Is anyone facing connectivity problems!?

buy Lyrica in ireland By | February 11, 2011 There is something wrong going on since yesterday?

My OSN reciever woudn’t work well… if it shows anything it will only show me the movies channels. News channel weren’t working since yesterday aside from Jazeera and now not one news channel is working. Period.

My Zain ego keeps disconnecting on it’s own. When it connects it won’t allow us to view anything on the internet.

My brand new Viva internet stick thing won’t work either. I have been trying to write this post and it disconnected several times on it’s own. If i am lucky i will snatch a few minutes of connectivity before it disconnects on it’s own!

Is it just me!? Or is anyone facing the same troubles?! Weird day!!!!

4 Responses to “Is anyone facing connectivity problems!?”

  1. LadyCay says:

    I have osn, yesterday they did an update, but thats it, no problems, thats frustrating whats happening with u, hope it will be fixed soon.

    • danderma says:

      LadyCay: I called them up and they are coming tomorrow to fix it for me… let’s hope they fix it for real :(

  2. UmGhanim says:

    YES!!! same thing happened to me with my viva connection Friday night….so annoying as i was uploading files :(