Blast 4m the Past: MSX King Valley Game & Ending

buy gabapentin 300 mg By | July 5, 2012


wearily One of the ten most popular games of MSX in the old days was probably King Valley. You know him, the little adventurer who goes inside the pyramid and collects orbs that open up a gateway to the next room while trying to dodge mummies. We called it King’s Valley even though we didn’t speak much Read more »

Blast from the Past: The Rambo Game on MSX

By | May 8, 2012

In the 80’s two things were a big hit: Rambo and the MSX. It is no wonder that MSX had a Rambo game back then and given that I was -and still is- a Rambo fan I loved the game so much. So much in fact that I think the cartridge was fried from being overly used and it stopped working a short while after we Read more »

Blast from the Past: Road Fighter on MSX

By | April 24, 2012

Ahh my first ever car racing game! It was very primitive yet very hard to play. Check out the animated people in bathing suits above :p We used to call it “Sebaq Sayarat” athary its name is “Road Fighter”! Read more »

Blast from the Past: The Circus on MSX

By | April 18, 2012

One of my favorite games on my MSX was The Circus! This little cheery clown jumping through hoops of flames or balancing over a rope with a smile on his face! My dream was to reach the ending of Read more »

Blast from the Past: The Hamburger on MSX

By | April 10, 2012

This game wasn’t very popular in the 80’s. Not as popular as the rest of the MSX games that is. It could very well be the last MSX game we ever bought and we called it The Hamburger game.

The little chef needs to climb the stairs and walk all over the bun, patty, lettuce, and cheese to drop them into place and make up hamburgers while trying to dodge the killer pickles, sausages, and eggs who want to eat him.

I remember when I first saw it in my cousin’s MSX. I loved it immediately and made my parents buy it for me. I loved it and as I played it I always imagined myself back in Hardeez ordering burgers which was our weekly weekend treat -the happy meal came with smurfs!-

Come to think about it I still like games that include burgers and burger making “Burger Shop mathalan (post)”. This game was like a very primitive version of Burger Shop :p

Do you remember this game?

Blast from the Past: The Penguin on MSX

By | April 4, 2012

One of the most famous and loved games on MSX is The Penguin. Everyone I know would remember “El Ba6reeq” with the fondest gleam of their eyes! I remember back in the day that we didn’t own the cartridge -I don’t know why- but two of my cousins did  and luckily one of them was our neighbor so whenever I was at their house to play which was quite often I would play the penguin as much as I loved.

My favorite part happens to be when I fall into one of the holes in the ground and start buying stuff which was kinda unique for MSX games back then. Specifically I loved betting my fishes :p Maybe that’s why my father didn’t allow the game in the house after all come to think about it.

I still play the penguin on my MSX emulator and I of me.still enjoy it immensely. For those moment I play it I lose sight of my surroundings and feel like I’m a little kid again with nothing to worry about but not killing off my penguin with the rest of the summer vacation ahead of me <3

Do you remember the penguin?

Blast from the Past: King & Baloons on MSX

By | March 18, 2012

I really doubt anyone would remember this game. Its simply ancient! When I first discovered my MSX emulator I started remembering my old games and searched for them by name. However this game I didn’t remember. Then one day as I was playing it just hit me: there was a game with baloons!

There was a game where we used to shoot baloons! What game was that? I remember that I loved it dearly, that we didn’t own the cartridge of the game and had to wait to go to one of my cousin’s houses to play it, and that we had to take turns and when it was my long awaited turn I would be ecstatic. I searched high and low for this game until I found it: King & Baloons is its name! So the little fella is a king and we are supposed to be defending him y7leelah!

The game is addictive. It literally doesn’t change in pace and it doesn’t end, but still I would play it whenever I feel there is something on my brain that I need to release and escape from. A great stress releaver for sure.

Do you, by any chance, remember this game on MSX sakhar?

Watch the MSX Castle Ending

By | April 25, 2011

Ever wanted to see the ending of the Castle? Watch this video, the guy finishes the game in five minutes and the song he chose is hilarious, totally makes sense :p

Don’t you miss this game?

By | January 26, 2011

Only someone born in the 80’s would remember this game. Ah, to be 7 again playing with all your heart and drinking KDD Mango Juice <3

Don’t you miss this game?! I think i want to play it on my Emulator just for old times sake.

