Scrumptious Treats from Buttercup Cafe

Quaregnon By | December 12, 2013

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The other day I was hiding at home from the sudden cold weather that descended upon us, unannounced, when the door bell rang and  two big bags bearing the unmistakable funky logo of Buttercup’s bakery. The bags were heavy with plenty of sweet treats and goodies inside which in turn means a lot of pictures and a lot of sugar in this post, you’ve been warned! Read more »

Sprinkles Bakery in the Grand Avenues

By | February 19, 2013


Sprinkles Bakery, The Sprinkles Bakery of Beverly Hills, USA, opened its first branch in Kuwait earlier today! I know it was supposed to open a while ago and Read more »

Magnolia Bakery’s Opening in Kuwait

By | December 27, 2012


Last week I posted about the softest yummiest invite I got from Magnolia Bakery Kuwait for their opening (post). Yesterday was the opening in Al-Hamra night and I have to say it was a night of wicked temptation indeed. What’s a girl on a diet to do when Read more »

Magnolia Bakery’s Invitation

By | December 13, 2012


If you thought the cupcake craze was dwindling you might want to hold that thought for a new cupcake bakery in Kuwait is opening its doors next week. Not any cupcake store, mind you, it’s the cupcake bakery, the one is thought responsible for starting the cupcake hoopla in the first place, Magnolia’s Bakery. Read more »

Review: Kitsch Cupcakes, Dubai

By | March 3, 2011

Driving up and down Jumeira Road i have passed by Kitsch Cupcakes several times. Never did i feel like trying it. It is also sold in Candylicious Dubai Mall but the place is always too crowded to take your there. Then in my Sugar Daddy’s Bakery post (link) a couple of readers told me of how good Kitsch cupcakes were, how that they are even better than Magnolia’s, so i have decided to try it… Read more »

Magnolia Bakery, Dubai

By | February 7, 2011


I’ve never been to NYC before so I haven’t tried Magnolia Bakery’s cupcakes in the states. I have however allowed myself to indulge -err or over indulge-  in them ever since I found out they are being sold in Bloomingdale’s Dubai Mall. Read more »

Things 2 Do in London: Afternoon Tea in Bea's of Bloomsbury 's

By | November 30, 2010

Tucked away in a little street just after New Oxford Street…the is a little cosy bakery called Bea’s of Read more »

Things to get 4m London: Lola's Cupcakes!

By | November 22, 2010

One cupcake store i am quite fond of in London is Lola’s Cupcakes. After a long day of shopping in Selfridges i always make sure i stop by Lola’s Cupcakes corner in Selfridges Food Hall, stand in line and choose some cupcakes for the Read more »

Pizza, Cupcakes, & Fun Bloggerettes Night :)

By | November 9, 2010

Yesterday night we were invited for another albeit more casual Blogerettes gathering in FourMe’s place… Rules:  Come from your couch as you are… no fuss and wear nothing but sweats or track suits! We were prepared to lounge casually around the couches, eating harmful but yummy food, and talking about nothing and everything 😀

The menu as you can see was 5 large pizza’s -can you guess from where?- and lots of soft drinks… and every one who attended brought… CUPCAKES!!! While we were waiting for the pizza’s to arrive the girls were eating one cupcake after another with tea! I was worried that they would ruit their appetite for real dinner: Pizza & salad from Salad boutique! It didn’t help that we were indulged in a 100% homemade chocolate cake made by the one and only FourMe herself!!! Yes the yummy cake that looks like a hedgehodge is hers!

That was one lovely sugar and fat filled night to remember… Thank you girls for another amazing gathering :* That’s 4y’s cake below by the way it deserves another standing ovation 😀