LoFat Diet – The Conclusion!

By | January 25, 2011

As today is my first free day after my two weeks disciplinary diet… i feel a little lost to be frank :p

I have planned today to be a free chocolate day! I ordered half a kilo of chocolate brownie from OR bakery… i got a winter chocolate hamper from Dean and Deluca that contains chocolate and hot chocolate mix… and then my dear fellow blogger & tweep MiYaFuShi contributed to my free chocolate day by sending me a bix of chocolateness molten cakes! I will blog about how i celebrated each chocolate item tomorrow 😉

As for the LoFat Diet… Here are the results. I lost in two weeks…. 2.5 Kilos!

Which is pretty good considering the amount of food i was eating and the fact that it is very hard for me to loose weight. 2.5 Kilos without exercise and with eating food with two free days is pretty decent… if i start exercising i might be able to lost aboout 10 kilos a month!

I have extended my subscription by one month and this time my husband has joined in. The food is good, it rearranges your food pattern and forces you into a routine, the food comes readily made and just need reheating so i could come home and find my healthy light food ready for me.

The service is good, they have a tendency of mixing up some dishes but a phone call can correct that for you. The always call to check up on you as well which is a good thing. I have tried almost all the vegetarian dishes in their menu so i know what to expect. One word of advice: Stay away from the soups, stay away from non lettuce based salads, and you will be good to go 😀

Since my husband has joined… i will be reviewing non vegeterian dishes as well so my diary will continue Insha2 Allah :)

12 Responses to “LoFat Diet – The Conclusion!”

  1. Bella says:

    Congratulations 😀

    Tara 2.5 kilos is good!! Don’t let anyone put you down 😀

  2. Amy says:

    that’s AMAZING!! It took me a whole year in my weight-loss journey but I did it the wrong way (without exercising) which I regret now because of the loose skin I’m left with :(

    • danderma says:

      Amy: The first time i lost tons of weight i didn it without exercising which resulted in loose skin too :( i am determined to exercise a bit the next time around so i would lose fat but develop muscle at the same time…

  3. LOOOOOOOL yal murjimaa wesh hathaaaaa@@ umbaaaih shawagteenii i want sweet now!!! o CONGRATS for the 2 kilos loss!! tara wayed zain 7ag two weeks only!! ;**

  4. LOOOOL Min il3ylaa baro7 ayebli some chocolates nisait agolich 3alaich bil3afyaa;**

  5. Farah says:

    Mabroouk! I always hear that it’s better to loose little by little so you keep it off once you go back to eating normally.

    • danderma says:

      Farah: Allah ybarek feech 😀 I am very happy with what i’ve lost so far! I look a bit different!!!

  6. Jacqui says:

    Mashalla that’s great! I just joined Diet Care this week and last night was my first night I wish to make a Diet Diary but I am a lazy bugger 😛 So I doubt I will do that.

    But along with my Curves subscription I think I should lose some in the coming month I really really wanna get rid of my gas belly (I call it that way LOL!) And gain a bit of a healthier lifestyle towards eating.

    • danderma says:

      Jacqui: Ee el yom elnass galole tha3fanaa <3
      the best thing is that you will get used to the healthy life style… it will become like your routine ! That's the most importnat thing!