IKEA Catalouge’s Funny Mubkhar Mistake

Korsør By | September 2, 2012

Moose Jaw

As I was browsing IKEA 2013 long awaited and much beloved catalouge that was distributed a while ago, I noticed a funny blunder on page 152 which is supposed to be a picture of a living room with middle eastern design touches.

You see on the top left corner of the page there is a mubkhar which is an incense burning device we use in the gulf. The funny thing is that they used it as decoration but for some reason placed it upside down and balanced it on its sharp edges.

Looking at the familiar object in IKEA’s catalouge cracked me up. If only they placed it the right way upwards! I don’t think the designers of the catalouge -which is done abroad by the way and not in Kuwait- knew what the mubkhar is. Maybe they thought its just a decorative vase or something. I wonder if they made similar errors in other catalouges but it was really funny. Mubkhar style 2013 :p