Lafayette Gourmet, Dubai

By | March 13, 2011

My two favourite sections of Gallery Lafayette are: The Home & Furniture section and for Lafayette Gourmet.

Beautiful modern displays of gourmet food items. Chocolates, Teas, Coffees, Jams, Spreads, Spices, Cooking Supplies, the works!

I have been meaning to try chocolate  flavoured tea for a while… i almost ALMOST bought this award winning one… but i just couldn’t do it in the end… i suppose it still doesn’t make sense to me…

They have a huge selection of sugars of all colours & shapes… very popular in Kuwaiti weddings and receptions.

Fresh Bread… i could live on bread & cheese & olive oil & balsamic vinegar forever <3

Yummy Selection of Cheeses <3

Mouthwatering fresh produce…

Then there is the restaurants & deli section

Lafayette Gourmet is located in the top floor of Gallery Lafayette, Dubai Mall

5 Responses to “Lafayette Gourmet, Dubai”

  1. giggles says:

    that’s interesting i never knew they had a gourmet section, thanks :)

  2. LadyCay says:

    Eeeee wallah thanks 3ala hal swalif el 7ilwa, 7asafa hal weekend kint ib Dubai o tsawagna ib lafayette bas mashifna hal section :((
    we wet to the social house it was good, o fee ba3ad gbala ma3am 3ajeeb its called Eric Kayser, and i really wanted to go to Tribes, bas my hubby tlo3 chabda min el garaseen, estghfor allah, but he says its fine if you want it, bas 3ogob ma la3at chabdi ana ba3ad, ya37ech el 3afia

    • danderma says:

      LadyCay: your husband etloo3 chabdah min elgaraseen? w3liya laish?!
      3yal one of the things we like about most about tribes is their waiters… they are so friendly! Full with life and laughter and advice… yesawoon lich jaw o sowalif…

  3. LadyCay says:

    Wallah i agree with you, bas ana gilt if he didnt like it ba3dain abtilish, 5aleena bil safe side a7san, lol