What to do…?

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If there was a rule saying ur allowed to ride a plane out of Q8 only once a year (god forbid!), then this time of year is definitely it…

I love my country of course and i love our celebrations…

But i hate the way people celebrate it!

I have one of two choices, either spend all the holiday cooped up inside the house, not going out, not being able to order anything in or have anyone over since they will be late for hours because of the traffic, even a simple trip to the Co-Op will result in ur car being sprayed from bumper to bumper with disgusting foam and crazy dillusional kids screaming bloody murder and running all over the place, jumping infront of ur car just so they would let you know yalla it’s time to be sprayed!!!

Dare you forget ur car unlocked? It happened to me once, the driver was driving, me and my cousin in the back TRYING to find a way to get to the movies, when Ta Daaaaaaa … we were slowed down by a gang of hyper kids who blocked the road infront of us, then they flung open the doors and Fshhshshshhshshshshhshshshshsh all over us with that stupid stupid STUPID sticky foam!!!

and i am a person with a mean nasty temper. I cannot see these things without losing it.

So for my own sanity, and for fear of strangling people in the streets, especially when it’s a woman clad in a black abaya and must have given birth 5 times and she is jumping up and down spraying u with sheer joy, i must get out of the country.

Now we have two tickets to Dubai, left over from last year’s cancelled eid plans. They are dated for this upcoming holiday…

But i have no hotel yet. and for some reason every time i open the webiste to my favourite hotel in Dubai, i clam up, my palms sweat, i feel my throat tighten.. and one image flashes to my eyes… my Lattisimmo coffee machine in the UK sitting, waiting for me, with a tub of Fru’s berry trifle next to it, and my Oyster card sitting infront of it…

and the corners of my eyes sting with tears as i remember the cold whiff of croissant aroma hitting my face on the corner of pret-a-manager… even the acrid smell of bus fumes is heavenly to my nostrils…

My heart doesnt want to go to Dubai. I want to go to London…

Isn’t that unreasonable? I have got tickets i cannot refund to Dubai. Isn’t it a waste of money? Buying new tickets to the UK? throwing away my Dubai tickets?

So List of Pros and Cons

Dubai pros: weather is nice, tons of european and american boutiques and stores  and food, more cafe, and even their supermarkets has waitrose products… even carluccio’s has opened in Dubai… i have already got non refundable tickets

Dubai cons: my heart is not in it.


London Pros: it is london (very articulate)

London Cons: a teensy weensy cold. Nothing a nice woll sweater and a pair of uggs won’t handle. Have to buy tickets…

Madry shino asawee :(


0 Responses to “What to do…?”

  1. Yara says:

    I say dubai… when was the last time u’ve been there? it changed alot, huge places opened that u must see…

    I know 8 different families unrelated to eachother all in london now… everyone is there like its august, go to london on an offseason time like u did a couple of months ago, or go in march or april, when everyones back.. wallah i know how u feel i just canceled my london trip remember? and i went to dubai for 4 days instead

  2. 3anooda says:

    i always say Dubai – think of it this way – yes i agree London is London especially these days when the pound is damn cheap

    lakin Dubai is also Dubai – if you havent been in the past year then u should go. but stay away from Dubai Mall its huge but nothing is open yet

    i just came back day before yesterday and i didnt want to. so many places i wanted to go but didnt have time. make sure u visit JBR and the Walk

  3. FourMe says:

    London baaaaaaaaby!! Enough said..

  4. intlxpatr says:

    LOL, I know where you’re going.

  5. Daddy's Girl says:


    Almost a year now… i have been there last May
    Masarat hathee london… chinha il ba7rain!!! Masha2 allah 24 hours people feeha :( Last time i was there it was like walking down the avenues on an eid day!!!

    JBR? Where is that? Jumaira Beach Residence?!?!?
    Walla ana wedee a6eg shlalah o ayey 3man 3ndokom 😀 or go to bahrain …


    Lon.don. “tears streaming…”


    You do?! Help!

  6. eshda3wa says:

    im going to cairo


  7. Everyone is going to Dubai. It will be worse than Kuwait. Although, I don’t usually see any hooligans in Kuwait during this celebration unless near the shalaihat or ba7ar.

    I suggest you go to Malaysia instead. I’d go to any other place with islands instead of Dubai or London. Both infested places. Yuck

  8. Mayary says:

    Silly question :p…London all the way

  9. Daddy's Girl says:


    3ad ana wedeeeeeeee aroo7 cairo… 😀

    I am fascinated by the ancient pharos.. i would be found clinging to all the pyramids and museums there and eating 6a3miyaa o foool 😀


    Hoolignas appear even in ur own streets. Trust me a few years back i was in far3 il jam3ya and i got out of my car to chase some stupid kids who thought it was funny to spray me…


    London eh? 😀