Habba Alert: Very Hight Very Tight Hair Knot

By | March 14, 2011

Two years ago Kuwaiti Girls decided that a bun was the “it” hairdo to our various occasions. To be frank i was relieved since it means spending much less time in the Salon to prepare for a party.

I thought that style had blown over by now. To my surprise i began noticing a new trend in the Avenues last week! Many many girls had their hair in a bun… not any normal bun no no… a very tight very high bun on the top of their heads tightly knotted over slicked back hair…

That style is definitely not for everyone. Very few people would be able to pull it off to be frank. and none of the girls i saw did. It looked a bit scary, quite strange as if they had just gotten out of the shower and had no time to do their hair, and it looked very painful. I don’t see the beauty in this habba…

Any ways it is there already. The girls who wore it were mostly tanned, wearing skinny jeans or leggings, a jacket for the winter, high heels, Cleopatra eyeliner, and earrings of course.

Please for the love of god i beg of you, if you are not stick thin and you have a leqleq and/or khdood (double chin & cheeks) please do not attempt this hairdo, it WILL NOT look good on you. It can barely pass on stick thin girls… Salma Hayek can barely get away with it… Victoria Beckham would pass with flying colours though…

What do you think of this hairdo? Would you wear it for your next outing?

24 Responses to “Habba Alert: Very Hight Very Tight Hair Knot”

  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL hal haba et’tha7kni wallah lana ashkalhum et’tha7ik?! Ahahahaha i love Kuba! but that HIGH? THAT TIGHT?! LAAAAAISH?! they look ridiculous! they have to know mu ayshay ye9la7lina!

    • danderma says:

      Gold Medal Ribbon: 3ad ana e6farty el kobba walaw inha as.hal tasree7a on earth… bs y3ni mo hal kobba! elmoshkila 9a3eb etlooq 3la ay a7ad lazim wa7da wayed wayed WAYED stylish o 3al o 3asa…

  2. ilwawy says:

    ana dash 3rdh bil mawthoo3..especially la2na it relates to fashion and whatnot.

    bas ily 7abayt agoola ina hal hairstyle is not healthy foir the hair or the hair line.

    not only does it cause boldness over time but it also draw the hair line farther and farther over time leading to a larger forehead!

    if you do not believe me check out the foreheads on these girls 😀

  3. Sara D says:

    looks like tasree7at olive oyl (aka murt bobay) ashwa my hair is not long enough to torture it this way 😛

    • danderma says:

      Sara: Eee ana agool min yeshbehoon! s7 s7! I wonder if girls with really thick and long hair could bull this hairdo off?

  4. nitfah says:

    I hate halshay!!! mool mb 7lo =/ it looks bad 3ala everybody loOl

  5. LadyCay says:

    Would the girls plz stop the copycat, what you see in magazines, and runway deosn’t mean you can wear it, some things are just artistic, when some people can pull those looks out, doesn’t mean any where every where.

    • danderma says:

      LadyCay: I agree… what goes on a runway or a magazine cover is supposed to be artistic and not necessarily suited for real life…

  6. Confashion says:

    You’re absolutely right. The style is definitely not for everyone. Personally I would wear it for an outing but I can’t pull it off every time I style my hair. I’d say out of 10 time, I get it right once! :\

    • danderma says:

      Confashion: once out of every ten… you must be lucky… the ones i saw, none of them looked right… add to it a fake tan, cleopetra eyeliner, and that henna glove thing and you have got the strangest look ever :S nothing feminine or stylish about it at all…

  7. Rummy says:

    That’s just super ugly of a hairdo. Wa3 disgusting ..!!

  8. noon says:

    mee noo likieee

  9. AWS says:

    poor poor scalp…

  10. Huda says:

    If the hair is not that tight, and they have bangs, it’ll look very pretty, like those Japanese girls. ^^

    But the way they styled the hair in that picture looks very painful, and not that flattering to their face shape either. :/

    • danderma says:

      Huda: It’s hardly flattering to any face to be frank… i wouldn’t do this to my self and my scalp to end up looking hideous under any circumstances…

  11. S says:

    Ok I read your entry and remembered seing this hair do on my cousin, so jabelt il menthara o tried copying it to see how I look. I did not even tie it with a hair band I just used my hand to hold it in place for 3 seconds and here I am 10 minutes later and my head still hurts from pulling my hair in that kind of bun!!!

    • danderma says:

      S: Ouch!!! Imagine going shopping or trying to have a conversation while trying to eat with that hairdo!!!

  12. Mary Jane says:

    I guess on the right person it is okay, but ouch!!