The Best thing About Valentines Day was…

By | February 15, 2011


I played until the battery was drained! Can’t go home to grab it and play with it again <3 Thank you Angry Birds people for making me happy 😀

Angry Birds fans… which level did you reach?!

8 Responses to “The Best thing About Valentines Day was…”

  1. Moody Pants says:

    loool seriously??
    I have downloaded it but didnt play much as i was traveling, so happy valentines :p

  2. Toona says:

    eeeee soo cute ;p 7abaita bs ma 3adet level 1 yet ;p

    I loved the Smurfs !! They gave me sanfooora ;p bs she’s distracting my smurfs n they r not planting as good as b4 ;p ! Happy V day 😉

  3. 3.D3aijany says:

    Well I went crazy after this game and Purchased the Full Version haha ;p
    I reached level 5 (Ham ‘Em High) maybe its the last level !!!

    • danderma says:

      3.D3aijany: loool zain itsaween!!! i think i have the full version? I must double check 😀

  4. M says:

    You know your post about this addictive game a few months back was what made me addicted to it!!
    Im on level 11-10 :)