Review: Juice Factory Almond Juice

By | August 2, 2012

Two nights ago our friend 7amad Qalam whose being very generous this Ramadan (post) has sent us two bottles of Ramadan juice from Juice Factory to try. The flavor? We call it in Kuwait “Sharbat Baithan” or better translated to “Almon Sherbet” or “Almond Juice”. Read more »

New: Nespresso’s Palets Amande

By | January 10, 2010

I have been a Nespresso fan FOREVER! Whenever i travel abroad i like to visit their stores and look around. Being a coffeeholic, a visit to Nespresso is like my very own Disney Land! When I was in London buying myself some valuable Nespresso tables I saw this black tube and I thought it was some seasonal coffee tablets in a special packaging. Boy, was I wrong!

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