Censorship + Cinescape + 7 Pounds +Quarantine = Severe Headache

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I would really really like to find a thread of logic between what scenes the scissors of the censorship decides to cut???

Last week, i was watching 7 Pounds. There is a scene where Will Smith says you Son of a B****… the curse is cut, very bluntly, but then you could read tarjama in arabic for the curse! So i guess they preserved the virtue of non arabic speakers only…

But in todays movie? Quarantine? The f work has been uttered, and no one cut it?!?!?!?!??!

Then, before the movie started, there was a trailer for the movie Yes Man. I have seen both the trailer and the movie in uk uncut. and there is nothign to cut to be frank. What did they cut?

There was the scene where jim carrey was receiving an email, the scene goes exactly like this…

“Would you like to enlarge….?” and he says ooh nonono

But he clicks yes… feha shay? Even if he was remotely referring to bad…

But in todays movie?!?!?!?

There is this girl reporter who is filming a documentary on a fire department. So one fireman takes her inside the shower room, with the camera, and began telling her about showing her the real firedepartment hose or pipe thing, and baaaaaam he opens the shower on a fireman mid-showering and repeats things in similar nature… it is very obvious they are talking about his thing!!!! and none of  this is now is cut!!!!

THIS IS UNCUT!!! ana gemt al6m…. now y3ni this is ok? How come?

Then, they also say something about looking out for girls… and the fireman goes that it’s supposed to be a chicks radar not a d**** radar…


I of course am against anykind of cutting of anysort. There is a numbering system for which age is suitable for which film. People are *supposedly* mature enough to do so and choose for themselves. But this movie -as usual- had kids!!!! So i am a parent, i put all my faith in the scissors to cut anything REMOTELY embarrising or corrupting… and there u r!

By the way, the movie ain’t worth it. It is shot a la blaire witch project/cloverfield style… which i really really hate and had i known that it was like that i would not have gone. The movie just jiggles jiggles and the camera moves SO MUCH… i suddenly felt a little headache begining to creep in…

By the time the actors began vomiting and a little girl in the movie began saying she hates the feeling of being sick… with all the movement… my headache became fullfledged. It was so paiful, i was staggering all the way to my car (i went with bu tootee but each arrived from work so seperate cars) i open all the window, put some light music, drank some fanta, my head was pounding pounding pounding  sooo much i felt like hitting it against the windsheild!!!!

The 4th ring road was baaaaacked, a stupid man won’t let me pass to my exit, all i wanted to do was reach home because i felt like retching from the severe pain… i was contemplating why on earth am i in such sudden pain… i ask bu tootee laters if he has a headache and he does, because of the jittery film! it could also be because i have survived since yesterday on some chocolates and coffee only but it must have been aggreviated by trying to find the logic in the censorship criteria plus dissapointment from the  movie and it’s stupidness… it’s exactly a cross between 28 days later (which i like) and Blair witch project but without the boogers…

You know when u are growing old the day you cannot survive on chocolates and coffee anymore…

and just now the headache has eased a little tiny bit on my temples so im able to sit, write this to rant a bit and let off steam and possible ease the pain a little bit more… seems like im going to go to bed early with a couple of panadol extras…

11 Responses to “Censorship + Cinescape + 7 Pounds +Quarantine = Severe Headache”

  1. MBH says:

    You think the morons who do the cutting (a.k.a. Shawerma) understand English, other than curse words?

    A bunch of monkeys that delete heaps of scenes, sometimes just to save time off the movie.

    I stopped going to the cinema 2 years ago. My blood pressure is normal. I go to IMAX though.

  2. Q80 BOY says:

    lets say no to censorship !!!

    btw hope u get well soon

  3. intlxpatr says:

    Sometimes you can get a headache from not eating!

  4. Amu says:

    Hope you feel better soon and ya I watched 7 pounds here and in london….its just a waste of time to watch it here!

  5. eshda3wa says:

    7aram u waste ur time in Kuwaits cinemas

  6. Daddy's Girl says:


    If i boycott the movies i have no where else to go and not stuff my face with food :(

    Yeah if the film is too long some scenes are cut like shawerma… exactly like shawerma!!!

    Q8y Boy

    I do feel much better il 7amd le allah thanx 😀


    But i did eat? Coffe, diet 7up, and chocolate! :`(


    I do feel much better il 7amd le allah thank you for asking 😀
    If u saw it in london, then you know the scene where he follows izra to the diner? Why is that cut?!! did something ***SHAMEFUL*** happen in between?


    B3d shasawee il 3awath wala il qe6e3a mithil ma yegoloon…
    I like to think about it like filtering… if i like the movie i will buy it on DVD o watch it

  7. dandoon says:

    completely off topic but tara d&d have raclette now! i reccomend you have it with their cranberry pepper spread thingie!

  8. MBH says:

    I wait for movies to be available on DVD, then I download the DVDrip. If it’s a good movie, it’s worth buying, otherwise, wasted bandwidth is all it’s worth.

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    EEEEE they had two kinds o the one i wanted was finished but i managed to get a slice of the 2nd one 😀 o izdad i3jabee fehom 3ogob ma they gave me the raclettee… o la, the phlipino recommended for me a new cheese based on my choice o it was amazing!!! Y3ni good job o good hiring sara7a…


    Lel asaf i am not the patient kind of person. If i watch a series i must MUST read all the season recaps and spoilers and watch them on youtube… if there is a movie i must must see it even if it’s mutated by our honorable censorhip company… the best times are when im in the UK and watch all the movies in there but to be frank Q8 does get movies faster than UK…

  10. nemo says:

    good that u’re feeling better now,

    ana ma re7t cinema mn august :S:S:S:S:S malaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait mn el CENSORSHIP ely malha ma3na

    u’re totally right :S

  11. Seattle Dude says:

    what else could you expect from a bunch of broomfaces that do the censors?