Pray for Bahrain!

By | March 16, 2011

I spent hours yesterday going through pictures of Bahraini people that are injured or killed. I couldn’t sleep last night.

I saw a man’s intestines coming out from a whole in the side of his body. I saw another young man’s brains literally blown out of his head. Scattered on the street. His eyes glassy and open staring into nothingness and the man carrying him crying his eyes out! The screams of the nurses as he was brought into the hospital will tear your heart out… it’s horrible… horrible… it’s a catastrophe! I can’t post it hear… google Ahmad Farhan and see!!!

I don’t know who is he, what he was doing, or how did he die. I don’t really care. All i care about is that he is a human being, a khaleji, and a  Bahraini, and that he died the worst possible death ever. No one deserves to die like that. No one.

What kills me is whenever i close my eyes… i associate those pictures with Bahrain. A country i truly love to my core. A country i escape to whenever i want peace and quite. The country where i had breakfast while watching a wooden dhow gliding across the gleaming blue waters and i felt a sense of peace like no other. The country where i walked the streets in the wee hours of the mornings following the carts of bubbling hot aromatic halwa being delivered to it’s stores… the country where i had shopped and laughed and sang and ate… the country where i celebrated my husband’s birthday in a restaurant in 3adliya while a couple of wise Bahraini men in the table next to  us were sadly discussing one of the many Kuwaiti political fights we had at the time…

The country full of history, culture, and kind people… the kindest people in all the gulf states… Bahrain is like a miniature Kuwait, and what is happening there is killing me. The terrorized screams of the female students in the university of Bahrain i saw on youtube made me bowl like a baby the other day… That Bahrain is now in turmoil… those Bahraini people are dying the worst possible death there is… Bahrain, not Afghanistan or some other remote place we don’t know… it’s Bahrain… THE BAHRAIN 4 hours drive away by car…

Pray for Bahrain…the least we can do if we can’t do anything is to pray for Bahrain and the Bahraini People :'(

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  1. Kuweight 64 says:

    Whats happening in Bahrain is really painful and disturbing. Can’t help wondering where is all this going to lead? I hope there can be a non-violent solution to the Bahrain issue. May peace be established soon in Bahrain and in the Gulf.

  2. Ra-1 says:

    ماقدرت أقرا موضوعج
    انا لي الحين بطني يعورني من الي شفته مساعه
    لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
    الله يكافينا الشر !

  3. GOD says:

    danderma , it’s me again :)

    I’m sorry about what I worte .. I wasn’t really thinking. what I wrote is stupid and you can delete it if you want, or leave it with that message for everyone to read.

    you seem to be a nice person and .. what I said was wrong and hurtful + I wrote it in the wrong place at the wrong time and I’m aware of all that now :) .. I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong.

  4. N says:

    regardless of my disagreement with G’s approach to religion, I agree with him/her on one point.. Praying is not enough.. There must be more we can do.. pressuring our governments to support those unarmed civilians whose only mistake is asking for their rights in a better life? Sending supplies (medicine? food?).. Just expressing our solidarity thru all possible media channels? Anything helps.. and of course praying!

    Having said that, I need to clarify that I am an Egyptian who just went through similar incidents in my country, so I know what I am talking about. I am a firm believer in God and a firm believer in peace.. Yet sometimes, this is the price to pay for standing up to your beliefs.. Of course you cannot tell that to the woman who lost her husband or the old father who lost a son.. but for us, we are forever grateful to those who paid their lives so we can have a better future..

    No one should be prosecuted for standing up to their beliefs, no one.. and it is time that the governments understand that…

    apologies for the heated post! :)

    • danderma says:

      N: it’s ok i understand where you are coming from… the thing is in Bahrain’s situation is that i don’t believe they lack food or medication… i hope i am right in this one… therefore i don’t really know of another way to help out other than praying… :(

  5. shouq says:

    as a Bahraini I thank u for ur prayers & support. Bahrainis & Kuwaitis r more than “3yaal 3am”. allah ysaa3d iljamee3

    we believe in God and God will help us all.

    thanks again Danderma & all Kuwaitis

    • danderma says:

