Breakfast Anyone? Pictures of my Saturday Breakfast….

aback By | January 18, 2009

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Do you remember yesterday? What you were doing at this exact time? Having a blissful queit Saturday where you woke up late and had a scrumptious breakfast then slept on the couch all day like me?

and how was ur first day back to work after the weekend this morning? and it’s breakfast? Groggy, sad, and brooding?

I have a wretched course this week so i will be away from the office (and my laptop and PC) all week!!! While i was imagining how i would be like on Sunday morning, surviving on my mug of coffee, i thought i would post this… ahhh the good old memories… insha2 allah i can repeat it next Saturday too!

So, back to breakfast…

It was pancakes, nothing fancy, just pancakes with an assortment of syrups, some with chocolate chip cookies,some with a q8y touch (saffron and cardemmom (heel))… some orange juice and coffee and we are set to go! They were so easy to make, and took about 10 minutes only!!!! Thanks to…

Jamie Oliver!!!! His recipe 3jeeba! So light and fluffy and yummy and easy to make! Just use self raising flour or normal ma6a7n flour with 2 table spoons baking powder and ur set 😀


So the batter… just a mug of milk, a mug of flour, a pinch of salt, a little melted butter (10g), and one egg whisked together…


Pour into your pan, on medium heat so it cooks slowly without burning.


It will take almost one minute to cook on one side, when there are bubbles all over it, flip it and wait for another minute… and ur done


Now the table is set, my selection of syrups include Caramel Toffee, Raspberry, Chocolate (not shown), and Reduced Sugar Maple Syrup 😀 Yummmmmy


My lovely breakfast 😀 Note the one in Chocolate CHip? An experiment for next week…


My breakfast companions: florida natural’s orange juice and strong black coffee 😀


The ones with Hail and z3fran! they are yummy but none of the syrups would go with them, they need their own q8y infused syrup and we would have a new inventions… any ideas?


Pouring the syrup…


Cutting a piece … looks kinda dry


Ahhh more and more syrup! Now thats more like it…


and Time to Eat 😀


7yakom allah next Saturday! Im making a chocolate chip cookie ones and working more on my hail and z3fran ones 😀

You can make this at home in a mere 5 minutes 😀 Try it and see… the best thing is you can still be in your pajamas, your kisha, and sleep on the couch afterwards… If your eggs smell, use some vanilla in the batter…

19 Responses to “Breakfast Anyone? Pictures of my Saturday Breakfast….”

  1. Zaina says:

    3alaaaich bil 3afyaa hun :***
    Shawagteenii, chinnnii baqaldech 😛

  2. Lonely_ed7 says:

    Seems really yummmy !!

    3aleech balf 3afiaa .. i’ve been dreaming bout pancakes like for ever !!

    for the Kuwaiti style pancake .. i think shaker harees will do it!!

    don’t you think!!

  3. yara4ever says:

    Lucky you .. i had a tough saturday, woke up at 9 after sleeping for 4 hours only, showered had breakfast and went out to buy stuff for our new home (we are in the process of moving in).. from 11 to 2 i was buying stuff, 2 i took the stuff to our home, 2 to 8 i was there i forgot to eat lunch … at 8pm i was like a zombie it felt like it was 2 am! so i left… usually i stay there till about 10

  4. neoark25 says:


  5. Stand-Alone~ says:

    3aleki bil 3afiya..
    will make sure once i finish my diet to try it out..
    looks amazing… yummy..

  6. Daddy's Girl says:


    Allah ye3afeech 😀 Ma yabeelhom wala shay!!!!
    shakllee barja3 il bait atghada feehom 😀


    Thanx but you do not have to dream! Get that packet of flour and one egg and get cracking!

    And i was thinking of exactly the same thing! Powdered sugar with cinnamon would go great with it, it would be like cakey darabeel… but i need it syrapized! So i have a couple of methods in mind!!! When i do it, i will post it 😀


    Ooh sweety kilha cham yoom insha2 allah o when ur all moved in you will relax at home o have the best Saturday ever 😀 Make my pancakes them … maybe i would have finished the q8y pancake thingy 😀


    Next time we make it we will send u a plate, eshrayek?!

    I never knew q8y men loved pancakes so much? My father absolutely loves them o bu tootee feels like its a field trip when we make them???!!!

    Stand Alone

    Ya hala ya hala ya hala ib ahal 3man… o mabrooook 3la il kaas 😀

    Yalla shakla ma boga shay o itkhalseen insha2 alla 😀 id3elee ana asawee regime mithilich b3d 😀

  7. eshda3wa says:

    i LOVE oliver!

    oo bel3afya 😉

  8. atoona says:

    i loooooooove making panakes! 😀
    3alech bl 3afya, the pics look good 😉

    i like pouring it in different shapes like heart and mickey mouse ;D oo by the way it tastes soo good when add mini chocolate chips in the batter. i usually use Aunt Jemima mix tho, bs it sounds quite easy to do it from scratch 😉

  9. Zabo0o6a says:

    Yummy !
    I just made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast 2day as well 😉
    Bel3afya babes ..

  10. nbq says:

    darn, I think i’ll have to try it now.

    Interesting u show both cold juice and black hot coffee…I often enjoy that as well… which one do u start with? do u have a preference. I think for me it depends on my mood, but I think coffee with the pancakes first to disolve them then follow with the cold refreshing oj.

  11. newbride says:

    mashalahh yammmy o 7ada eshaweg bl3afeya

  12. Abid says:

    Or you can buy pancake mix!!

  13. Daddy's Girl says:


    I love him too! The chap sure can cook!

    Allah ye3afeech Hon 😀


    Allah ye3afeech Hon 😀

    How can you make them into shapes? did u see the lonely one with chocochip? It’s my next saturday’s project 😀

    I stay away from ready mixes because im afraid they have preservatives :( This is really really REALLY easy… 😀


    Wanasaaaaaa 3leech bel 3afya 😀


    Really easy to make 😀 try and see, you don’t even need to oil the pan!

    Hmmm i always do that, usually i start with the juice since the coffee would be too hot, then i would mainly concentrate on the coffee until its almost the last bites, then i drain my juice like a final thingy 😀


    Allah ye3afeech … it tastes even better than it looks…


    of course i can, but it wont taste as fresh and would have tons of preservatives… ish7aga?

  14. atoona says:

    ee sheftaa ya7laiila, the odd one out 😛
    i just pour the batter using a scooper to make out the shape and adjust it a bit w/ a spoon..
    hey can’t u send me a bit of nxt weeks breakfast ;Pp hehe

  15. Stand-Alone~ says:

    Ya hala o mar7aba feeki..
    Thankx :) we finally managed to win the kas..

    This diet mal 2 days on track and 5 off lool..
    shaklu el pancakes will be eaten sooner then i think :p

  16. Alka says:

    oh my tats yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  17. PASTURKEY says:

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  18. mounsi says:

    I made them in 7 mints. soooooo good. the best pancakes in q8 saraha. Even better than CB and EB ; )

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