Movie Review: Dream House

By | February 20, 2012

I’m not a fan of Daniel Craig.

I cannot stand him. Ever since he became the new James Bond he began irritating me even more. When I booked this movie I didn’t see who the lead actor was so when I sat in the chair and his face came up I was like “ohooo”.

Then the story started and putting aside my dislike for Mr. Craig’s it was really really good! At first I thought it was like every other horrorish movies and that I’ve ruined it by watching the trailer which gives away the plot -trailers reveal too much now a days- but to my surprise what the trailer has revealed and what I thought I had worked out was only the beginning.

You can feel the man’s happiness and bliss when he moves into a new house in the suburbs and out of the city. His daughters are so cute. His wife is renovating the place and he is writing his novel. A happy family. Then the threats and the bizarre happenings begins and you feel the man’s pain while he is trying to protect his family from harm. Its all he is got, his wife and those two lovely daughters.

In the end you really have to keep your tears down. Now this should have been a Denzel movie! If Denzel had acted in it I would have booked 4 shows one after the other and watched it again and again and again. Daniel Craig was fine though. Movie is still good. Definitely going on my DVD shelf when its out!

Do you believe in… Ghosts?!

By | November 11, 2010

Since today is going to be the longest work day ever… i would thought i would entertain both my self and my readers with something… well spooky! I am really curious to what other think about this and whether or not people out there have actually seen something?

Now i have a question that have been going on in my head for quite a while. I personally believe in ghosts… not Jinn i know they are gods creatures and live in a parallel dimension and all of that… no no ghosts… as in somesort of spirit or something roaming around. Always did, always will. and whenever a light flickers i believe also that its someone playing around. I had a post once about lights flickering strangely… another by my reciever changing my recording as if someone pressed it’s buttons not by being scheduled. Fa maybe i have my own little ghost who says hello once in a while :)

A friend of mine swears she woke up one night to find a man perched at the side of her bed who vanished later on. Another woman i know swears she saw some sort of “fog” near the ceiling of her room that convinced her it’s a ghost.

So now don’t be shy… and i won’t laugh… if you believe in ghosts tell me: have you ever seen one? Or known someone to see one? Long work day ahead so lets share stories 😀