LoFat Diet – Day 19

Somerset By | February 25, 2011


http://crescentlakeresort.com/category/cabins/1-bedroom?wptouch_switch=mobile Day 19! The count down has begun! 9 more days to go!

Today i recieved a marghareta pizza with vine leaves for lunch. I’ve reviewed and liked both before. No complaints there…

My husband recieved Spaghetti with Meat balls for the very first time whith a california salad. The spaghetti was really really good… i know because i stole a forkfull and it was really yummy <3 I don’t know how the meatballs tasted though but he ate them without complaints…

2 Responses to “LoFat Diet – Day 19”

  1. Sarah says:

    I always read your post on LoFat diet and other posts as well. Are you close to your target weight? It would be encouraging to other weight loss aspirants to know how much you lost so far. I started my diet on a beautiful day – the National Day of Kuwait. Your posts on LoFat diet are such a motivation as you have been so consistent and determined. My clothes have become tight and my belly looks asif I am pregnant. I don’t want to buy bigger size clothes, I want to lose 10 kg….

    • danderma says:

      Sarah: Good for you! I am glad my posts are motivating!
      As for my target weight well i want to lose 20 kilos :( but i am not sure how much i have lost still since i avoid the scale to be frank… but i am not losing as much as i want my weight loss is very slow…