New Website:

By | March 11, 2011 is a social networking website. You start by registering as an amateur football player (play football as a hobby) with your friends. Then create a team with them or join an existing team in the website. The captain of the team is the one who challenges other teams on the website and the team has to have at least 5 players in it. then You, as a team, play football for real. Of course Guys and Girls can use this website with a lot of privacy preferences.

Whats good about the website is that it uses a lot of models that support this service. Such as, Challenge model, Results model and Awards model.

The site has just started and has a lot to go. Never the less, it has more features at the mean time. The goal of the website is to promote these teams and players through the website, through the fan page in facebook “Sikkaa” and through @SikkaaDotCom in twitter.

I know you are interested… and we all love football so head over to now and play away 😀

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