twitter Self?!”

  1. noora says:

    refer to her, flana refejty.
    wen 3arafteha? kanat m3ai bil dwam :p
    methel len solaftay qolai cousin, a7san min obooha eser wild 5alat om oboy!!

    • danderma says:

      Noora: enzain o shloon 3la banat el dawam :p shloon i explain to them my friendships?
      i wish there was an easier way of doing this…

  2. Jacqui says:

    I sometimes refer to them as “College Friends” “School Friends” or even “Friend of a friend I met at friend’s function” Hehehe and yeah I totally understand your situation my best friend is from Glasgow and I have never met her hehehe and my family can’t wrap its head around this.

    • danderma says:

      loooooooooooooooooooool !!! Totally get what you are talking about! What if you ask you about real names or full names? O ay9eroon 7g mino o all that looya?!

  3. baglady says:

    Good question, don’t have the answer to since your blog is the first and the only one I posted comments (a couple of times only). I have recently been following it and think it is a GREAT blog. I start my day with danderma blog along with my morning coffee. Okay, better stop before my comment gets too long.

    • danderma says:

      baglady: ooh thank you for your kind words! Don’t worry comment as long as you want the longer the comments the happier i am 😀

  4. S says:

    You reminded me of a few times in middle school (maybe even once in high school and and once in college too) that I was invited (and went to) birthday parties of girls (classmates and freinds of freinds ) I did not even know their first name! let alone their last name. I have no idea how my mom let me go @@ but everyone who knows me, knows me , knows that i dont remember names so they just give me weird looks then t3edy ilsalfa hahhaha

    • danderma says:

      S: loooool i find it hard to keep track of names and who is related to who in real life!!! No9 el awadm ma a3rfhom !

  5. Chirp says:

    I usually say I met them online :p Yeaah they are my blogging friends, I met them through blogging. Not taht I have many blogging friends that I met in real life though.
    I think the people around me already think im different so they dont ask questions anymore :p

  6. Whether I reveal my identity or not .. I know that one day, people will know my name .. el q8 e9’3eera oo mako shay yen’7ash .. If I meet other bloggers in a social meeting, I feel weird just introducing myself with (Hello, I’m Q80 In Denver :P) or (Hello, my name is (First name)) 😛

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: DOn’t be surprised if half of Q8 know who you are already! People have a knack of finding out who is the writer behind the screen!!!

  7. chirp says:

    id probably just stare blankly at them cheni mu fahma their question :p I do that alot to get out of answering nosy ppls questions!

  8. Piscean says:

    Great topic! It’s really confusing to me..specially when you start interacting with ‘real’ people as a blogger..The other day someone wanted to send me something, so they asked for my address, for starters, I was so confused if I should give my office or home address :S ended up giving my office’s, with my blog name, and I told the receptionist I was expecting something ‘with a weird name’ on it!! It is a hasstle..But to me it’s easier once I’m talking to people who already know I blog..the hardest part is explaining it to them the first time..and if I know the person will not grab the idea of the blog..I say ‘Facebook’! 😀

    • danderma says:

      Piscean: it is especially when you still want to maintain some anonymity or want to keep your blogger friend’s identity anonymous…

  9. Summer says:

    i kind of have a similar problem. My family doesn’t know about my blog because I never really found away to tell them basically. My sisters know about it and my really close friends too. I really want my relatives to know.

    • danderma says:

      Summer: I wouldn’t advice you would tell them… because once you do you will find that your life is basically displayed for all to see.. you will loose the freedom of posting randomly whenever something pisses you off and you would then think why did i tell people about it?! Trust me on this one…

  10. 965malls says:

    Hi Danderma,
    I didn’t think about this topic yet, because we’re new to the blog world(my husband’s and me), but our friends and family know about our new baby(965malls), so we don’t have a problem in explaining the “where did u meet” issue.. as yet. Hope we’ll have social meetings with other bloggers soon and we’ll be officially introduced :)

    • danderma says:

      965malls insha2 Allah you will :) better think of how you want to introduce and be introduced as 😀