Sugar Daddy’s Bakery, Dubai

By | February 20, 2011

When i was in Dubai i was walking around Mirdif mall looking for Snog Frozen Yoghurt when i passed by this store…

To be frank i didn’t notice Sugar Daddy’s cupcakes before, but the store really caught my attention so we discarded the search for Snog and went into Sugar Daddy’s.

To start off, the store is very light, airy, and open with glass walls where you could sit and watch people walking in the mall by your side. The interiours are white, light green, and pink and are very light and relaxing.

As for the cupcakes? Well see for your self, mouthwatering… and i liked some of the names they gave them, escpecially the “Gold Digger”…

We ordered a selection of their mini cupcakes to try plus a red velvet whoopie pie…

We took our cupcakes and headed to a table by the window…

The cupcakes were very good… but i would prefer magnolia’s bakery’s cupcakes. The red velvet whoopie however was SCRUMPTIOUS!

After having the perfect pick me up for the day we took some cupcakes for takeaway… even the box is cute and very innovative!

For more information regarding Sugar Daddy’s Bakery you can check their website I know they sell those lovely things in Mirdif Mall, in Dubai Mall, and in the Jumeira Village mall…

10 Responses to “Sugar Daddy’s Bakery, Dubai”

  1. 79ai9 says:

    oh yummo! shakli bagoom asawy cupcakes too hheheeh shawegooni bas being on a DIEt bawaz3a here and there to friends and my sis :( 3awafi 3ala gloobhum hehe

    • danderma says:

      79ai9: la la latsaween… golay next time i travel i will buy from them… malah da3e etsaween o you keep temptation bel bait…

  2. Kaifan5 says:

    its so yemmy and so delicious 😉

  3. Q80ya says:

    damn !!! eshaweg !!!

  4. F6aim says:

    Yum, this whoopie looks good. I must give it a try sometime ;D ..
    Oo and next time you’re here, give Kitsch Cupcakes a visit. You can find it in Jumeira Beach Rd. or even at cinestar cinemas and Candylicious. In my opinion, they are the best when compared to Sugar Daddy’s and Magnolia’s :)

    • danderma says:

      F6aim: I saw it when i was in Jumeira beach road but i didn’t have time to try it… next time insha2 Allah if you say it’s better than Magnolia’s…

  5. Hamda says:

    I agree with F6aim .. Kitsch tastes reaaaally good and the cupcakes are lighter :)