Kuwait Towers Lights Display…

http://reborn-babies-dolls.com/demo By | February 24, 2011

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Yesterday as we were having dinner in Lenotre… we were sitting by the window and we saw the reherseals for tonights fireworks and lights display on Kuwait Towers! They were so beautiful! I took a video and i took some pictures but the picture quality while trying to zoom from far away wasn’t that good… i was told that those lights and fireworks display are designed by the same people who designed the lights and fireworks display for Burj Khalifa’s opening in Dubai!

It’s going to be a spectaculat display tonight judging by what i saw yesterday! Check my humble and fuzzy pictures…

2 Responses to “Kuwait Towers Lights Display…”

  1. Affiza says:

    the lights sow is today or tomorrow i heard friday at 7 pm if its today wot time pls ???