A7atherkom min hal movie!!!

By | February 23, 2009


A7atherkom thoma a7atherkom thoma a7atherkom min inkom you waste precious minutes of ur life in this movie… The curious case of Benjamin Button…

Ya ilaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

7safa 3la my 2 hours and 45 minutes!!!!

The most boring movie on EARTH… EVER… boring boring BORING…

I could not wait for it to finish… but it goes on and on and on… one scene more stupid and depressing that the other… there is no real story… no real explanation… just the embellishment of the well known knowledge that we are all getting older by the minute… and that we can do nothing about it… and this knowledge is exactly what we need to emphasize on Butottees 29th birthday!!! Way to go!!!!

You like Brad Pitt?

Well, if you fancy watching a copy of him for 2 hours… fine then… go ahead and waste your life trying to find the most comfortable position to be bored while ur stuck in a lousy movie theatre chair…

Even an indian movie, that is 3 hours long, give out intermissions… 2 hours 45 MINUTES…

R u kidding me!?

At least in titanic, or the english patient, there was something to look to…

At least in LOTR series… it was action packed!!!

This thing? BORING!!! the story goes SLOWLY… meaninglessly… in the end they show you all the people he met in his life… AGAIN! and you realize… what?! All these characters..?! Offff

By the way, you dont mess with the zohan movie? Funny…. but not tickle my stomach and let me fall to the ground adam sandler usual funny… a bit cheesy… jedan qabee7… no way will make it into the middle east… i have it on DVD…

18 Responses to “A7atherkom min hal movie!!!”

  1. atoona says:

    3ad my friend came out of the Benjamin Button movie literally in Teaars.. which is why i decided not to watch it… don’t need any more drama right now.

  2. Daddy's Girl says:



    The only tears i would conjure up for this stupid movie are tears of boredom!!!!!

  3. Zabo0o6a says:

    2 hours 45 mins yalahweeee !
    kent nawya arou7la m3a omey bs maly 5lg brou7y reeli mchabesa 3ashan yeebas 7ailey :/

  4. Dee says:

    danderma 7athich bl movies halayaam mo shai ;p
    3ad im plannin gto watch both b this holiday…….

  5. The Spanian says:

    Mmmmm .. now that’s weird with all the fuzz round that movie!! .. my friend told me it was fine and he didn’t feel the time when he was watching it !!

    now for me .. i believe that Oscar movies are usually aiming to something that we don’t usually find interesting .. what’s that? .. i don’t know !! .. but u felt from the poster of the movie and it being a Drama movie that its going to be kinda boring .. Not a cinema type of movies .. you could watch it at home while you’re cleaning your room and keep it running or maybe playing around with your Mac .. but not to dedicate your time to it !!!!

    allah e3aw’6ech 3ala el 3kd ely ra7aw 3aleh o el 2:45 hours of your life ely you waste on it .. LA SHOOOO DASHETA LA SHOOO :p

    hasta luego :)

  6. sr-snowy says:

    good thing that I read your blog cause my friends an’ I decided to go to that movie next weekend.
    so thanks sis 😀

  7. Cashew says:

    Hmm… You do know the movie is based on a popular book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, right? Look for a copy of the book and you will understand the moral behind the story.

  8. Daddy's Girl says:


    Ee 3ad ibro7ah il ba6al nos il wagt imyabsa 3thamah o ga3ed on a wheel chair… ge3day bel bait a7san lich malah da3ee il atheya o il ‘3erbaal!!!


    Eee la7ath.tay!?!?!

    I saw pink panther 2 by the way… good enough zwain ma feeh shay… y3ni passable… but hal movie? Loo3a believe me do not waste ur time!!!

    The Spanian

    Ee mithil maqlab mal american beauty… oscar o oscar…
    wella hatha ilee of clint eastwood and the worst looking actress in american history… ilee she plays a boxer? BORING
    People plz after rocky mako filim 3n boxing yeswa… except maybe the hurricane but it was a different experience all together… 3la shino oscar?

    Ee hilarry Swank…


    Don’t Go :(


    Just because it was adapted from a book by Fitzgerald doesnt mean it will make a good movie!!!

    Which also proves not all books would make good movies…

    LOTR was adapted from a book by JR Tolkein… mythical and stuff… lakin it was a good adaptation…

    this movie has scenes malahom da3ee… the whole movie malah da3ee… read in a book yes ok but in a movie?!!??! NO NO NO

  9. fortyblinks says:

    looooooooool my sentiments exactly! the night before the oscars i decided to play catch up with the movies i havn’t seen.. 1st to watch was Button… I only got half way through!! I had to stop it it was tooo slow and dragged on!!! glad i didn’t bother finishing it cause it obviously didn’t get any better!! thanks for letting me know ..!

  10. Stand-Alone~ says:

    ouch!! that bad??!!
    imagine i wasted my time watching “burn after reading” o mad7 and it is nice and OH MY GOD!! IT WAS SO BORING..
    now the plot of this movie sounded interesting, but i guess if you tastes in movies are like mine, then i really shouldnt bother…

    i have zohan on DVD too, i think i will just watch that!!

    P.s Qal it won Oscars,, blah!!

  11. Cat says:

    yah ! I heared it boooooring

  12. q8bride says:

    ambeeh leesh ana elwa7eeda bl3alaam mestansaa 3aleeh ??? there is something wrong with me !!

  13. Zaina says:

    laaa 3ad I saw the trailer, shaklaaa 7iluuu;/

  14. anooooon says:

    I watched the movie on DVD before I went to see it in theatres. 6ab3an KNCC cut out some scenes, for no reason other than time, which made the movie hard to follow. I was bored when I watched it in theatres.

    But before that, at home I was totally taken by the movie, it brought me to tears and I recommended it to everyone.

  15. Daddy's Girl says:


    Zain sawaitay…

    Wish i had that kind of luxury…


    Yeah american beauty won oscars… still a bad movie…
    Those oscar people see something more philosophical about movies… not for the average viewer like us … kaifhom…

    You heard right.. don’t waste ur time…


    Madry!??!? Seriously?! U were not bored?!


    el trailer 7elwaaa… ana wayed istanast 3leha min zemaaaaan
    lakin the best scenes in the movie are all shown in the trailer…


    I did not watch it in KNCC… or on a DVD… i watched it full o uncut. Still is boring. No difference

  16. MC says:

    When I see movie gets a lot of Oscar buzz I automatically don’t watch it, coz it usually means its one of those movies that are supposedly deep with a hidden meaning, but to me are just dull and boring :p

  17. Choco says:

    Hmmm…I have to disagree…I really think it was one of the most touching movies created. It brings the meaning of moral to the table.

  18. aws says:

    I had a “london syndrom” , similar to yours…
    I ordered sweet popcorn and all throughout the shopaholic movie all I was thinking about was how this popcorn didn’t taste like the one in london !!