10 Things That Annoy Me When I Try to Pray in a Prayer Room

By | March 9, 2011

1- You are in the bathroom, you are just about to turn on the water faucett on to do you whudo2, and the lady next to you drops everything and dedicated the next 5 minutes of her life to watch how you do your whudu2… very very closely! Mind your own business la etkhozrene etkharbe6enee!!! LEGAFA!

2- You are done with whudu, you head to napkins dispenser to grab some napkins… the poor cleaning lady runs and grabs them on your behalf, handing them to you. I do appreciate the gesture i really do… but i always squirm because she must have just cleaned the bathrooms or the floors… germs every where… please let me get my own napkins please?! Bs takser kha6ry ma aredha… i just try to race her to the napkins :(

3-You find your self a secluded spot in the furtherest corner of the prayer room o you start to pray. 2 seconds later you will find another woman who decides to leave the entire prayer room with plenty of empty spaces and come stand by your side almost hugging you… esh hal lazga wakhray!!! Khalesaw el amaken?

4- The classic: A woman must always forget her mobile phone on and a dance tune will ring out while every one pray. But whomever is calling doesn’t get it the fact that the call was unanswered, noooo, they call again and again and again…. Ever heard of a missed call before?!

5- It’s prayer time, you head into the prayer room, and you cannot pass from the mall door through the corridor… why? Every single woman is rooted at the mirror by the entrance checking her reflection. Excuse me do you think you will notice a difference before and after prayers? Noor el eman perhaps? MOVE!

5- So you have your precious kids and your maids with you… the maids are holding onto the kids… why do you clog the entrance giving instructions to your maids while your kids twist and scream reaching out for you? Can’t you keep them outside with their maids… the place is crowded already! It won’t make a difference to them anyways!

6- Ah the woman who is breast feeding. It’s prayers time, she barges in with the baby, get the boob out in front of all of us trying to pray, and the baby starts to feed… of course the baby is not always in the mood to feed so she has to coo and sing while we are trying to pray! Go home! Use a pump & a bottle! Use the prayer room when it’s not prayer times! At least be discreet and do it silently!

7- If you are at the airport, and you happen to run into a group of women going to 3omra, brace yourself for them fighting over whether or not to pray jam3 o qa9er or not, and there would be shouting and stop your prayers involved. For gods sake check your religious facts BEFORE coming inside the prayer room! urrgh!

8- Ah so now you and your friend are done praying… instead of sitting in your place o saying some more prayers, you turn to each other, relax on the floor, and yap and gossip?! Aren’t there people trying to pray and can’t find a spot? Aren’t there people trying to concentrate around you? Why are you so selfish! Pray and GET OUT SILENTLY

9- Same thing goes for you the important woman who just can’t wait two minutes to get out before getting her calls… we don’t care if Mary burned the daal maraq or Babo had a puncture and can’t deliver your dress to el khaya6 or if your best friend saw 7amat.ha bel soog o lafat wayeha ma salemat 3leha… for gods sake finish praying and take your calls OUTSIDE!

10- We know you’ve been shopping very hard. We know you have no where  to put your bags while you pray. You have an excuse. But what we don’t get is why when you are done praying you won’t go out and let other pray? No, being busy opening your shopping bags and getting out the items is not an excuse. It’s qellat adab to be frank. Do it outside and let us pray in peace!

Shino ele ye6aferkom when you are trying to pray outside your house?

21 Responses to “10 Things That Annoy Me When I Try to Pray in a Prayer Room”

  1. noora says:

    number 9, ily tred 3al call o etanaqash min qomat ras.ha
    then she replies to the caller saying “ana bil mosalla ga3da asally!” laaa wallah ?!!!

  2. om modhi says:

    kilshay e6aferni taqrebain gelteeh bas ana akthar shay ebe6 chabdi ele yesolfoon ya 3end el bab ya dakhel !!! laaaish laish ! in malls qasdi!

    la o bel jam3a .. in my collage kil ma adesh alga banat 4 or 5 ga3den embas6een dakhel el musallah o esolfoon .. adesh asalim o asali wala chene jedamhom 3adi esolfon o yeth7ekoon!!! huff o marat 7ata bel ezwara or yam3at 7arem nafs el shy eshofon wa7da etsali o yesolfon yamha !

    • danderma says:

      Om Modhi: marat bel zwara ma yrthoon yega9roon il television b3d o et9eer looya o il nass ga3da et9alee :( bs golee il zwara mo mokan mokha9a9 lel 9alat… enama el prayer room is dedicated for 9alat!!! laish hal la3ana madry!

  3. ilwawy says:

    fe ahh ya danderma.. mish de danderma ily t3awedna 3laiha!

    but you know what.. i like :)

    you should write a weekly post ranting on something- with a sense of humor.

    a7la shay when you said ‘i race her to the napkins’! 😀

    but in regards to #3.. yimkin il maskeena taby t9aly ma3ach?

    p.s: the part about the breast feeding made me :O

    • danderma says:

      ilWawy: y6al3oon el wa7ed 3n 6orah… ehe 5 dgayeg wa7ed ye9alelah rek3tain o y6l3… instead yertefe3 tha’36ah!!!!

  4. giggles says:

    i will add one more to the list, they go into the prayer room each one taking out her bb from her bag and start taking pics of each other and group pics. come on now fethat il amaken ya3ni wela shino malegaytow ete9aweron ela bil ma9ala and people are trying to pray.

