The Obsolete Cassette Tapes of Old

By | November 29, 2014


You know I’ve never dreamed there would come a day when I think about cassette tapes and render them obsolete. When you grow up using something and you take it for granted, somehow you think it will always be there till the end of time. The other day I was tidying up around the apartment when I came upon a collection of my old cassette tapes and my heart skipped a beat. Not only have I stopped using those tapes, I’ve forgotten all about them as well!  Read more »

Is it OK to Eavesdrop on People Discussing You?

By | November 27, 2014

The other day I was just walking in a busy place, heading towards somewhere, minding my own business when a couple walking nearby began discussing something animatedly. Normally I wouldn’t listen in to other people’s conversations as its non of my business, but this time something really caught my attention and made my head involuntarily snap towards the chatting couple, they were discussing “Dandemra”.  Read more »

Book Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

By | November 26, 2014

When I want to describe how I felt reading this book, using the word “gripping” would be an understatement. No, hooked won’t do it either, I guess my mood was rather bordering on obsessed for I couldn’t let go from paragraph one. The story is grim and dark, just like its title, the state of mind of Libby Day, the 30-something grown up who survived the massacre of her entire family at age sever then testified against her older brother sending him to jail, is both compelling? and disturbing. Nothing is sugar coated, everything that can go wrong in a person’s life does indeed happen. Read more »

The Freshest Cherry Tomato Pasta Ever!

By | November 26, 2014

A while back I received an invitation from Elevation burgers to celebrate the opening of their newest branch in Bidaa area. Elevation’s invitation was quite different this time, for it arrived with a tiny cherry tomato shrub with little green cherry tomatoes on the branches, all waiting to ripen up and be eaten! I thought it was a fake one first, living in a country with a dessert climate like Kuwait’s means meeting fruit bearing greens and shrubs are a cause of wonders, therefore you can understand how thrilled I was at the sight of this teeny tiny shrub. Read more »

Visiting the Kuwait Book Fair 2014

By | November 25, 2014

I initially thought of skipping this years book fair for the number of banned books and novels have risen noticeably from the previous years. But then I couldn’t. A book fair is something that resembles a Disney Land to me, just being nearby and filled with endless books and reading materials is haunting. I resisted for a few days then succumbed to my urges on Saturday morning when I woke up early – and I never wake up early- and went out the door without breakfast just to wander the halls decked with books. Read more »

Smoked Pecan Cheesecake from Dallah Bakery

By | November 25, 2014

Have I told you before that I’m not a cheesecake person?

I’m not. I’m not the kind of person who’d go gaga over a picture of slice of cheesecake. I’m not really a fan of the dense cheesy heavy centre sandwiched between a crunchy crust and a liquid topping. If there is nothing else on the table I’d eat a forkful or two just fine, but I wouldn’t necessary lose sleep craving cheesecakes and wishing I had a slice or two to wolf down. I can live without cheesecakes. Read more »

Counting Down the Days for The Hobbit

By | November 23, 2014

Ever since I’ve walked out from the cinema after watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug movie and I’ve been in some sort of daze. On one hand, I loved DOS so much I wanted to see it again -and I did, several times-. On the other hand, I wanted to continue watching the movie, or rather the third movie that was named There and Back again and was set for a July 2014 release then pushed back to December 2014 and renamed into The Battle of Five Armies. I wanted to watch the last movie so bad, an entire year of waiting seemed like torture. I began counting down the months, one by one, and because life goes by in a blink there I was, with only one month left to go and now counting down the DAYS! No more counting of months, its merely a matter of days, until it was finally time to watch the last of the Hobbit and bid it farewell.  Read more »

Book Review: and the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

By | November 13, 2014

I had been fortunate enough to have the chance to reserve and collect this book pre-release back in 2013. However, I always kept it on my shelves as a treat for when I was really down and needed something really good to read, for I knew that whatever is penned by Khaled Hosseini must be worth reading. Last week I realise my stack of good books to read next is dangerously depleted so I’ve decided it was time to read The Mountains Echoed. From the first chapter, from the first page, from the first paragraph, I was hooked. Read more »

My Personalised Ring

By | November 10, 2014

I sat on my dining room table, looking at a beautiful acrylic box with my blog’s name on it surrounded by red and white hearts. The box arrived to me as a gift from a local new business, @Special_2you, who specialise in personalising jewellery and gift boxes with your name or whatever phrase you feel like. Inside the box, personalised with my blog name, was the actual gift… Read more »

