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can you really buy accutane online If I’m to stand next to the nearest mirror, and ask “Mirror mirror on the wall.. who is the fairest of them all?” The creepy creature trapped inside the mirror would sigh deeply, shake its head, open its mouth to say something, decide against it, then simply lift up its hands and go “No Comment!”

close-up Ok I’m sorry I asked! Just to elaborate more on behalf of the wretched mirror that had gone mute on me, I’m a Kuwaiti woman. An 80’s child and a 90’s teenager. I’m married and I have a job that I love in a field that I’ve wanted to be in ever since I was seven years-old. I also have several coffee machines, a big library,  a DSLR Canon that goes everywhere with me, and a passport that I want to have stamped with as many entries from around the world as possible.

I also want to state that I’m a fussy a vegetarian foodie that’s always on a diet and interested very much in photography which I may pursue professionally one day, specifically food photography. I love to read, I’m told I have a unique writing style therefore I have self-published two book that can be found in Amazon and the third book is in the making.

I’m a strong willed person and I know exactly what I’m, what I’m capable of, what I want for myself, and where I’m going in life. I live my life the way I want to live it, the way it suits me and not others. I urge you all to do the same and go with your heart. So that 20 or 30 years down the road, if Allah grants us to live until then, you wont look back sadly saying “Had I done that, would my life turned out differently?”

No time for regrets, el 3omor mashee!


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Why all the sudden media interest? Well, it started ever since I’ve published the first volume of my humble book called “The Chronicles of Dathra: a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait”. Available from Amazon and select bookstores in Kuwait and Kinokuniya, Dubai :)

*P.S. Please note that the blog’s content evolves and change because I’m a human and also growing up and changing with time. Please also note that the about page changes according to my mood and interests.

*P.S. #2 I now have a zero tolerance policy regarding hate comments. If you have something hateful to say you can keep it to your self, nothing will be approved from now on. Thank you for being polite.

53 Responses to “About Me”

  1. anonymous says:

    hehehe la6eef lilghaya

  2. Alka says:

    No time for regrets… i need to learn this!!

  3. abadi says:

    A crazy persona. keep it up lol


  4. email me so i add u to my new private blog ;>

  5. Amu says:

    When are we expecting the new changes? :}

  6. eva says:

    E wallah Wel 3omor Mashee , Thakkartene eb that song , nsait 7ag mnu , bn3eesh ma bdna 7ada la97ab 7ata W La 3eDA… Mashee ELzaman Ma Byn6rnaa…
    i’ve been reading ur latests posts today , and well , and hour have passed at work , a very boring working day ,
    Mwafegga Eb Everything : )

  7. mounsi says:

    ee wala el3omor mashi, when you look back at days you spent thinking about other people why they did this and that, or what did i do wrong to be misunderstood, or why this or that person changed on me. sij sij hasafat every moment, bcs el3omor mashi

  8. 1337q8 says:

    Good GOD!..for god sake! someone should break this mirror!!
    what kind of mirror is that?! i want one 😛
    LOL but really good essay !

  9. Kuwait.me says:

    I’m glad inich mashya ma3a il3omor… keep it up!

  10. ice flake says:

    hello danderma .. how are you doing? hope ur doing GREAT :)

    i really want to ask you about “..” ser hmmm ohwa mokan sery mabi agol 3ana here so please could you email me

  11. Daddy's Girl says:

    Ice Flake

    My email is in the last line of this post above

    plus i have already sent u an email…

  12. nbq says:

    عظم الله أجركم

  13. Daddy's Girl says:


    إجرنا و أجرك يزاك الله خير…

  14. Hehe :) we all have something in common with what the mirror answered 😛
    you seem like a great person, indeed :)
    very entertaining and interesting blog 😀

  15. f says:

    i love u sooooooo much when is birthday i need to know shnoooooooooooooo burgech !!!!!!!!!