  5. Ansam says:

    I agree on a lot of points… and tell the maid not to get you napkins out and clear… mafiha shay, ana ma7eb ellegafa!

    bes #3 3adi lamma kent bel3omra kella yegool el emaam estawoo

    سووا صفوفكم فإن تسوية الصفوف من إقامة الصلاة

    o yesammonah etha mani ghal6anah Sad Al Khalal
    سد الخلل

    3ashan matkhalleen el shai6an yogaf bainkom!

    Ana nafsich awwal bel dawam ma3ay wa7da lamma nanzil el musalla kella etgool lezgaw eb ba3ath akthar latkhalloon masafaat

    Here you go, I searched it: وخلاصة الأمر أن تسوية الصفوف من تمام الصلاة، ومطلوب من الإمام أن يأمر بتسويتها ولا يدخل في الصلاة حتى تسوى الصفوف، وتكون تسوية الصف بإلصاق القدم بالقدم، والمنكب بالمنكب، وبمقاربة الصفوف، وإتمام الصف الأول فالأول، وينبغب للمصلي أن يكون ليناً هيناً بأيدي إخوانه المصلين، فيسمح بدخول شخص للصف إن كان هنالك فسحة.

    • danderma says:

      Ansam: ana wyach laman ykoon feeh 9af lazim ymloon il fara’a3at esp. fe 9alat il jama3a
      bs laman ur totally alone in a corner o ako nass emnathereen… ethedeen el nass kilha tal9egeen fene ana laish? we are hardly a line to fill! y3ni malah da3ee et.thayegnee eb hal 7ala laman akon ga3da a9alee broo7e… ro7ay le9gay ib a7ad thanee

  6. ENG says:

    Do u think if there is a breastfeeding rooms like dubai, the women will breastfeed in the mosque?! :)
    I dont agree with u in this point … Bcoz i used to do that before .. Off course with a cover without showing anything
    About the part of using a pump or a bottle .. Some babies refuse to drink from bottle! And a mother should continue her life normally . Why should she stays at home just bcoz she is breastfeeding??

    • danderma says:

      ENG: by the way i have seen a woman breast feeding in the prayer room at Dubai mall… so even in Dubai they are doing it.
      ok you need to feed? you should avoid the peak time which is when every one is going to pray during the prayer time… o women should cover up a9lan 3aib et6al3 her boob 3la il 7reem o ham mo zain 3n il 3ain… o etha ako women praying she should hush and try not to talk… enama taqleb il prayer room into a nursery hatha mo qabool… it is a prayer room after all!

  7. danderma says:

    Noora: Ee taw el naas testaw3eb el ekht… laish b3d etqagfeen kamlay Allah wyach!!!

  8. Orange says:

    Excuse me do you think you will notice a difference before and after prayers? Noor el eman perhaps?

    > lol ! funny =)

  9. 3ateeja says:

    ely y6fer kil ma adsh el-masyed re7a 5aysa !! w thob e9lat dayman mqa6a6 3al ar’9
    o akthar shy y6frni bmasyed el-jam3a kil ma adsh el-bnat mbs6en ely nayma wely tadres wely tsolif bel fon wely t,hather !! 3fwaan mno galkom hathy ‘3rfat etera7a !! arrrr y6fron !

    • danderma says:

      3ateeja: o laish ma yro7oon yensad7oon o yakloon eb byot.hom?! ya khayya hal awadm ma yst7oon!

  10. dectora says:

    bravo 3laich everything u said about the mi9alla is right .its a spritual place where u should be in close connection with allah where you float in godsiat w ro7aniat el 3ila8a bainich w bain al3alliy el8adeer .

    • danderma says:

      Dectora: ma a3teqed hamhom il khushoo3 wayed… esta’3far Allah wala marra 9alait barra beitna o 7asait bel khshoo3 :S

  11. pearls says:

    mine is a different issue, they splash water all over the toilet and it’s a mess ooo nejaasaa! it’s so annoying… why cant they clean up afterwards, poor cleaning lady cant keep up, 7araaaam!

    • danderma says:

      Pearls: wee3!!! ma ymdeha maskeena il cleaning lady! I wonder if they make that sort of mess in their homes!!!

  12. Kitty says:

    I stumble upon your site but I’m not good in Arabic yet. I am feeling all these when in the mosque and I am sad and annoyed how these happens. Being a new Muslim, barely 3 years, I feel it’s such a shame for all these women who should be showing people like me good examples.

    I’m super disgusted today at khutba when one lady just popped out her breast and fed her baby! And there were a dozen kids so noisy! I lost my concentration in trying to understand as I am not good in Arabic. I lost my patience too :(
    What’s ya6froone?

    • danderma says:

      Hey Kitty… ya6frooni is, how do I explain it, is like they drive me mad or drive me to the edge of my sanity. There.
      Sadly we often acknowledge that people who convert to Islam understand more about what it means to be a Muslim than those who were born and raised as ones. I don’t know if that applies to other religions but I suspect its because the decision was made out of your own free will. Now why are you going to Arabic speaking khotbas? Its better if you find one in English and most likely women who will be there listening in English would be recent converts and would really appreciate the Khotba. I believe getting out a breast to feed a hungry child in public is the most vulgar thing ever. If you have no choice, at least have the decency to be discreet even if you were surrounded by women only.