A Stroll in Mubarkiya…

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http://blenheimuw.com/wp-json/wp/v2/pages/11913 I love this smeecha painting in the parking lot of Mbarkiya… and i love having a stroll there in early weekend mornings… the smells, the history, the little shops, the quirky merchandise, the old people… it’s amazing!

My Mubarkiya morning routine goes like this usually… first things first… a traditional breakfast in hail o za3fran for energy

Qer9 3qaili, Balalee6 o Baith, Jeben Gla9 Sandwich, Chai o 7leeb, and of course Chai Fa7am <3

Now breakfast is done, i stroll around with my camera and my crocks… the nearest place to 7leeb o Hail is elsooq eldakhley… a collection of business offices rather than shops with astronomical renting prices…

The Kuwaiti Flag decorates every possible surface in celebration of the February Festivals
Then comes the time to visit Souq Alghrabally… you can find EVERYTHING in this street: qa7afee, ‘3etra, mens clothes, mesabee7… etc. etc.
Looking for a strange ‘3etra :p
Special merchandise in the Kuwait Flag colour for the February Festivities
A poor thirsty cat w3liya!
q7afe of all kinds…
In the heart of Mbarkiya lies the oldest building in Kuwait. Sheikh Mubarak’s Ruling quarters that is currently under restoration. It is amazing to look at it and imagine that hundreds of years ago old Kuwaiti people used to come here and go up those very steps to see the Amir!
Since Algharabally is near the Meat Souk, you must pass by the Bukhoor Souk to change the smell of raw meat and fish clinging to your nostrils…
You can find EVERYTHING in that souk, gift boxes of every imaginable size, perfume bottles to fill with your favourite perfume, everything you need to produce good scents using Bukhoor & 6eeb
Tand here is souk el bshoot… where you can find Abaya’s, Men’s besht, and those furry jackets that keep you so warm in the winter especially when camping out…
Then before you go back to the parking, you pass by Bawabat Al Shamiya and you just MUST take some hot bubbling fatayer home…
While you wait for the Fatayer to finish, you may browse Alwatan for some Darbeel & other Kuwaiti desserts to take home as well 😀

8 Responses to “A Stroll in Mubarkiya…”

  1. Kuweight 64 says:

    Beautiful pictures! How nostaglic! Reminds me of my childhood days when my parents used to take me to Mubarakiya.

    • danderma says:

      Kuweight 64: Ee it reminds me of my childhood too especially the toys sold in the street o waiting in line forever to get to souk el thahab

  2. خوش جولة

    تصدقين من زمان مو رايحه … يبيله روحه قريب :>

  3. Chirp says:

    Embarikiya reminds me of being a kid! I was shocked that so many people have never been to embarikiya as kids and they are either the same age or older than me!
    One of my coworkers awal mara etroo7 limbarikiya was 2 winters ago, and the other one was this year!

    • danderma says:

      Chirp: Shino? ako a7ad mo raye7 il embarkiya? Ma3qola omahat.hom ma yro7on elsaye’3 o aywadonhom wyahom y3ni?
      ana zekrayatee kilaa a7na bel syara waiting for parking in souk el thahab o looking at toys in the street o my mom buying thahab… ana agool chood nesaw!

  4. chirp says:

    laa ma nesaw! mo ray7een min 9ijhum! i was shocked :p
    ana layl7een at’thakar el3am bo 3ali .. kaan 7aris 3emara eli feeha ma7al thahab my family always went to. the store is still there, thaak elyoom we passed by wela the same man is still there! awal ma dashat umi hes like ANA BA2OOL 3REFTIK (lama maraina bil sayara)
    Waaai i miss being a kid :(