Mishref Co-op Ramadan Gift Box 2013

buy gabapentin online us By | July 3, 2013

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The holy month of Ramadan is almost here and for the past three or four years we’ve gotten used to receiving a big box chockfull of Ramadan supplies from Mishref Co-op where my husband has an account. I arrived home yesterday to a big fat colourful box tied with a pink ribbon, so heavy you couldn’t lift it on your own. At first I thought someone had sent me a gift box but looking closely I realised it had the Mishref Co-op logo on it! Never before have I seen a local Co-op distribute such a beautiful and well thought of gift before! Read more »

Wicked Treats from Wicked Bites

By | January 3, 2013


On the last day of 2012 I returned home from work to find a lovely wrapped up gift and card from my dear Um 3zooz. Very sweet and nezaka, just like Read more »

Picture of the Week: The Old Box

By | September 17, 2012

Old traditional Kuwaiti boxes like the one above come in a variety of sizes and designs. I realized recently that I have a few of this box too many. I wonder what am supposed to hide inside them though. Then it got me wondering: what did Kuwaitis use them for in the olden days? Cooking? The one with the latch doesn’t look like a cooking type of box.

Any ideas?

His & Her’s Misho’s Gergai3an

By | August 6, 2012

One of the cutest gergai3an gift’s I’ve ever recieved is Misho’s, the son of fellow bloggers His & Her’s. Read more »

Q8Up2date Qerqe3an Gift

By | August 4, 2012

Ever since the 13th day of Ramadan we’ve been bombarded, literally bombarded, by Qerqai3an gifts from all over Kuwait. Friends, family, neighbors, fellow bloggers, and companies. The first one came from Q8 Up 2 Date online store. Read more »

Mishref Co-Op Ramadan Gift Box 2012

By | July 26, 2012

As my husband is registered in Mishref Co-Op he has been there earlier this month to pick up his Ramadan Gift. I have to say they outdid themselves this time, the big box they gave us Read more »

Amazing Ice Cream Flavors from Milk Cafe

By | July 19, 2012

On my birthday I received a cooler bag filled with ice and somethings very nice. Four different ice cream flavors from Milk Cafe which is the perfect thing to send to someone who is an ice cream maniac who loves ice cream so much she goes by the name ice cream or Danderma :) Read more »

Gloria Jean’s Ramadan Delight Gift Basket

By | July 5, 2012


I had just arrived home yesterday when my door bell rang. Suddenly, there was a huge early Ramadan gift basket from Gloria Jean’s coffee. I had a flashback of the Ramadan gift basket I had received last year (post).  With the gift basket came a Read more »

Review: DeBrand Chocolatier

By | June 24, 2012

Just before I was about to leave for Dubai last week there was a knock on the door and a big white bag was delivered to me. The name on the bag? DeBrand Chocolatier. Read more »

Milk Cafe’s Chocolate Gift Basket

By | December 4, 2011

Yesterday evening the door bell rang and something was delivered. A gift basket from Read more »

Review: Milk Cafe

By | December 2, 2011

Its no secret that my palates have been taken captive by the tantalizing chocolate milk dippers sold in Milk Cafe. I’ve raved about it on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve been there over and over just for a cup of Read more »

Hot Chocolate Dippers at Milk Cafe

By | November 20, 2011

We went a few days back to Milk Cafe after we heard so many positive reviews about it. It looked like a good spot to have breakfast -the name is Milk after all-. When I read my fellow Read more »

Mishref Co-Op Ramadan Gift Box 2010

By | August 3, 2010

My husband has an account in Mishref Co-op and today he went and picked up their Annual Ramadan Gift.

Every year the gift is not all that, nothing noticeable or worth getting. I can’t even remember them to be frank. This year however the gift was one big huge box! Filled with: 4 Bottles of Vimto, 2 Bottles of Orange Nesquick, 2 bags of 67een, 1 bag yreesh, 1 bag harees, 11 bags of different and essential spices, Kleenex Boxes, Aluminum Foil, boxes of Clear Foil thing, and hand soap!

Shensawe fehom el7een? Ele yabe minhom shay 7yah 3ndena! Kil hathee Hadiya?

What did your Co-Op give you as a Ramadan Gift this year?

