Summer in Kuwait Means: Khallal Dates Time! By | August 25, 2013 ktik-003

Driving through the streets of Kuwait, you notice the fruit bearing branches of palm trees covered in green mesh and waiting. Inside the green mesh, the millions of date fruit are slowly ripening. These days, the time has come to take the dates out and see how they’ve turned out. Read more »

The Smart Wood Tiny Wardrobe Qerqaia’an

By | July 23, 2013


I’ve seen many different types and kinds of Qerqaia’an presentations before, but I never expected that one day I’d received a teensy miniature wardrobe as a qerqaia’an! Smart Wood Company is a fine wood furniture manufacturers located in Kuwait and uses Read more »

Versus Caffé Date & Cardamom Cheesecake

By | July 19, 2013


Since we are in the holy month of Ramadan many restaurants and cafes have produced their own limited edition Ramadan menu items. Versus Caffé have a new dessert on the menu for Ramadan, a cardamom and dates cheesecake that is very rich and smooth. The cake arrived at my door in a huge and eye-catching hexagonal red and white box. Very modern indeed. Read more »

Al-Farsi Kitchen Ramdan Gift

By | July 15, 2013

On the night before the arrival of holy month of Ramadan I received a big traditional box with my blog’s name on it. The box was from Al-Farsi Kitchens and sent to me as a Ramadan gift. Read more »

Eshda3wa’s Ramdan 2013 Gift

By | July 14, 2013


My friend and estranged blogger eshda3wa dropped by my place on the second day of Ramadan in keeping up with her tradition of giving away Ramdan noqsa’s, a noqsa is the name we call the gifts in Kuwait by the way. This year, eshda3wa’s gift was also traditional with a wicker tray and five mini tin pots inside. Read more »

Q8 Path’s Ramadan Gift

By | July 22, 2012

Mbarak 3lekom elshahar! Ramadan is here and there is nothing more heartwarming than receiving a Ramadan gift when the holy months starts. This year I received a few gifts from friends and this one I received was from fellow blogger Q8 Path. Read more »

52 Degrees Ramadan Exhibition & Gift

By | July 13, 2012

52 degrees sent out a lovely Ramadan gift plus Ramadan event invitation in this big nostalgic bag. Read more »

Tasting Ayyame’s New Menu Items

By | May 31, 2011

We were invited to try out the items in Ayyame’s new menu and we gladly accepted the invitation 😀

I’ve never been to Ayamee before even though its been open since July 2008! I don’t know why but I never expected much out of it. I always thought it must be another Lebanese restaurant with a boring menu but I was proven very wrong indeed!

The first item we tried was the “Spinach Hummus” which was very green indeed. The texture was smooth and velvety. My taste buds however didn’t do it justice because I was sick with the flu but my Butootee loved it and kept saying how great it was.

Next on the menu was the Beans salad. I am a huge fan of the said salad. In fact I have a post regarding a recipe with the same beans salad lined up for the blog! So imagine my happiness happiness when it was served with yoghurt, herbs, and a hint of sweet sauce. I liked the dish very much.

Next came my favourite appetizers dish: The Halloumi Sticks! Skewers of Halloumi cubes and coloured capsicum pieces marinated in a herbs and breaded then fried to perfection.

The dish is served with a dips of… honey! Oh yes you got that right, honey! Butootee dipped every morsel of the sticks into the honey and enjoyed it thoroughly. I however am not a fan of honey at all so I didn’t enjoy it with honey.

I enjoyed it with the beetroot sauce that is coming next. Try them together and you will see how well they mesh together.

Their bread basket is also something. They bring you a very fresh white pita bread that looks like its made in store plus this green bread we call “Khobiz 3rooq”. Very good indeed.

Next came these little breaded guys with a side dip of beetroot sauce. I didn’t catch what they were before the waiter placed them on the table but after taking a bite drenched in the lip smacking dip I knew they were breaded pickle pieces! Very new and tasted good.

Next came the crispy fries patties. They look exactly like this kebab thing my mother makes for Ramadan called ‘Kabab Moqla’. It was very good and I loved the Kuwaiti touch to the otherwise could have been simple dish.

I skipped the main dish while Butootee ordered the Mourabyan. The KFG team said it was one of Ayyame’s most popular best selling dishes and I can totally see why! I took a couple of spoonfuls of rice and it was good and herby and really yummy.

After attacking the dish with the daqoos Butootee declared it ‘The best Mourabbayn he had eaten outside of a Kuwaiti home.’ He really really loved.

Next came the last of the savoury dishes: The smoked Tabliya! A soft dough spread with a saffron garlic butter paste and topped with Smoked Turkey, Smoked Meat and another smoked meat -sorry not a meat expert-. Butootee loved the one with the most dried meat on the last picture the most.

Then it was Desserts time… we tried two desserts

The Um Ali. Hands down the BEST Um ali I have ever tasted in my life. SO FRAGRANT! Its hurts me to admit that its even better than the one I make and I used to regard mine as the best Um ali.

Butootee had the Maltouta or like they call it ‘Ramadan on a stick’… can you guess what the dip is?

Date pieces rolled in crushed pistachios with a dips of… coffee!  By the time the KFG team joined us to check on us Butootee was literally laughing out loud! He loved it. I tried a piece and I have to say it does taste like ramadan in a bite “dates, coffee, and pistacios.”

What’s amazing is the fact that Ayyame is not a franchise. The concept and the interior design were a synergy of KFG’s in-house design team, London-based Rana Salam Designs, and the architectural firm, Brainstorm. The outcome is a very remarkable restaurant indeed.

Ayyame’s menu is a collaboration of in-house menu engineering with the culinary consultants, Umami. The core of the culinary experience is food served in tapas/mezza style. Every ingredient and recipe has been studied, questioned, and revitalized to create a brand new concept in Middle Eastern cuisine. Plus, every ingredient use is fresh and natural. Nothing artificial.

I am definitely going back again for Ayyame now that I’ve discovered that hidden culinary gem!Thank you Bibi Al-Qatami & Zeinab Al-Najjar for inviting us over and giving us a fabulous time 😀

Ayyame is located in Marina Crescent, first floor, next to Krispy Kreme. To contact Ayyame you can call 25712189 or Facebook Page (link).