Recipe: Baked Eggs in Chapati Bread Cups

By | November 10, 2014

Let me tell you the story of how this recipe came to me: I was watching the Food Network on TV, this amazing South African Chef Siba Mtongana was on cooking brunch for friends and decided to serve something called “Cape Town Tarts”. She lined a muffin tin with slices of parma ham and topped them with cheese and veggies then added eggs, baked them, et voila she had little cups of baked eggs to serve for brunch! It looked so easy breezy, a wonderful way to cook eggs especially for people who didn’t know – like myself- and I thought I could recreate the recipe for my husband using turkey slices instead of parma ham. Then I wished I was able to eat baked eggs like that with chopped mushrooms and coloured capsicums. Then I decided some sort of bread instead of Turkey might work just fan, perhaps some filo pastry, and I got up to the kitchen to experiment. Read more »

James St. Chocolate Cooking Class, Brisbane

By | November 9, 2014

The very last activity in Brisbane on day 6 of our #Room753 Bloggers Trip to Queensland itinerary was to go to a desserts cooking class! Its no secret that I’m a fan of cooking, chocolate, sugar, desserts, and everything related to food that is and a chocolate desserts cooking class would, to me, be one of my ideas of having a good and relaxing time.  We do have cooking schools who give out cooking classes in Kuwait but its different when you are abroad. I remember a coffee preparation class I’ve wanted to go to in Dubai but never had the time, and when in the UK I’m always a bit intimidated and would chicken out at the last minute. Read more »

Dinner at Mado Turkish Restaurant, Brisbane

By | November 9, 2014


Our very first dinner in Australia while on the #Room753 Bloggers Trip to Queensland was in the Turkish restaurant Mado. I’ve heard a lot about Mado and remembered clearly that when I looked the restaurant up it did state they had a branch in Brisbane, Australia so we knew we wanted to dine there. Read more »

Book Review: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

By | November 3, 2014

To be frank I’ve only picked up this book when I knew it was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction 2014. I don’t usually enjoy crime and mystery and when I read the description on the back, with the word “underworld crime scene”, I almost put it back into the shelf but I had to see what made that novel Pulitzer Prize worthy. Since I’ve imposed the rule of giving up on a book after finishing and not liking the first chapter I consoled myself by my very own rule, only one chapter and if I don’t like it I will put it down.  Read more »

Breakfast at Cafe Bazza – Soon in Dubai

By | November 3, 2014

In 2011 a new cafe by the name of Bazza opened up in Kuwait, serving traditional Kuwaiti dishes in a modernised yet still time-time-honored setting and atmosphere. I was a fan of Cafe Bazza from the very start, the attention to detail is evident in everything: the menu, the story on the menu, the sound track, the selection of dishes on the menu, even the art on the walls. I am a particular fan of their breakfast in genera and their meatless maraq bamiya especially. If I had friends visiting from abroad who wanted to have a taste of Kuwait, I’d take them to Bazza, no questions asked. Read more »

Visiting Di Bella’s Coffee Factory, Brisbane

By | October 30, 2014

Australia is simply heaven for coffee-holics and chocoholics and Australians take their coffee pretty seriously and the coffee they have on offer is really good. If you are like me, a person whose backbone of a diet heavily relies on caffeine, then you will never go hungry when visiting Australia. Shaky? Sure by overdosing on caffeine but definitely not hungry. Thankfully, in recognition of the coffee-loving culture of Brisbane, the 6th day of my #Room753 Bloggers Trip to Queensland itinerary started with an early morning visit to Di Bella, a local coffee roasting factory and cafe. Read more »

The Chocolate Bar’s Fondue To Go

By | October 29, 2014

If you live in Kuwait, or have visited in Kuwait, then surely you must know The Chocolate Bar! Open for a decade now and still is the destination for chocoholics -in case you didn’t know already that is-, they have have some of their famous dishes like the pink pasta and the hot chocolate available for online to go orders. Remember when I posted once about the Chocolate Bar hot chocolate and cookies that are delivered right to your step? I recall that I wished for the chocolate fondue to be available for delivery as well and, seems like this is the month were many of my wishes did materialise for the Chocolate Bar did indeed introduce their very own chocolate fondue to go by ordering it online! Read more »

The First Beach Picnic Back

By | October 29, 2014

The time of the good weather in Kuwait is here and that means one thing: its picnic time! Well, picnic and BBQ’s and dining outdoors and all other outdoorsy activities we put on hold during the scorching summer months but what I look forward the most these days are picnics! The first picnic of fall 2014 was an impromptu beach one thrown by my lovely friend PinkGirl and the spot she chose was overlooking Kuwait towers at sunset time. Read more »

