Movie Review: The Call

Shibushi By | May 5, 2013 mrtc

For the past few weeks whenever the Top US Box Office segment comes on TV between programs and I watch the rating of The Call, I tell myself that this sounds like an excellent movie and I must watch it if it ever made it to Kuwait’s cinema. It finally did and I finally did watch it but I cannot say that I watched it indeed for I didn’t even get to understand the ending, thanks be to our MOI censorship. Read more »

Censorship + Cinescape + 7 Pounds +Quarantine = Severe Headache

By | February 9, 2009



I would really really like to find a thread of logic between what scenes the scissors of the censorship decides to cut???

Last week, i was watching 7 Pounds. There is a scene where Will Smith says you Son of a B****… the curse is cut, very bluntly, but then you could read tarjama in arabic Read more »