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I have had ENOUGH malaqa shopping in Q8!!!

Y3ni mo ma3qoola, if im going out for the jm3ya for a box of butter o some milk before fu6oor, o by the time i pay, i look around to find the jam3ya worker holding my bag and is ready to go to my car before me. y3ni tra its just a little bag with butter o milk. It is not heavy, im not that old, i can hold my own bag!

and worst thing is, when i ask him to bring the bag, he refuses, y3ni maskeen he is such a gentleman he cannot allow a lady to carry her bag. AS IF!!!

O if u insist, u are given a dirty look, a “what a stone hearted cheap woman u r!!!” then he holds the bag to you, usually ur hands must brush his in order to carry it. which is in itself not pleasent, especially if u hate touching people. I do not touch my own mother, let alone jm3ya workers!!!

Y3ni awal, ayam ma omy o oboy yero7on il jm3ya, dad was always putting the bag in the trolly o wheels it away in peace. Mom automatically lets the guy take the trolley away, o gives him il magsoom. But it was a cart full of bags! mo a little bag with some gum or chocolate or even worse if it was only sanitary pads on a rainy day!  It was humilating enough buying those to start with!!!

But in the old days, it was something out of the courtesy. It was not imposed, thrust in ur face, a must do even for the slightest weight, are we, the people who live in q8, that spoiled? I know inah he is doing it for the money but again i do not like the feeling of superiourity i get when i walk infront of him holding out my bag of 3elch bu saham just so i can hand him 250 fils!!! Kaifee… ana ibse7etee o can carry my own bag!!!! kaifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

il7en saraw ghaseb 6eeb. When im with my husband in the jam3ya, by the time he pays, the guy is already halfway out of the door pushing our trolley. y3ni why would i and my husband, both young and in our 20’s, not be able to push our own cart? shino feena? molook? made out of glass? monkeys who cant life bags? shino?

Shopping in Q8 is already bad enough. now this phenomenon is getting worse by day. Im afraid the next step with me is a special coop employee designated to each q8y to push the trolley while still shopping, pickup the stuff from the aisles, and then give the money to the casheir after another employee reaches out for the bag of the customer, pulls the wallet and pays on his own!!!

O b3dain wyakom?! 3yazt 3YAZT o ana azef feekoom… LEAVE ME ALONE AND ALLOW ME TO HOLD MY OWN BAGS!!!!!

iLee ye3arf jm3ya ma feeha hal 6aga min il malageef, plz khal ye3almnee 3shan i shop from it from now on. Tra 6agat chabdi!

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  1. KTDP says:

    I just put the stuff in the bag my self so that he doesn’t get a chance to get his dirty little mits on it …..

  2. delicatelyrealistic says:

    e wallah e wallah e wallah

    yb6oooon chabdi
    i flinch everytime i brush them by accident a7is widi araji3
    i started grabbing the bag min ta7at
    and the only place they dont bug u like that is sultan and carrefour

    illigafa ib hal deera wa9la 7adha
    annoying salespppl min 9ob
    annoying bag ppl
    b3dain theres the sweepers who go round u in circles o itha ma 3a6aiti shay chinich thab7ita…..shino gasib sar il7en?!
    ana aslan il7en ma git a36i 3nad….lena iktishaft ina 7atharat’hom ygol 3n ina i7na aghbiya…..n36ehom flos bs lena salimo 3alaina…

    adri mi7tajeen… bs khalas….why do they need to send us on a guilt trip to hell???

  3. Peony says:

    ee i know they are so annoying!!!! ya3ni law ba36eeh a tip, ra7 a36ee either way mo ila he follows me like a slave to my car, which is parked ib awal parking!!! seriously..
    and what i hate more is when they put every single thing in a separate bag.. shampoo, juice and chips all in separate bags.. ya3ni ish’hal fisag?! i started bringing my one cotton bags for jam3iya and if i forget, i tell them “ALL ONE.. ABI ONE CHEES!” with a hand gesture to emphasize on what i’ve said..

  4. danderma says:


    Marat ma yamdeenee akheth a plastic bag ila il akh already im3abeehom! ok 3abhom keefik lakin dont stand there carrying them ready to go!!! if i tell u carry them carry them!!! OFFFFFFF


    Ashwa ma yat 7g sultan o carrefour the 3adwa yet! or maybe they have strict warning for their employees against such behaviour! y3ni wayed s3b idarat il jm3ya itgool “3aboo il chyass but dont hold them?” or dont run off with the 3arabana wait?
    Ama malot il nathafa tara masarat … shino ana khalaft hom o nesayt hom? ee me7tajeen 7ram lakin 3a6eet 3a6eet 3a6eet leen gamaw ma yekhemoon, bs yogfoon yemathloon ashkara… i recall once kan ako mokan mo mafrooth yekoon feeh 3mal nathaa aslan o il akh wagef daily bs labis il lebs shofee shareeh min ween o il nass togaf lah bedon 7eta ma yesalim 3lehom o ya36onah il magsom!!! ham tra mayseer!!!! Yabele post kamil 3n mathaher il legafa bel q8!!!

    I alwas thought i would take a brown woven bag to jam3ya… 3shan i keep q8y people in a frenzy o talking about this crazy girl who refused chees il jm3ya for a year or so. Again legafat q8yeen. I acually have the bag, got it from marie claire … but never had the “kholg” to actually go ahead with it. Shaja3teene… 3la il aqal we do something good for the environment. Fa yeah q8y people out there, in legataw a girl doing that in ur jam3ya, its either peony or me… inshalla more people follow b3d… ashoof ishloon beysheel il cotton bag ghaseb b3d

  5. Lama says:

    Me too, I will join the club
    Good Idea lets spread it out,