Childhood in Q8 Means: MSX Sakhar!

By | December 29, 2010

I was going through a box of old junk the other day when I found the above cartridges!I was immediately pulled back in time to my childhood. Lazy summer mornings, us in Pajamas waking up to run downstairs and turn on the tiny TV and the MSX Sakhar computer, playing all day long while sipping KDD Mango and eating KDD ice cream!

Now all that’s left is those :( I remember the Castle and The castle two and the PENGUIN! ooh Rambo was amazing! I still play them on my PC using an emulator -and i am going to play the circus soon after this post :p – but still there something about puffing dust out of that cartridge and wrestling with it to fit into the MSX that is priceless. If only someone would invent a time machine :(

Sega Master System Emulator … the solution to my insomnia!

By | October 31, 2008

I recall the day i knew what i wanted to be when i grew up…

I was 7 years old, and daddy walks in with a Sakhar MSX PC in hand. We all gather around him, open mouthed, while he connected it to our tv, put in a cartridge called Alf Ba2 Ta2, and started making us play…

On that day… i knew i wanted a profession where i know every thing about this little box of wonders!

So growing up, i loved my video games! I would sit with my brother for hours, playing on the latest it machine, just like the rest of our generation i guess. After the invasion of 1990 we have lost the MSX machine, but i do still have the cartdiges, so we began wandering into the world of Sega, and nintendos, and then later dreamcast and psps and ds and finally Wii, there was a machine that didnt last much, i dont recall its name, it had a worm dressed up as a space man game…

So anyways, the first of the lot began with Sega Master System… it is black and maroon as i recall and we had three games for it (we bought the sega genesis very shortly afterwards fa no time for it)… Alex in Miracle World, A warrior game, and the most stupid penguin game on earth…

so we took the Master System to our place in the UK and kept it there. In the years to come, whenever i was sick in the summer, or bored, i would get it out, finish the Alex game, and fiddle with the warrior game that goes on forever…

I am a person who doesnt like change much, so when u say sonic the hedgehog, i would not enjoy it UNLESS it was the very first sonic. I would play it for hours on end, each song and each turn pulling me back int ime, actually the smells and conversations that took place in that era comes back full force. I still remember the cheat code for Alladin game (right left up down A+Start)… and the codes for mortal combat that would make the loser a baby, or make him die a violent death!!! Or the story lines that would come up after Street Fighter, how i would finish with each character only to read the story lines.

But alas, my mother hates clutter. So at any given chance, she would  throw away the old unused machines and its cartdiges.

The only one i have now sitting next to me is my nintendo DS, my Wii (almost about to finish paper mario by the way), and my old dream cast!!! I keep the dreamcast for two reasons… 1- Crazy Taxi and 2- Shenmu… my 2nd most favourite game after all the zelda’s!!! I finished Shenmu 1, which at its time was a big hit in 3d games, and im almost done with shenmu 2, but because that stupid last CD from hawalli wont work, i had to buy it all the way from UK, only to remember that i have changed the lense of my dreamcast from the UK original one to the US one to run shenmu 1!!! and there is no shenmu 2 US version!!!! So unless Bu Tootee tolerates me and takes it back to Hawalli for a change, i must wait..

Anyways, back to tonight…

Since i have nostalgic pangs to my childhood, i discovered THE BEST WAY EVER to play all your favourite games, on ur PC…

It’s a little thing called an emulator.

Its basically a program, you run it on ur pc, and you download the games you want to play, and you open those games from the program and VOILA!!! you play whatever u want!!!

I finished Knightmare and Rambo, the Goonies, and almost the Penguin and the Pyramids using my MSX emulator.

I finished Sonic 1 & 2 using my Sega Genesis Emulator. I play many other games all the time. But mostly i miss sonic 1

and today, i was craving playing with Alex Kidd, it reminds me soo much of london.

so i cannot sleep. I downloaded the Emulator for Sega megadrive, downloaded the rom for Alex Kidd in miracle word, and im playing away… Wanasa!!!

It looks that i will sleep today at 6 am… i plan on finishing the game tonight insha2 allah…