Weird Day…!

dashed By | February 18, 2009

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This, so far, has been one of these days when one weird thing comes after the other…

Suddenly in the last hour of work i have been asked to do sooo much stuff…  and do it today… ok so far not so weird…

By the time i get off work, i am exhausted, Bu Totee calls and asks whats for lunch today and we reach the conclusion we want From Mcdonalds. So i am supposed to pick it from the Drive Through of the Mcdonalds near us…

After a long sleeepy ride, barely dodging the cars zooming around me, i reach the drive through, but it is closed off by a huge HUGE truck unloading something to some little thingy that is not even identifiable!

Great! It means i have to find a parking place, actually get out of my car, and waaaaaaaaaalk all the way inside Mcdonalds. I hate the smell of fast food joints, like sticky frying oil or something, and it really will just stick on you and your clothes will reek afterwards… Ugh…

So i go in, Bu Tootees order was a cheese burger meal without onions. While im waiting for the order to come. The philipina manager walks out from the counter and comes to me…

Mc. Manager: Oooh mam do you have a little boy?

Walaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! Even the Mcdonalds Manager is asking if i have kids or not!!!! is it written on my face or something?

So i say no i don’t. She goes, ok do u have  a little sister? a little brother? What? She have extra and she thinks of distributing around…

Again, i say no.

She repeats the sister part again…

and i say well i do have a sister

She asks how old?

I say she is about my age?


Macdonalds Manager: Oh? No no, never mind then! and walks away!?!?!!

Shelsalfa? Aywaz3oon yahal?!

Naqsa ana mo?!

Fa i drive home. On the way, a crazy man wants to pass me and the car adjacent to me from behind… well he cant becuse there is no place to do so unless he grows wings and flies over both of us!!! and he is driving like, 120 kilos an hour inside our area… he almost hits me from behind… crazy man!!! Then when he finally passes, he slows down long enough next to me to give me the DIRTIEST look on planet earth…

Ay Shay mo?

He deserves to go to tajneed, in afghanistan b3d, for 10 years!

 So now, within 15 minutes, i had a weird converstaion, and a weird almost-accident…

They must be topped off by what i found infornt of our house…

An old battered filthy once-upon-a-time-black-color-turned-into-gray car, a man who hanged his 3eqal on the front mirror as an ornament,,, and he reclining back, standing off the road, parked so he can watch all passers by… and the look on his face… dazed, confused… what i think a drunk/stoned man would look like in person… with a half crooked smile on his face…

and he is definietly not from around here… nor is he standing waiting for anybody… just too far away… just standing there (we tend to see a lot of those near our house because there is a seculded bara7a nearby)…

I ask Bu Tootee to call the police for him…. he looks dangerous…

He just says “lets go eat!!!”

Ya salaaaaaaaaaaaam

Oh by the way, the two cheeseburgers? One has onions, one has not… Grrrrrr

9 Responses to “Weird Day…!”

  1. Ra-1 says:

    Yalla aham shay el7emdella 3ala salamtech :)

    Hathee ashya’a 6abe3eya benesbalee :p Weird things happen to me everyday hehhe

    bu tootee? a name?

  2. Q80 BOY says:

    lol, mcdonald’s new toy with the kids meal is a baby brother or sister

  3. intlxpatr says:

    How are your husband’s allergies doing?

  4. eek!
    i hate those freaky days =\

    did you find any dead bodies in the bara7a later? ;Pp

  5. oh and lol @ Q80 BOY ;Pp

  6. Daddy's Girl says:


    Thanks hon allah yesalmich…
    Bu Tootee is the nickname of my husband…

    Now you have to meet Tootee 😀

    Q80 Boy

    Ee walla il thaher!!!


    Thanx for asking hon :)

    He is still puffed up like a pink marshmallow. and still won’t go see a dr. :(



    Walla im afraid to look!!! Check tommorows paper for any crimes!!! Mojrem ashkara ga3ed yam bab beetna!!!

  7. Maybe she wanted to give u a balloon ;>

  8. Zabo0o6a says:

    I haven’t eatin’ mcD’s for over a year now , and ur post made me crave it now :/

  9. Daddy's Girl says:

    Delicately Realistic

    Eee chan 3a6atneee… sej sha76a ish6olee bs ma astahal baloon y3ni?!?!?!


    Weeeh bad post then…
    Tra ma yeswa
    i believe inah their food has some addictive thingy… y3ni you eat it one day after smelling it (especially the fries) then the next day you crave it and you crave it until you restrain ur self somehow!!!

    Their garden salad with low fat vinegarrete dressing is good though… y3ni itha kilish kilish