      Shouq: you are most welcome hon… Allah yehawen 3leekom o yerj3 lekom el amn wel aman bel deera ya rab…

  6. LadyCay says:

    Allah ykon b3onhom o tingly hal azma 3ala 5air yarab, o allah yisa3id ahal hal maskeen o y9aber globhom, shay mo 6abi3i :”(

    • danderma says:

      LadyCay: ebro7hom faqara o mesakeen ahal il ba7rain… b3d la amn o la aman? Allah yefarej kerbat.hom…

  7. Unarmed civilians? peaceful protesters? All I can say is this time is the WORST time ever to get information from the media! The truth is lost at this moment and its absolutely hard to know what is really happening in Bahrain and who’s right and who’s wrong .. Who’s peaceful and who’s the attacker .. I think it’s a huge problem that people is taking sides and making up their mind based on a video clip.

    • danderma says:

      Q80 in Denver: you know this is what i don’t understand… when it was the protests in Egypt or Tunis or Lybia every single news channel was broadcasting 24 hours…

      Why is every one silent about Bahrain and what is happening in there is beyond me… whenever i go to a Bahraini forum or newsgroup or facebook accounts i see two sides fighting and insulting each other and the truth is lost bel 6oosha

      But the video of the young man being carried into the hospital without his brains… without his skull… what’s left of hi head dangling with the walking motion amidst the screams of women and nurses and how the doctors were barely able to stand… that sight is the most horrific i have ever seen :'(

  8. il wawy says:

    allay yefrij 3laihom kerbhom w 3la omet muhammad kilha (alaih al slat w alsalam)

    w allah yester 3laina. we are surrounded by sour grapes from the north, east, south and west.

    allahu al musta3an.

    • danderma says:

      il wawy: Ameen… Allah yaster 3leena ihnee wa7ed ga3ed yesseb il thanee wel sebba ele ga3ed ye9eer bel ba7rain :S

  9. Sara D says:

    details plz! I have no idea whats going on in Bahrain! All I know that they were protesting and it seems like it has escalated? Unfortunately it is not being covered by the news much, especially with whats going on in Japan now…
    why are there saudi troops in bahrain? why were the Bahraini men protecting those girls?!

    • danderma says:

      Sara: details on what’s happening are vague and no one news channel is covering anything… and you cannot really rely on Bahraini TV… o everyone is accusing the other with something…
      But there was this one guy in setra… if you wan’t i will email you his video.. but i advice not to because i saw it at work today and i cried and cried until my head hurt… i saw his pictures ams o i couldn’t sleep… his head was blown off by the gulf shield army… it’s horrible… horrible… if you can take it i will email it to you…

  10. giggles says:

    اللهم احفظ البحرين

    اللهم يآ رب يا ذو الجلال والإكرام يا عزيز يا غفور

    احفظ البحرين و احمها من كل شر
    اللهم استر على أهلها
    اللهم أدم عليها السلام..والأمن والحياة الطيبة

    اللهم دمر كل من يسعى ورآء تدمير البحرين

    اللهم و انصر أهلها على الظلمة
    اللهم أظهر عليهم الحق
    ولا تقم الفتنة بينهم
    ولا تشمت بهم الأعداء….

    اللهم انصرهم
    اللهم انصرهم
    اللهم انصرهم

    يا حي يا قيوم يآ ذو الجلآل والإكرآم
    أجب دعآئي ودعآء المسلمين

  11. G says:

    danderma.. I think this is why we dont see the same media coverage in bahrain :

    the reason why you see two sides fighting is clear if you ask me, the ones getting murdered and stepped on are mostly Shia .. the other side is Sunni and is supported by Sunni leaders.

    I know its hard for some people to believe that .. I wouldn’t want to accept the fact that some sunni leaders order Sunni troops to unjustly murder unamred shia civilians. And this is exactly why most Sunnis dont believe it !! :) the majority of sunnis dont accept doing such things to innocent humans and that is something I respect.

    the truth comes in different shapes and forms … and it came in an ugly one this time. Whether we believe it or not wont make it any more/less valid.

