buy Pregabalin online next day delivery If you are wondering if I do food photography, the answer is yes I do but very exclusively. You can send me an email using the contact form below and I’ll get back to you regarding that.
For general blog inquiries, you can send me your comments, thoughts, requests, and anything you would like to ask or share using the contact form below. Alternatively you can find me on Facebook (link) or follow me on Twitter (@danderma) on Instagram (@danderma) or on Snapchat (search Danderma)

Important Note: Though I appreciate your input I would have to ask you to please Saugor NOT send me

  1. Press releases. Period.
  2. Requests to post your product pictures/event pictures. If I didn’t photograph it, I won’t post it.
  3. Requests to post about your business/product/event in exchange for cash money.
  4. Scandals and other news of related nature.
  5. Requests to review your new blog. I won’t do it sorry.
  6. Requests to insert sponsored posts or ad text or inline text.
  7. A plain request that I send you my email. If I don’t know you or what you represent I am not obliged to do so.

Other than that you are most than welcome, 7yakom 😀

37 Responses to “Contact”

  1. 1001Nights says:

    Hi dear. I read your comment about the washing on FourMe’s blog. I couldn’t help but write to you. I don’t know if you visit my blog much but I like to write stories and one of my stories called Doubt is linked here:

    The story revolves around a protagonist who does a lot of repetition for wudu and cannot help it. I’m not done with the story but I want to you to read what you can of it if you get a chance please because I feel like when you read it you’ll really be able to relate to it. Also, I’d love to know your opinion on it in general and if it strikes you as realistic at all.

    But whether you read it or not, I hope to God that this problem you have subsides because I understand it and because it really can be emotionally taxing and troubling.


  2. The Spanian says:

    mabroooook 3ala el new look for the blog .. its nice .. good luck :)

    • danderma says:

      Thanx! It’s actually a new look bel ‘3ala6 cause i destroyed my old CSS… i will go back when i fix it!

  3. Q80BOY says:

    Hey Daddy’s Girl! :)

    I would like to invite you for a Q&A session at the Avenues blog.

    It will only involve short answer questions. If you want to see examples of sessions I had with other bloggers check them out below:

    This one’s with Abdullah from p0ach

    and this is with Frankom

    If your interested please email me.

    Thanks!!! 😀

  4. Dear Danderma,

    Don’t miss our new arrivals from: Giambbatista Valli, Lanvin, Givenchy and Juicy Couture!

    Limited quantities available…

  5. Hello dear.
    Just wanted to let you know that I picked one of the pictures and now added your blog on my page, I hope that you see it and if you feel that I should change the picture, let me know and send me another. :)

  6. yso says:

    Dear Danderma,
    Can you please send me your email address.

    Kind Regards,

  7. darat alzuhor says:

    HI there,
    I hope everything is well
    we would like it if you can write about our event on 31 May- 2 June, Facebook link!/pages/Please-check-the-map-for-directions/fyla-dart-alzhwr/103920726306877
    also we can email you extra info..
    Thank you soo much

  8. fivesenses says:


    we are a new salon located in Tala,Center Salmiya

    we specialize in facials, hair treatments, and body massage. we would love it if you could come and try it out.

    We currently have an offer, any facial will be done for KD 20 during the period of June 1-June 7th.

    Hope to see you there soon !

    we have a facebook group and twitter!/pages/Salmiya-Kuwait/fivesenses-salon/119217288092548?ref=search&sid=wuGns8wKYn7d2C-sBZZqMQ.4239310564..1

  9. fahad says:

    abi el giant chupa chups a79l mnha belq8 9rory plz

  10. um-mit3ib says:

    I WANT THE PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gilna i stopped blogging but i didnt die!!!!

  11. موجة التغيير says:

