Movie Review: Unknown

buy cheap neurontin By | February 22, 2011

Rakvere Now that was ONE GREAT MOVIE! You would think it’s predictable… but it’s completely not! I enjoyed watching every minute of this 2 hours long movie. The acting was great and the story line was really intriguing. No wonder it became a smash hit at the box office in the USA and is now residing at number 1…

Liam Neeson is a university professor arriving at Berlin in Germany with his wife to give a speech in a scientific conference. He loses one of his bags and on his way back to the airport he gets into a car accident… then he can remember only bits and pieces of what exactly happened to him but he is surprised to see that there is someone else who had taken his identity, including his own wife who denies their relationship!

A very very VERY good movie… i would watch it over and over again! So worth keeping on your movie collection as a DVD… trust me you will love this movie!

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  1. LadyCay says:

    He is awesome, even his movie Taken is great, love him