Review: Bootha wa 7alawyat Al Kawakeb By | February 22, 2011


Cibolo I was shopping in Souq El Blockat when i felt like having some Bootha (Arabian Ice Cream)… and the famous Al Kawakeb was right across the street…

Al Kawakeb is the oldest surviving sweets store in Kuwait. Open since 1966 in Salem al Kabeer street… as i was about to go inside i thought that the younger generation of Kuwaitis might not know this place neither do expats or visitors! So why not review it?!

‘The store sells every traditional Kuwaiti dessert imaginable. As well as traditional imported desserts. It’s best knows for it’s rahash and in particular it’s chocolate covered rahash but i wouldn’t know for i cannot stand rahash and don’t eat it.

The story was very busy and very crowded with shoppers. People from GCC countries were there to pick up desserts to take back home. I could barely take pictures while placing my order for Bootha but this is what i managed to take any ways…

I forgot to take a picture of my bootha because of the crowds… anyways they sell Falooda as well which my husband adores – i don’t like it- …

Julab Jamons…

Baqsam in many shapes and kinds…

The old jelly we used to love as kids

Barmait & Nabat…  i LOVE barmait <3

Different kinds of Zlabya, ‘3rayba, Bala7 El Sham, the mini sweet samboosa…

Mini cupcake style cakes and biscuits…

Chocolate covered rahash…


Halwa… many kinds of halwa… Kuwaiti 7alwa Muscati 7alwa Bahraini 7alwa Sugar free 7alwa…

You can buy the 7alwa by weight in kilos or you can buy portion sized ones in little plastic covered cups. I bought my self two (Masqatia 7alwa and Kuwaiti 7alwa)… the little plastic cups are perfect for giveaways or parties or for people who don’t want to indulge too much in 7alwa…

You can buy their sweets in white styrofoam boxes or in traditional q8y tins… you can even buy the tins only!

All in all, you know you are in a great place the moment you step through the door. If you’ve never heard about Al Kawakeb before you must go check it out… if you are already a customer, please share what do you think is their best selling dessert?

12 Responses to “Review: Bootha wa 7alawyat Al Kawakeb”

  1. il wawy says:


    you are now by faar my fav. blogger of all time!!

    you have noo idea how much i love this place and how underrated it is.

    while others drool over ewy gowy and 7akarron (or whatever they are called) i dream about this lovely place.

    btw, you have no idea how jealous i currently am now especially with those scrumptious photos you took :(

    i have my family send me a large box every year (with alkawakibs best stuff) to the u.s… i am down to my last box of lsan thour unfortuantely. will you send me some?! :)

    • danderma says:

      il Wawy: LooooooL your comment made me laugh so much… gowy and 7akarron? 7akarron minoo :p
      Wallah shakle basawee mosabaqa o ilwinner gets a box of desserts from el Kawakeb… what do you usually get from them?

  2. D says:

    I just passed by randomly on Saturday craving Bootha Arabiya. I tried different flavors before deciding, unfortunately NONE were an actual bootha. They’re too boring and blame, not mentioning the un-bootha’ish texture.

    • danderma says:

      D: well considering they have been selling bootha since before i was born i would think their bootha was pretty much standard bootha… maybe not the best in Q8 but it was as good as bootha supposed to go whether in taste or texture…

  3. Q80YA says:

    OMG !!!!!!! dandermaaaaaaaaaa 7aram 3alaich !! am drooling min el 9owaaaar , i didnt know about this place !! am sooo going !!!
    gharami rahash o 7alwa masqa6iya omg !!

  4. Hamda says:

    I NEED to visit this place!
    This post made me hungry .. I want some Halwa and Rahash now!

  5. il wawy says:

    its all good b9ara7a.. but personally i favor the dry sweets.. i.e darabeel aw lsan thour ma3a chai 7aleeb :)

    btw, their ice cream does not have a normal ice cream texture because thats how it should be. modern ice cream parlors add additives to make their ice cream thick and not melt straight away.

    • danderma says:

      il Wawy: I never tried their darabeel before i always go with Darabeel Alwatan only… i will try both darabeel o elsan il thoor o ashoof :)

  6. With all due respect to Al-Kawakeb and its history, Al-Watan rahash and darabeel is the best on both of these two products :)