Movie Review: Rush

where can i buy Aurogra By | September 25, 2013

beseechingly mrr-001

I received an invitation to attend the advanced screening of the movie “Rush” by Cinescape which took place yesterday and since I love everything movie related I was on my seat at 8:15 P.M. sharp waiting for the movie to start. Frankly, I didn’t know what the movie was about because I have a policy regarding not watching trailers anymore but I knew it was about car racing, based on a true story, its soundtrack is composed by Hans Zimmer, is starring Chris Hemsworth, and there is popcorn involved as well. What more could you ask for?  Read more »

Movie Review: White House Down

By | June 27, 2013


I was invited by Cincescape to attend an advanced screening of “White House Down” yesterday. I’ve been wanting to watch White House Down for while so the invitation came in the most perfect time especially since Cinescape informed us we are at the first screening worldwide and not only in Kuwait.

White House Down, starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, and Maggie Gyllenhaal is a movie about a group of Terrorist who seize the White House on an just another ordinary day and taking the President, Jamie Foxx, hostage to insure their demands are met while ex-soldier Channing Tatum, who happened to be visiting the White House that very same day on a job interview, tries to save the day and bring down the Terrorists while saving both the president and the soldier’s own daughter who is held hostage in the White House as well.

Does the plot sound familiar? It is almost like watching Olympus has fallen with a different cast, a different hero, a different child, and local terrorists instead of foreign ones. How do they compare? Well, Olympus has fallen is more serious and the president was a hostage, in White House Down the president is wearing his Nike Air Jordans and joining in the action hence the movie is definitely more humorous at the expense being a tad less serious.

It is a good movie nonetheless, with bombs fires fights blood and explosions everywhere. I wonder why Hollywood has moved on from obsessing about natural disasters levelling NYC with the ground to obsessing about the White House being seized, but if you had seen and liked Olympus has fallen and liked it you will like this one as well.

The movie is cut at vital scenes of course, mainly because the attack is triggered by the US withdrawing all armed forces from the Middle East and how Arabs are not happy, I think they are not happy I’m not sure because the Arab’s opinion was of course chopped off and I wouldn’t know what I missed until I get the DVD, which is definitely joining on my DVD shelves when its out.

Thank you Cinescape for extending the invitation, I had a great time yesterday :)

How Effective is the Cinescape’s New Movie Rating?

By | February 27, 2013


I’ve always complained from the armies of young children usually present in every movie I go to in Kuwait. Either teenagers who would yell, scream, or think they enriching the movie experience with their vulgar catcalls or the babies or toddlers who scream bloody murder or get bored and start whining. Read more »

Spotted: Pirateless @ Cinescape Avenues

By | June 8, 2010

We were about to watch a movie in Cinescape Avenues yesterday when a big black box by the entrance caught my attention… It had a pirate sign outside and two openings that looked like doorways and it looked like you could take a walk inside… I was very intrigued and naturally i wanted to step inside and explore Read more »

What's Wrong with Cinescape Show Times?!

By | May 27, 2010

A while ago i wanted to watch madry ay movie… and i coudln’t find reservations in a *decent* cinema. Killa ya Laila ya Ajyal…

I thought it was because of the movie. I have been away for a while, now Shrek III is out, it is a Big Deal y3ni… i try to reserve but…

What do i find?

If i want to watch it, i must either go to Laila or Muhallab or Ajial! No where else! If i want to upgrade and go to 360 i must go to the VIP theatre and pay 6 KD!!! and There are not shows in the Avenues!!!

Laish?! What are we supposed to do y3ni? This is not the FIRST movie that has this strange allocation! Either we go to Ajial o Laila or we pay 6 KD for the VIP in 360 and Avenues or what?! Stay at home?! Why?!

and what is showing *regularly* may i ask in the Avenues?

The Egyptian Noor Einy? Jack Hunter?! The Indian Movie Kites?! Iron Man 2 which was out a month ago?! NANNY MCFEE!?

Min 9ejkom wallah?! The new global movie Shrek is out and those are in?! Why? No really why?! Give me one good reason why i cannot go out for lunch in the Avenues or 360 in the Weekend and watch the LATEST Shrek III which is out across the world… WHY?!

La 7awla wala Qowata Ella Be Allah!

Censorship + Cinescape + 7 Pounds +Quarantine = Severe Headache

By | February 9, 2009



I would really really like to find a thread of logic between what scenes the scissors of the censorship decides to cut???

Last week, i was watching 7 Pounds. There is a scene where Will Smith says you Son of a B****… the curse is cut, very bluntly, but then you could read tarjama in arabic Read more »

Bye Bye Woolworths :`(

By | December 20, 2008

Today was the last day for our local woolworths :(

It was saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!! nothing is left… the cashier woman was shivering while handling my money… it was really bad :(

It really is an end of an Era… like Pheobe said, or someone in Friends did anyways!!

Anyways i took pictures of the whole thing. I would have uploaded it now but the USB thing wont take my memory card. I will transfer my pictures at home into a USB and come back tommorow to post the final pictures of Woolwoorths with comments…

I have been to Asha’s, exactly the same as the one in Q8 with  better ingrediets of course. The Briani was runnier, the portions a bit smaller… and no servings of papadamus and little thingies we munch on in Q8. and the Bar is OFFICIALLY a bar.

Anyways im not sure which came first? the one In Dubai or the One in UK! im a bit confused. But im happy to be able to have my Paneer Ka Soola wherever i go!

Wesalne sms min cinescape… Transporter 3 o 3eesh il door… chinna naqseen il makhareesh ilee 3ndena ye3eshon il door y3ni!!! what will they do give them steering wheels and have a go cart race in the avenues?

o Shakhbareee Transporter 3..! old news… been to it, didnt like it much (transporter 1 is still the best. But the girl in the movie 3 is REALLY good looking! hathee il nasaween wella balash! Abi wa7da that looks like her for my brother to marry!)

Anyways … ee wain kinna?

I met with AWS the other day between Leicter Square and Covent Garden 😀 there is this yummy new cup cake place open there 😀

Yalla got to go, i want to have some lunch now and then go to the Yes Man. One week lel asaf left to go before i come back to Q8 :(

only one week….