The Soo'3a Contents… in pictures

By | October 30, 2008

Gateau Aux Neux, a famous cake from Zurcher Confiserie in Montreux, Montana Honey, two shoes, two YSL socks, a souviner from Cannes, i guess it should be an ashtray but we could use it for pins, and a box of Milka chocolates that Bu Tootee adores

These are the last things he is ever getting from his mom :~(

Well, he had (and still has by the time this post was written) a grin filling his whole face…

I do not know how can he smile regarding this… i was in tears the whole time?

I guess the reality of his mom not being there anymore haven’t sank in yet…

He was smelling the things, everything… taking big deep breaths, as if trying to smell his mom … stroking the bags, smelling each one in turn, making up stories “oh this bag if from the plane for sure… she must have bought somethign onboard” and “oh this one is from the supermarket near home!!!” … etc… There was a wollen vest, he wore it even though it will make him itch & boil, he did not care,he wouldn’t take it off even now that im writing this post and he is having dinner!!!! W3lya maskeen :~(

He couldn’t wait for his dinner to end so we would drink tea with the gateau… I remember him telling her about us nearly missing our train out of montreux last year because we tried to get ourselves a gateau before we left… so we chose interlakken over the gateau! She remembered, of course she would, it was just her kind of thing allah yer7amha… and this year she brought us one… i recall once i had said something about me craving a sugar and spice cake, the next day it was at my door… ordered by her and picked up especially by her and delivered to me… :~(

Allah yer7emich khalty. Mashkoora o ma gasartay… allah ye’3amid roo7ich il janna insha2 allah :~(

Leave you with the pix…


The White Shoe

The White Shoe

The Honey...

The Honey...

Milka Chocolate

Milka Chocolate

Cannes Souvenier

Cannes Souvenier


Bu Tootee wearing the wool sweater & looking @ the soo'3a :~(

Gateau Wrapping...

Gateau Wrapping...

Gateau Au Noix Box

Gateau Au Noix Box

The Gateaux...

The Gateaux...

By the way… i don’t know if the cake is edible after two month? Do you think i should tell him gently that we cannot eat it?  

A Soo'3a… From Beyond the Grave!!!!!

By | October 29, 2008

Two months ago, she was just getting off the plane, coming home from her yearly european trip…

Her plane was delayed, she was tired, she had a high blood pressure condition, and on the day she arrived, tommorow would be first day of shahar ramadan, su7oor and preperations and all,which means she had slept for only two hours… before collapsing the very next day from a hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage (i.e. Bleeding inside the brain because her high blood pressure caused a vein to explode)… her collapse put her into a coma… and two weeks later… she was gone.

Her death shook Bu Tootee, my hubby, very very badly. He is mama’s boy, and he had talked to her a little while before her collapse, making plans to meet with her tonight to go to their relatives for ramadan greetings. She told him she was tired today, she might do it tommorow… little did he know that was their last conversation together…

and now, two months later, 45 days after she passed away. One of his brothers calls him, comes over … and gives him a bag with many little bags inside. Telling him this is his mama’s soogha… as prepared by her the night she arrived!!!

My dear Bu Tootee … he cannot stop smiling!!! He had something to do so he dropped me home with the bag, promising he will be back soon insha2 allah to see it’s content, afraid what is inside might spoil in the car… he is the silent type, he won’t say what goes in his heart… he dreams of his mama almost every day… and im sure tonight he will have some thanking to do if he dreams about her…

It is kinda morbid. It is a bag of goodies chosen with love from a person who touched those, packed those, and merely hours later, she was brain dead! She was the kind of person who would open her suitcases the moment she got home, not resting until everything was cleared up and all sowaye’3 (gifts) where put in bags for their recievers… I know this is the last time ever he is recieving something from his mama, i don’t know what to do, do i film it for him? him opening it? I am sure we are both keeping every wrapper from every chocolate we see in that bag… but still…

If you had read the book P.S. I Love You (no, watching the stupid movie where heroin is the ugliest hollywood actress and cast as an american who happens to cross paths with an irish hearthrob, bulldozing away the whole story line, doesnt count)… again if u had read the book, and wept, you would remember with dread the day she recieved the last letter from her dead husband, and how she felt that if she had opened it, thats it! no more things from him? i had been worrying about that chapter and about that letter since i read the first page of the book… and here it is something similar…

I think im going to cry a bit… still waiting for Bo tootee to come home… i kept the bag in the corridor cause im a bit spooked by it actually… i will give a description of its content later… brb

***** UPDATE ******

I took pictures of the whole thing…. i wrote a post about it… i will publish it in a little while…

*****UPDATE 2******

Pictures are available in the next post i have just published… he is happily wearing one of the shoes today for work :~)