Bye Bye Woolworths :`(

By | December 20, 2008

Today was the last day for our local woolworths :(

It was saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!! nothing is left… the cashier woman was shivering while handling my money… it was really bad :(

It really is an end of an Era… like Pheobe said, or someone in Friends did anyways!!

Anyways i took pictures of the whole thing. I would have uploaded it now but the USB thing wont take my memory card. I will transfer my pictures at home into a USB and come back tommorow to post the final pictures of Woolwoorths with comments…

I have been to Asha’s, exactly the same as the one in Q8 with  better ingrediets of course. The Briani was runnier, the portions a bit smaller… and no servings of papadamus and little thingies we munch on in Q8. and the Bar is OFFICIALLY a bar.

Anyways im not sure which came first? the one In Dubai or the One in UK! im a bit confused. But im happy to be able to have my Paneer Ka Soola wherever i go!

Wesalne sms min cinescape… Transporter 3 o 3eesh il door… chinna naqseen il makhareesh ilee 3ndena ye3eshon il door y3ni!!! what will they do give them steering wheels and have a go cart race in the avenues?

o Shakhbareee Transporter 3..! old news… been to it, didnt like it much (transporter 1 is still the best. But the girl in the movie 3 is REALLY good looking! hathee il nasaween wella balash! Abi wa7da that looks like her for my brother to marry!)

Anyways … ee wain kinna?

I met with AWS the other day between Leicter Square and Covent Garden 😀 there is this yummy new cup cake place open there 😀

Yalla got to go, i want to have some lunch now and then go to the Yes Man. One week lel asaf left to go before i come back to Q8 :(

only one week….

An Email to Birish Airways…

By | December 18, 2008

Hi all,

I have just finished composing this email to british airways…

Dear British Airways,

I am a firm believer that there is no other airline that provides a better flight experience than yours. I simply refuse to use any other airlines for my european trips. That was until i boarded a flight from Zurich back to the UK last Wednesday.

My one week trip for switzerland was smooth and trouble free. The flight from Heathrow to Zurich was fine. I was surprised by the lack of an in flight meal and it being replaced by a bag of nuts and a tiny small drink. I guess the credit crunch had its toll on every one. My only complaint is that had i known before hand i would have some lunch before boarding the plane.

The real problem was, in the return flight to the UK from Zurich on Wednesday 16 December.

We had the 16:45 flight. We got in early since we had to claim our TAX from the Tax Free office in the airport. While we were trying to print out boarding passes using the self service kiosk, we were told that the flight was cancelled!!!!

Needless to say we were in sheer panic. Though we were told that we can be rebooked to an earlier flight, the 14:30 flight. But we had to “hurry”! So hurrying we did, we ran in the airport with our luggage towards customs, only to be called back by the british airways desk who told us we had to come back and collect some “compensation” voucher or thing for our flight being cancelled. We simply couldnt not go back to the check in desk! We had a choice of either going back and miss our flight or go ahead and finish our tax and customs and fly back to the UK.

We were placed on row 21, which is exactly why i check in online 24 hours on the dot before our flight time just to make sure i had better seats. We were not very impressed of course.

The plane was running late. When we were finally boarded, we got the same little tiny can of diet coke and bag of peanuts again, where as other airlines still serve a hot meal on their inter european flights (altalia serves spaghetti!!!) Good call on the coconut and peach cookies distributed to customers who ordered a hot beverage. They are really good.

Then when we arrived to the UK, the cherry on top of our horrible flight experience… our baggage did not make it with us!!! We were left stranded in the airport waiting at the conveyor belt for the luggage. and then we had to join a long line of customers complaining about their lost luggage!

Needless to say by the time we got home, we were so tired and exhausted and miserable that all the relaxing and happiness of our trip has deflated and was a long distance memory!

I have never, ever, had a worse flight in my life. and the worst thing is? It was operated by my once favourite ever airline. I can tell you that never again am i boarding a flight from the UK to any other European country.

Thank You. “

Yes, we took one week off from the UK and went to Switzerland for Bu toote’s sake. We went to Bern (My most favourite), Lucerne (Ugh! Never Again!), and Zurich (love the place, Bern is better though)…

I promise i will post pictures.

Im planning to go tommorow to Woolworths and take pictures of the closing down sale. Our nearest branch will close on Saturday! It is soooooo sad :(

I still cannot believe it will be closed!

I will post some more soon i promise. My Mom and sisters are coming to the UK for the sales!!! Hooraaaaaaaaaaay 😀

and there is no need to wait for boxing day! Every where there is 50% sale cause il nass imfalseen w3lya ihnee…

Did u guys know that the Original Asha’s is in UK, Birmingham!????

C  U Soon 😀