Winter Chocolate Hamper from Dean & Deluca! By | January 26, 2011 The first celebratory item of my free day was a winter chocolate hamper from Dean & Deluca that I had handpicked my self and had it especially wrapped for me 😀 D&D did an AMAZING job with helping me put together the perfect hamper and wrapping it!

The hamper looked so pretty I didn’t want to ruin it and open the wrapper to take it apart…

I love the ribbon and the little flower they made with the ribbon… I should learn how to do that myself!

The hamper had my very own new Dean & Deluca mug, hot chocolate powder, prestat’s chocolate truffles…

Chocolate covered raisins, and a lovely dark chocolate bar, and an extra chocolate thing that I cannot recall!!! It was the perfect chocolate gift for a perfect winter day <3 When I bought I kept humming the song “Walking in the Winter Wonderland” in the Avenues. I’m humming it now while I type these words. Another post with the results of hot chocolate is coming soon. The next item consumed during my celebration of the free chocolate day is in the next post!

4 Responses to “Winter Chocolate Hamper from Dean & Deluca!”

  1. BNDQ8 says:

    thats one hamper you have got there…love it!!! Dean & Deluca is awesome…you post got me craving for some chocolate now!! :)

    • danderma says:

      BNDQ8: Long time no see! Where have you been!!!! loool it was a fine gift chosen from the bottom of my heart <3

  2. Macel says:

    Hi Danderma! Nice to know that you really loved the gift from Dean & Deluca. By the way I am one of the people working at D&D and really glad that you appreciated our gifts. All of my colleagues are happy from your blog. Hope to meet you in person and hope that you will again take a gift from us!

    • danderma says:

      Hi Macel thank you for your kind comment… i really loved the hamper and the effort put into it! Of course i am going back for more gifts 😀
      keep up the good job!