    من هنا سنبدأ لأننا أصحاب مبادئ )) ، مقولة أطلقها مجموعة من الشباب الكويتي ، فبالإصرار والعزيمة على أنهم شباب اليوم والغد والمستقبل ، يداً واحده نحو ” التغيير للأفضل ” ، سلاحهم هو طاقتهم ، وذلك عن طريق تأسيس حملة شبابية كويتية تطوعية وهي حملة (( موجة التغيير)) التي انطلقت مؤخرا في كويتنا الحبيبة ، فهي حملة إعلامية تطوعية شبابية تصب في توعية الشباب والمجتمع بصورة عامة ببعض القيم والمبادى الانسانية ومبادئ المواطنة وبالتحديد التسامح ونبذ التعصب، السلام ونبذ العنف، احترام القانون، الإخلاص في العمل، العطاء، والاستثمار في الموهبة والاهتمامات الذاتية. حان الوقت للاستثمار في ثقافة مجتمعنا وتشجيع الطاقات الشبابية ، كذلك تغيير وجهة نظر المجتمع في الشاب الكويتي بشكل خاص ، وهذه الأهداف ننوي تحقيقها من خلال مجموعة مشاهد تلفزيونية وإعلانات إذاعية وإعلانات الطرق ،ومن جهة أخرى سنسعى لإقامة ندوات توعوية للشباب في الكليات والمعاهد وكذلك إقامة مجموعة من الأنشطة التي تساهم في دعم مواهب الشاب الكويتي ، ونتمنى أن نؤثر من خلال هذه الحملة على المجتمع وأن نترك بصمة واضحة لدى الشاب الكويتي والمجتمع والشعور بأن موجة التغيير موجتهم وحملتهم ، وأخيراً نقدم خالص الشكر والامتنان إلى شركة أيديا للتسويق والاعلان ومجموعة الصناعات الوطنيه القابضه ومبادرة الشراكة الامريكية الشرق الاوسطيه وشركه
    تلك الشركات التي لولا دعمها لما خطونا نحو تنفيذ العمل. فلكم كل التحيات.
    آملين أن نكون قد نلنا شرف رضاكم ، وحتى نكمل مسيرتنا نحو تحقيق الأفضل فإننا نتمنى الفوز بدعمكم من خلال مناقشة الحملة أو تحميلها في مدونتكم المتميزة.

    هذا الرابط يوضح مشاهد حملة مـوجة التغـيير، كـل مشهد يوضح رسالـة من رسالات الحمـلة

    حملة موجة التغيير على الفيس بوك

  12. Zaina says:


    I am already signed up on your blog, but how do I get the passwords for your dathra stories?? I was hooked until you made them private!! Please let me know.


  13. Sue says:


    I am looking for your store the Crabtree & Evelyn at the Avenues, will you direct me to the boutique, please.

    I thank you.

  14. Jassim London says:

    Your blog is amazing dear… Your live for food and London makes me wonder where have you been all my life?! Hehe take care =]

  15. Jano says:

    Hi.. can i have your email address please, would like to contact you.

  16. dye says:

    Hey so did you ever find out any good quality Bionic Six episodes online?

    I downloaded some but they were REALLY bad quality

    • danderma says:

      No never found any… aside from the video tapes i had taped them myself or bought them i have no other episodes… :(

  17. Wow, thanks so much! I was really surprised to see that you posted about us.
    And we’re happy that you liked our treats 😀 Thanks again Danderma!

  18. noora says:

    salam danderma ;*
    i saw ur tweet on the box to the right, u were saying something about a pizza place in rome… since u’ve been there, any recommendations? I’m leavin next wk insha2 Allah :) rome/milan?!
    yeslamo hon

  19. shaha says:

    i cant seem to follow you on twitter says i have been blocked? is this a mistake?

    • danderma says:

      Sometimes i block a lot of suspicious twitter accounts by the bulk o min il 3yella i block other people by mistake… i haven’t done that in a long time though, what is your twitter nickname?!

  20. noora says:

    5neqatni il 3abra
    mo raaaathy eba6il il dathra post il password mo rathy mo rathyyyy ;( :@ bs ana?! eshfeeh dandermaaa!!

  21. Nuha says:

    Hiii DanDerma
    I love the new look of ur blog, bs el moshkela al7een am not getting your reviews on facebook!!!!
    Lazem ad5al ur blog 3ashan a3aref f u have something new!!!
    What 2 do now? Any ideas!!!

    • danderma says:

      Nuha laish?! Facebook 3la 6ool updated ma ta’3ayar feeh shay?! Check el group link again o see!

  22. Orange says:

    Hello !
    Please please Pleassssssse fix your recipes ! The links dont open for most .. and i’m dying to try some bookmarked ones.

  23. Mustafa says:

    You had posted few years about a perfumed liquid that is used to clean the floor around the Ka’aba. I tried searching here could not find that post. Appreciate if you could tell me the name of that liquid.

    Many Thanks
    God Bless

  24. Hi Danderma!

    You are invited to @StreetFestKuwait this weekend on Friday and Saturday from 3pm – 10pm for some good music, delicious street food, and fun vibes! Also, a portion of the event’s proceeds will go to charity (10%).

    Location is in Salmiya, block 11, Street 3, Avenue 12 (parking lot behind Gia).. or search “Street Fest Kuwait” on Google Maps!

    Hope to see you there xx