    • danderma says:

      G: oh my! The guy with the weapon is walking around 3la keifah… why was he running towards the car with the video camera before the police shot him?! That is a good question…

      What is happening in Bahrain is really vague… and people are fighting with each other and accusing each other… and this vague accusations have reached us in Kuwait and now our people are fighting each other and insulting each other… it’ really sad…

      Insah2 Allah azma o et3adee… kilha cham yoom o el awtha3 tehda2 o yer3j3 el amn wel Aman lel ba7rain insha2 Allah ya rab…

  12. zainab says:

    yeah we need your prayers :'( thanks kuwaiti people for standing beside us<3

    • danderma says:

      Zainab: there is no need to thank us hon… ahal il kuwait o ahal elba7rani wa7ed!

  13. true bahrainia says:

    my beautiful peaceful country has been held hostage for the past month, those so called peaceful protesters were far from peaceful, they terrorized us on the streets, schools, universities, hospitals, even masajid! do you know they attacked a masyad where there were girls (10-12 yrs) studying Quran ,, they invaded the salmaniya medical complex, one of the biggest in the region and turned away cases and ambulances based on sect? expats were also denied medical treatments for being Asian or Arab ,, south Asian laborers were taken hostage, beaten and murdered!
    this is all an Iranian orchestrated movement to export the Iranian revolution!
    we wanted the national guard and police to intervene, the protesters blocked the main roads leading to the main business district so people were forced not to go to work
    I don’t want any bahrainis to die, but I want law and order back and I’m grateful that the national guard and police forces intervened,,
    btw the peninsula shield forces were not involved in any military activity, their main job is to protect the countrys infrastructure from saboteurs, we need that cuz they’ve been known to burn electricity stations and other vital structures,
    but it’s also a signal to Iran to stay out of our business since we have GCC support, many of those leading to the fitna have iranian ties
    for the truth watch btv footage, it speaks the truth, even ifyoudisagree with their opinions, the pictures speakfor themselves or watch scope tv who have good coverage
    after all the media lies about my country, I will never believe anything I see or read about in the news
    God bless our country, our king, our prime minister, our crown prince and the loyal people of bahrain (unlike those who are loyal to Iran)

    • danderma says:

      True Bahrainia: Allah ysa3ed globkom… it must be hard having your life turned upside down just like that and your lives put on hold… it must also scare you to your core to lose el amn wel aman… o to have the prospect of death and injury every where…

      as to the news to be frank it’s very vague… every one from Bahrain is saying something different… everyone is accusing the other… every video on youtube tells a different part of the story… the problem is those Bahraini fights are spreading to the people of Kuwait who are fighting and taking sides!!! that is not good at all!!! until the truth is fully revealed and life goes back to normal in Bahrain people should not take sides… we don’t really know what is happening in Bahrain as there isn’t much of a news coverage and every one is telling a different story… it’s really sad and confusing :(

      As for scope tv i am sorry but their credibility is zero to me as they are known to spread lies and problems in Kuwait and no one respects them here… i don’t even switch them on! Watch Alwatan TV they have an episode for Bahraini people tonight…

      Don’t worry hon insha2 Allah azma o et3adee… insha2 Allah by the next few days every thing is back to normal and life is restored back to what it used to be and we will be able to fly to Bahrain and visit and enjoy the peace and the kind company of the Bahraini people like we always used to… Allah ya7feth el Bahrain min kil shay insah2 Allah. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know…

  14. a. says:

    Whats happening in Bahrain is really sad. The idiots that are Saudi Arabia and Iran/Hezbollah are simply using Bahrain to further their own agendas. I swear ib ybdoon 7arb deenya if they don’t stop. And the Bahrainis have fallen for it! The witness’ I’ve watched are biased based on their sect they either say ”the sunna whatever…” or ”the shiite etc…”

    I dont think whats happening in Bahrain is a true revolution because I see it as religious revolution (nothing bad if they actually follow Islamic principles). Lets face it once the atrocities committed against Shiites are the thing of the past the atrocities against Sunnis will begin. It will be Iraq 2.0. The Bahrainis need to choose, and what they have now is two extremes.

    Danderma: Do people really lack the intellect that they don’t analyze situations before taking sides.

