Children Begging in Spoons… Can We Stop This!?

By | April 1, 2011

For the past two Thursday nights i have noticed something *new* in spoons while dining there…

a young child would approach our table with a packed of sunflower seeds in hands and tries to sell it to the diners… people of course are sitting to good mouthwatering meals digging when this poor little child approached with a full fledged look of defeated degradation in his innocent eyes falling upon you… basking in your enjoyment of the moment while he has to beg for your kindness…

What kind of parent would subject his child to such humiliation?! If you absolutely need to beg for money… do it your self! Do not empty the child of his dignity and innocence!

what’s even worse is that the parent of those kids, which are from an Arab nationality, the parent has dropped off his kids with the goods plus a football and took off! The kids to pass the time where hitting their football against the walls of spoons around the diners… of course they are bored kids… what do you expect them to do during their break from begging!?

7esbya Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel! How exactly is this allowed in Kuwait?! Is there a law against begging? This is their new weekly spot apparently… if you go to spoons next weekend or maybe even tonight they will be there… can’t we call the police for their parents? Stop them by law from extorting money from people by abusing their kids in this demeaning manner!?

What do you think!?

6 Responses to “Children Begging in Spoons… Can We Stop This!?”

  1. 79ai9 says:

    :( i’m surprised that got to kuwait as we have them here in b7rain and see them around traffic lights in saudi and get so frustrated wedi atel their parents from wherever they r!! 7aram that’s child abuse wain il2amn or social security 3anhum..take the kid and find his/her parents and deal with them… ayeh 3alaich kint yayeh to find one of ur funny antics and this just got me down cz its one of the most frustrating issues to me when i see kids going through such situations o misakeen la7awla wala qewat ila bellah… a few years ago a 9 year old “disappeared” in b7rain (her dad was a drunk who divorced the mom and married another “from an asian country not to get into technalities” ) they pushed her msaicheena to beg in the streets o one day she simply “disappeared” shloon o wain lail7een ma7ad yadry :'( it used to be a daily thing in our newspapers… laish kids? how could they? i’m a mother o mista7eel lo shino ism Allah 3ala weldi bas amoot yoo3 and freeze in the middle of winter wala i make him go beg for my failures.. i would try and do something in any way or form to provide for him..danderma sorry bas hal mawthoo3 magdar 3alaih… 3asa rabi yigaderni and this is one of my focus in the “humanitarium” side of me ili i like to focus in fil khaleej kila and not b7rain bas…

    • danderma says:

      79ai9: wala yhemich ta3alay back in half an hour o a7e6 lich shay dandermishy anticish :*
      E7na ma 3ndena q8yeen yekhalon 3yalhom ye6eroon… bs il bdoon w3liya yekhalon 3yalhotm ybe3oon al3ab or perfumes 3nd il traffic lights but it has been a long while since i have seen them do that…

      i was in ba7rain once… we parked our car in the parking in front of a pizza hut yam elsoog elqadeem… o 3-4 kids jumped on it wanting to wash it for us… bs el7aq yengal shakelhom imnatefeen o 7alat.hom kaseefa ye3awroon il qalb… we kindly said we didn’t need them to clean it… wa7ed minhom shwaya o yabchi yegol lina intaw ma tadroon e7na eshkether me7tajeen o we need it… o sej he looked poor magrood… fa we let them wash the car :'(

      but the kids i saw in spoons? Arab nationals… well dressed, good jeans o football player jerseys o very clean… o they don’t do labour they sell already packaged 7abb shamsi… o 3ndohom football yel3bon feha… ahalhom ga6ohom o mishaw 3nhom… etha 3ndik etlabes weldik o etwaklah laish etzelah o itkhaeeh ey6or? eb amor mino? O shlon dasheen elq8? Ya ahalhom work here ya ib kart zyara… either way y3ni mafroth 3ndohom a source of income… o even if they didn’t khal n36ehom the benefit of the doubt o ingool inhom faqara… laeish il obo ma y6er bdal il yahal?!

      shay ye7ez bel galb wallah… in this day and age ako children being abused this way… what do we expect them to grow up to be? not doctors or rocket scientists for sure!

  2. Summer says:

    it is actually illegal to beg in Kuwait! haven’t you noticed that you don’t really see the kids selling tissue boxes and perfumes in the stop lights? So, i guess if the police actually came, those kids would flee!
    btw, even in islam its not allowed to beg! if you’re poor you work , or take money from bait al zakat or accept 9adaqaat, or if you are so desperate and no one is willing to help you out then you can steel (but it has to be enough to keep you going for a few days) as in you can’t steel a fortune!

    • danderma says:

      Summer: I still see them sell perfume bottles at traffic lights but not as much as they did before…
      But you can send police men in civil clothing and they can even catch them in the act by buying from them… but someone told me that those kids would be taken to juvie if they are caught mesakeen as if it’s their fault or own doing!!!

  3. 79ai9 says:

    i know what u mean and it’s just so sad..madri shfeeni bila3t 7roof o kalimat in my post up there heheh :p min ilyoo3 :* love ur views and respect u for being so honest!