My Tickle Me Plant

By | October 28, 2014

Earlier this month I received a video on whatsapp about a tiny little plant that, when someone brushing their fingers gently against its leaves, the leaves would collapse promptly and close up as a reaction to the touch. I’ve played the video several times in disbelief, never in my life have I seen plants react that way when touched. Needless to say I’ve sent the video to almost everyone I know on my whatsapp list. One of my friends even told me that she saw the plant in Asia and it was indeed real and did react that way to touch. I wanted to see the plant for myself, silly you think? Perhaps, but I really, really, really wanted one to interact with!  Read more »

Is it OK to share recipes from cookbooks on your blog?

By | October 28, 2014

I was in a discussion the other day regarding this topic and I thought I would take the discussion to my blog and see what other readers think for I couldn’t exactly see my friend’s reasoning. You see, my friend was baffled when I posted a picture of a luscious chocolate cake I made from a recipe book and when she asked me to photocopy the recipe from the book, I refused because I was breaching the intellectual rights of the book author. She thought I was being a pest and didn’t want anyone to “make the cake” and that’s why I was such a bad person and a bad friend and “who would know?”. Read more »

Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

By | October 27, 2014

A while back, and I believe its a year or two back, I’ve come across Gone Girl on my book shopping day in Waterstones UK and because I’ve been aware of the buzz surrounding it at the time I’ve picked it up, half enthusiastic for I wasn’t much drawn to the description on the back, and put it in my basket. Time passed, and I forgot all about the book until I was in the UK again and heard that it was being turned into a movie so I picked up a second copy, again reluctantly, convincing myself that I will be sorry if I saw the movie in the future and then wanted to read the book only to find it banned or unavailable in Kuwait. I forgot I had the first copy gathering dust on my bookshelf all together and when I returned home my two copies kept each other company, gathering dust together, and I told myself I will read one on the very week before the movie’s release in the cinema. Read more »

Stomp the Show Performance in Kuwait

By | October 27, 2014

I’m not sure how long its been since I’ve seen the ads for the show Stomp when travelling abroad, especially in London, but its always been there in the back of my mind and I’ve always, always, wanted to go watch it but never got around to doing so. If you’ve told me that I was destined to watch Stomp in Kuwait I would have laughed at loud and rolled my eyes in disbelief, what would Stomp be doing performing in Kuwait and where? But then dreams apparently do come true, for last week I held in my hand a VIP invitation to go and watch Stomp in Kuwait, yes Kuwait! Read more »

Should Contagious People Go to Crowded Places?

By | October 20, 2014

The other day I was walking down the grand Avenues on a very busy weekend morning. There were about a hundred or so shoppers milling around, enjoying their time dining or shopping, sometimes getting in each other’s path or almost bumping into each other, but as far as I could see every one looked happy to be in the Avenues that morning. Read more »

Mexican Lunch at Adobo Burritos

By | October 20, 2014

A fan of Mexican food? Then you’d be happy to hear that there is a new Burrito place in Kuwait that’s opened  up about a fortnight ago. Last Friday I was at home, a bit restless for the weather was too good to hide inside but not in the mood to go anywhere, on the explore page of Instagram when I saw a picture of a burrito and, intrigued and a bit hungry, I started to browse the burrito restaurant’s account account only to realise it is indeed in Kuwait. Right then and there I knew that I was going to go there for my Friday lunch. Read more »

Dinner at the All New Lenôtre

By | September 24, 2014

If you are a fan of Lenôtre and you’ve tried to dine there recently you might recall that the beach front restaurant was closed for renovations during the summer and the holy month of Ramadan period. Its not news that the main branch of Lenôtre changes its decor and theme every now and then, its been happening over the years and we all thought it was just another decor change. I’ve never been proven so wrong in my life, for when I passed through the doors of the just reopened Lenôtre earlier this September I was in for a totally different experience, decor and every thing else. Read more »

A Visit to Omorfia Salon

By | September 23, 2014

Earlier this month I received quite an intriguing private invitation to visit the just opened Omorfia beauty salon.  I wasn’t sure what to expect really but I liked the distinguished invitation with the pebbly sand, sea shells, and tiny jars of face masks and rose water and even though I haven’t set foot in Jabriya area for a while -I cannot tolerate the traffic!- I braved it that day and arrived almost an hour late to my appointment.  Read more »