Bye Bye Woolworths :`( By | December 20, 2008 Today was the last day for our local woolworths :(

It was saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!! nothing is left… the cashier woman was shivering while handling my money… it was really bad :(

It really is an end of an Era… like Pheobe said, or someone in Friends did anyways!!

Anyways i took pictures of the whole thing. I would have uploaded it now but the USB thing wont take my memory card. I will transfer my pictures at home into a USB and come back tommorow to post the final pictures of Woolwoorths with comments…

I have been to Asha’s, exactly the same as the one in Q8 with  better ingrediets of course. The Briani was runnier, the portions a bit smaller… and no servings of papadamus and little thingies we munch on in Q8. and the Bar is OFFICIALLY a bar.

Anyways im not sure which came first? the one In Dubai or the One in UK! im a bit confused. But im happy to be able to have my Paneer Ka Soola wherever i go!

Wesalne sms min cinescape… Transporter 3 o 3eesh il door… chinna naqseen il makhareesh ilee 3ndena ye3eshon il door y3ni!!! what will they do give them steering wheels and have a go cart race in the avenues?

o Shakhbareee Transporter 3..! old news… been to it, didnt like it much (transporter 1 is still the best. But the girl in the movie 3 is REALLY good looking! hathee il nasaween wella balash! Abi wa7da that looks like her for my brother to marry!)

Anyways … ee wain kinna?

I met with AWS the other day between Leicter Square and Covent Garden 😀 there is this yummy new cup cake place open there 😀

Yalla got to go, i want to have some lunch now and then go to the Yes Man. One week lel asaf left to go before i come back to Q8 :(

only one week….