Heshoo Q8’s Qerqaia’an Bags

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Today is the 13th day of the holy month of Ramadan and it’s official, the Qerqaia’an is here! Qerqaia’an is like a traditional Kuwaiti occasion where children dress up and go from house to house signing and getting candy in return, kinda like a Kuwaiti Halloween. It’s a happy occasion long awaited by families who prepare for it months in advance and every year it seems people of Kuwait are Read more »

3nj 3nj 3nj Chak chak chak… Qe6oo il 3elch! Or use a mint! Tra Lawa3taw Chabdi!!!

By | November 5, 2008

People, or girls in Q8 in particular, tend to forget themselves while chewing gum!

Even the classeist girl can fall into this trap. Eating gum, chewing, and forgeting about it. Looking Very vulgar in the process…

Y3ni im standing in starbucks five minutes ago. A nice stylish girl 5 years younger than me, dressed up but casually, y3ni not over the top wala halaheel, just perfect attire for starbucks yet looking very chic… she obviously spent some time groomig her self before coming here. She was standing waiting for her coffee… every thing checks out fine. But no one was looking her way even though she was prettier o more attractive than almost all the girls in the venue…

you know why?

3nj 3nj 3nj… Chak chak chak chak… her jaw is moving furiously while waiting for her order. Chack chack chak 3nj 3nj 3nj… up and down go those lips with the perfect lip tint… chack chack chak… she is seemingly lost in thought… but god does that chak chaking with the gum make her look… well… vulgar… cheap… o some how all you can notice is that annoying chak chak movement.

Now, first off, if you must MUST have something for your breath. There is a little invention called breath mints. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Then do not stick. When you want to dispose of them you just bite them down and crunch them into swallowable pieces. You do not have to scramble for a tissue, or even worse, swallow them!!!!

In my grandmothers 3aza, one of the women sitting there had a gum in her mouth. Quran is being read, people are coming and going, and she, seemingly lost in thought, 3anj 3anj 3anj chak chak chak… tra 3eeb!!!! Halaga

I would rather see a girl smoking a cigarette or a cigar or even sheesha that see a girl doing 3nj 3nj 3nj chak chak with her gum!!

I have learned long ago that gum chewing is kinda vulgar when my father used to be furious when he saw me eating gum and blowing bubbles with it. To him it is a faux pas beyond andy faux pas. I couldnt understand why and i used to have a gum piece inside my mouth from dawn till bed time. until someday i caught my self on tape or something and MY GOD daddy was RIGHT!!! it is very disrespectful o vulgar… i stopped chewing gum furiously since i was in my teenage years. and now, if i have to, if I HAVE TO, i would always stick it somewhere between my teeth and chew on it when i have the piece of mind to concentrate on chewing it properly and  DISCREETLY!!!

Fa plz girls, wallah 7asafa 3leekom ish7elookom met3adleen o mitsan3een o mitkashkheen… banat il q8 a7la minhom mafee… but plz plz PLZ DO NOT EAT GUM ANY MORE PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ … don’t ruin ur looks plzzzzz … or at least, learn to control your selves and how you chew…