    I know this is a sensitive topic…feel free to delete it :)

    • danderma says:

      a.: you have posted a good question. Do people really lack the intellect they don’t analyze situations before taking sides…

      it’s not really the lack of intellect. It is the lack of proper certified unbiased information. For example in Egypts case you could see every single news channel directly showing you the protests life on TV… every cough every gesture every blink was transferred to the world immediately…

      in bahrain’s case no news channel is interested! As if no one cares! Almost no information at all!! I see two youtube videos of the same exact same content but with two different titles! I suspect that the Bahraini people themselves are lost and do not really know what is happening around them… i read the Bahraini Sunna’s version of the events and i read the Bahraini Shia’s version of the events and i see videos and they themselves are fighting an enemy that is vague… people are accusing iran, hizb Alluah, KSA, the goverment, USA, the other sector, the poor, the rich, the underpriviliged, the asians, the ones they call metjanseen… but in the end the Bahraini people are the ones paying the price and being killed and fighting like mad

      what’s worse, their fights are our fights now… Q8y people without having the complete picture are taking sides and fighting with each other… for gods sake pray for the Bahraini people… why do you fight with each other… wagtah ente6oon? it’s very vague and very strange and rumours and accusations are flying off every where…

      • a. says:

        My bad, I chose the wrong words and it is ignorant of me but I hope you understand that my words were out of frustration. It frustrates me that people simply don’t care about issues that affect us as an Arabian society. For example, we have serious violations against human rights and yet we turn a blind eye on them and say ”oh hathy {insert arabian country} who cares.” Look at the bedoon for example or the palestinian refugees that we refuse to let into our countries and yet we talk about how the Israelis are bad. Yes they are but does it make us any better when we refuse people in need, our Arab brothers? Our governments persecute their own people! The fact that people are oppressed (I understand; dictatores, colonialism, ottoman rule) and simply don’t care (because they are in state where they have lived like this for so many generations) has led to a corrupted and ailing society.

        Every source of media, in my opinion, is and will always be biased. Its people who tend to look at one source and live by it because they aren’t too bothered to dig deeper. I also don’t think that accusations are flying simply because of lack of coverage. I lived in Lebanon for a while and I can tell you that because the lebanese live in an oppressed society like all their Arab counterparts they are very hostile when it comes to religion and politics. They were raised that way, in the same way I was raised with much hatred towards Iraq (of course every Arabian country is unique in their situations and I know I am oversimplifying things). I literally know people who would read certain newspapers because of their religious/sect affiliation. Arabs were never homogeneous. Bahrain is a prime example and it saddens me that people would simply choose sides because of their sect or that they would fight in the name of their sect while others die on their expense. Hatha haram fe ay sect. Is it really a surprise that the anti-goverment protestors are Shiites and the pro-governmnt protestors are Sunni? I don’t think so. Consider kuwait for example, accusations are flying yet the situation is the same-we stereotype and are very defensive when it comes to sects regardless of who is wrong or right. Mako shay isma 3dala.

        I like your new template congrats! :)

        • danderma says:

          a.: thank you for liking my template hon it’s just temporary…
          no i don’t think ako shay ismah 3adalah… o we all live by our stereotyping… who would want to bother and chase after the truth now adays?

          then again mako shay pure black or pure back… people neglect the shaded area in between the two extremes… if they meet in the middle and learn to live within those boundaries we would be a totally different nation… until that happens we would still fight at the drop of a hat…

      • Nadia Al Majed says:

        Thank you for each person give support to Bahrain, We loos a lot but i hope after all this there is a sun shine well come….. really thank you to all

        • danderma says:

          Nadia Al Majed: True you lost a lot… bs kil shay yet3awath ella el nass… Allah yer7am 7alkom o ye3aweth 3lekom o yefarej hamkom ya rab…

  15. reza says:

    Bahrain revolution

    Hello on Humanity
    Hello on Freedom
    how be justify to kill Bahrain people by Bahrain and Saudi government agents?

    the People who seek their minimum demands and rights

    where is the Humanity in the era of Modernism?

    pray for bahrain people and their revolution and Destruction of evil hands and
    also send this message to other friends .