BBQ Dinner at Home…

By | November 29, 2012

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A while ago as the weather was getting finer I knew it was time to have a BBQ gathering. If you’ve been following my bloga while you’d know about my friend and fellow blogger FourMe who had recently beat cancer after a vicious battle. Her 2nd year Cancer-Free Remission anniversary was coming up so it was the perfect opportunity to gather the girls for BBQ dinner at Read more »

Lovely Twilight VIP Night with Crumbs Bakery…

By | July 9, 2010

Remember when i posted about Crumbs Competition in this post? I WON! I couldn’t believe my ears when i heard the nice owner on the other end of the line letting me know that i have in fact won!

So last night, Thursday Night, we headed to the VIP Read more »

Event: Crumbs's Twilight-Eclipse Competition!

By | June 28, 2010

Calling out to Twilight fans!

Do you remember my previous post regarding Crumbs Harry Potter Competition Prize? The Harry Potter Cake?! The amazing chocolate cake? Check it out here

Crumbs has recently launched a competition for the new Eclipse movie arriving in Kuwait theaters on 8th July 2010. Those wishing to enter need to go to and answer some simple trivia on the Twilight Saga. There will be 10 winners to be announced on the 5th of July. Each winner receives 3 VIP tickets to attend the showing of Eclipse on its release date in the 360 Mall VIP cinema with Crumbs.

O ana awal wa7da ray7a 6b3an… Insha2 Allah i win! O hopefully there is a cake involved with the tickets (fingers crossed)… for more info check their website or their Facebook page