  16. f says:

    Wallllaa kent 7assssaaa gelt 7ag rab3ee enne I asked oo galaw teLl us awal ma etred oooo I was like awwww libra aw cancer 3alla ur very lively and fun :* mashalla

  17. […] As i see her blog, it has alot of personality, she has been around for so long and definitely made a huge fan base over the internet (and maybe some freaks in real life :P) whether it’s on her blog, Facebook or twitter. She shares alot of life experience and complaints. The name of her blog itself is enough to catch attention as i find it cute and interesting! You can read more about her here. […]

  18. Toona says:

    I simply Love your blog n Posts ! Waaaaaayd 😉 Keep it up Gurl

  19. Big fan says:

    I love your blog but what I really hate is when you use this weird language that is writing Arabic with English letters? Why? Why don’t you just type in Arabic? Please!

    • danderma says:

      Big fan: thank you but that weird language is used by everyone who speaks Arabic and uses the net… ill see if i can try to post more in Arabic…

      • Mary Ann says:

        Came across your blog because my mom is no longer living and I was looking to see what’s been written online about that and Mother’s Day. Nice post. And fun description of yourself in About section. I’d like the “weird language” to be translated into English so I could understand it.

        • danderma says:

          I am so sorry for your loss hon. May she rest in peace :(

          As for the weird language, I will see what you mean and try to translate it.

  20. Saju says:

    +1 to the wierd language part. Great blog! Keep going… G’luck! :)

    • danderma says:

      Lool its not weird, it called Arabish. Arabish is using the English letters to spell Arabic words :)

  21. Cookie Baker says:

    That was so funny & Amazing Ahaneech w Allah Ywafgich, Cheers <3

  22. madryy says:

    I have a chair in my room with the exact colours of your background!

  23. BinYaqoub says:

    awal mara adesh your blog, I really love it and ” favorite it ” on my favorites list of my browser ..

    keep it going :)

    p.s how many ” it ” on my comment ?! 😀


  24. Areej says:

    You must be an air sign. Aquarius, perhaps? :)

  25. yousef says:

    i was searshing on bionic six on web (being 80’s generation so i acquire a bit nostalgia from time 2 time ) when i found your post that i really like with many other posts of yours …great introduction too..keep up the spirit and allah bless you

    • danderma says:

      Thank you so much. Always a pleasure to find others who love the same old things from our generation :)

  26. We would like to invite you tomorrow at 3pm am trying to get your email to send you the invitation please

  27. rania says:

    i was searching long ago abt healthy recipe ..but i didnt find wt fit me ,till i found ur site ,i love it the most as its so helpful and seems yummy….god bless all Arab :) rania EGYPT ..

  28. persian_venus says:

    reading about u reminds me alot about me ..
    i love women with strong personality ,,Allah bless you and wish you all the
    best ..
    regards frm Iran <3

    • danderma says:

      Thank you so much and welcome to my blog. I think all women should be strong with distinguished personalities…

  29. mohammed says:

    the name attracted me, i have a Turkish blood and i know that it is ice cream, but shocked to now it is used in Kuwait. i admire your blog and wish to see more of it. wish you good luck with future plans :)

    • danderma says:

      Yeah we used it in the old days for ice cream as well :)
      Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading my humble posts!

  30. Waleed says:

    I admire your blog , very much . <3

  31. Haleemah (Cynthia Clouser) says:

    Asalamu alaikum Sister…love your bio…I happened on your blog by Googling “futoor”. One of my facebook sister’s commented on her page and showed a type of sandwich…wasn’t sure if futoor was the name of it or what..anywhooo..I stumbled on your blog and saw your recipe for futoor.

    • danderma says:

      Hi Haleema, futoor can mean two things in Arabic. Futoor can either mean breakfast or is a synonym for Iftar which is the meal used to break the fast in the evening during the holy month of Ramadan :) I’m glad you love my bio and welcome as a reader to my blog :)

  32. Noura says:

    Dear Danderma.

    I would like to have your email or any contact information, because on your web-site an error sign appears when i click on CONTACT.

    Best Regards,