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By | September 6, 2008

Mawthoo3 kho6obat il ahal is a huge huge HUGE problem in our society.

When it was my time, i used to go bonkers when mom told me ako awadem yayeenlich. Y3ni shino awadem yayeenli? yayeen to see if i was suited to share my whole life with their son? How would they be sure y3ni? Looks? enough superficial criteria? what am i? a dress?! How can i share my entire future with a person who gave me the honour of checking me out to start with, then agreeing if it was good enough for him! Ya jma3a im SHARING MY LIFE with this guy… how on earth can i do that from one, two, or fifty meetings, just because he wants to?!

So now my time is gone, my sister is next in line. and my god my GOD she has the worst luck in kha6aba. Mashallah 3leha she is naturally good looking o is a very good girl o mo6eee3aaa … no problems there in terms of having kho6obat ahal since it will make mom happy.

Anyways, if u are willing to go with the system ib mobarakat il society, you would think inich you will get all the help you want from surrounding people. Khasatan inah q8y society yetmata3 ib kamm kebeer min il legafa o balaghat il shaff o il qeel o il qaal. lakin, the moment you ask about the kha6eeb, people suddenly remember that they are supposed to be living in eutopia, and shut up. They do not tell you anything bad. NOTHING. no matter how much you ask, all u get is, eee khosh walad o ahalah khoosh awadm.

Then after il melcha o at the spark of the first problem, ye6la3 il khaneen o il khayes. EE sawa o fa3al, ee bentee itseer bent 3am yad okho il walad o galat sawa keet keet, weldee kan wyah bel rawtha o gal inah bag minah baskoota, bentee kha6abha il 3am o ma 36enah cause 6ala3 keet keet. o haloma jarra.


il7een il gheba o il nameema sarat 7ram?! wela la3ana? shino y3ni ana mane fahma.

The last one we got, was actually a very good match. His father and my father have the same profession, the guy and my sister has the same profession. Dad knew his father for years through work and friends, said he is an angel of a man. his sisters are married to good respectable families, the guy looks good, a good age difference between them, not too old or too young. Y3ni il rayal mashallah almost a perfect match. she was finally dazzled by someone enough to think she could give up the happy relaxed life style our girls live in daddy’s home.

But something aint right. He said something about fighting with the moqawel who built his house (yes he has a house o he is only 27)… this made us very suspicious since his family aint that wealthy y3ni o he is not that old o his job doesnt pay him that much. Fa whats the nature of this fight with moqawel?

We go to a friend of ours who works in wezarat il 3adel. He pulls some strings, and we found that the guy has three qathaya on him from three different people, saying he stole alafaat minhom. 


Another time, wa7ed mitkharej min ma3had yanna. We knew inah mitkahrej min ma3had famakan ako moshkila y3ni with it. Then his mom says “noooo jame3eeeee weldeeeeeee” then he tells my sister laa inah mitkharej min ma3had. Fa when we told someone inah min ma3had, khawatah shashaw 3leena… galaw shinoooo okhoona dares 4 sneeeen fa ilee yadress 4 sneen yeseer jame3eee OKKKK !!! la walla? y3ni ana in i3lam asqe6 le 3 years fa akhales in 7 years, aseer doctora tra… cause il 6eb yekhalsoon in 7 sneen OKKKKK

Fa min kither ma yonaa kha6a6eeb makharesh. ta3aqadna. Gemna ana o my other sister record the conversation they have when they are in our house, and reply it over and over to see if there are leads or hidden messages. We go out the house, take the number of their car, and try to find out if they have severe mokhalafat mororeya throughout site il dakhlya… of course we failed since we didnt have the civil id but we will make mom ask about their civil id next time. O ham mini o raye7 il ma7kama o il makhafer must be checked with the kha6eeb name. Are we unreasonable? Its not fair to say no, and its not insane to say yes. this is our sisters life, whole life, o divorce rate is flaring! o na7asat il q8yeen b3d zayda hal ayam.

chanzeen 3ndena a place like a local fiancee checking agency. y3ni mathalan abroad, if u are asked on a date, you can google the guys name and get everything you need about them, even if they have a criminal record, to help you decide. o hatha just a mere date. Why cant we have something like that? A place were we submit the name of the fiancee o we get mathalan, his name, age, schools he went to, mokhalafat, mashakel bel ma7maka, mino min khawatah makheth mino, mino min ikhwanah makheth mino, the place he lives, any previous marriages/assaults o anyother kind of information helpful. Y3ni if there was such a thing. at least some vital hidden info will be revealed o certain marraiges will not be there so the divorce rate will reduce. Ma feha shay ya rabi!

ishrayekom we start a little local one? o if ako private investigators in Kuwait, ya rayait a7ad yedalena 3leeh so we subject ever kha6eeb to him. Min 7agna in3arf shino hidden behind the man if we are expected to blindly agree to share our whole life with him.

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  1. delicatelyrealistic says:

    LOL iksirat kha6ri ur sis….ishal 7ath…
    Bs saja 7azat il7aza noone says the truth….
    And its not wrong for u to do ur won private investigating at all, i would want to do the same !
    O about the idea u have in mind….sadgeni it wont work here, ppl will start paying money to have their info changed….wa96a ili ohwa…so it will lose its credibility……
    mawtho3 wayid ybi6 ilchbd

  2. Lama says:

    What ever you do, you won’t know all the details.

    there are many ppl if you ask them you will get an honest answer. it depends on who u r asking. ask someone cares about you.

  3. danderma says:


    Walla a good new business inah insawee private investigator for to be married couples!!! We do all the legafa o digging for them! I know a relative of mom who will take the prospective fiancee to the nearest starbucks o let him order o sit with them. apparently it tells a lot about a guy “how cheap he is, if he flirts or 3enah zaygha, how he handles his food infront of people, is he comfortable in crowds? Hal yegom fehom wella ye7e6 reel 3la reel o yabehom yakhdemonah… etc.”

    Akhra3 shay tadreen shino? Not knowing if he has AIDS or Hepatitis! Hal ayam kil shay jayez istghafar allah!!! y3ni i am trying to convince mom of letting the guy get a blood test too… but she says ini yaneet rasmi o wakhezyah.

    Weeeeniiiichhhhh! ikhtefaytay?!
    So far in our circle of relatives/friends ma legena wala ademee gal lena a straight forward answer. It is completly a mystery to me. i would say all i know if i was asked walla… fa lesh il na7asa ma adry…

  4. shoosha says:

    eee waay!!

    lama u ask about them they describe them inhum san3eeen oo il sana3 imkatkat etc.. oo lain imlechat il maskeena 6ale3aw fethaye7 il rayyel!

    I really dont get it why they dont say the truth min awal shay!!

  5. Lama says:

    Hi Dear, ma ekhtefeeeet bas I guess I missed a lot through the weekend :)

  6. aws says:

    even if a girl tells u someone is bad that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is bad. she may have other things in her hidden agenda. she may want him to herself !