BooK Review: Men I’ve Loved Before by Adele Parks

By | January 22, 2013


The story in this novel started out brilliantly, Nat is preparing to celebrate her husband Neil’s 35th birthday with friends and family and a modern restaurant in King’s Road. Life is good for the couple, they live in a small house in London with decent jobs they love and are madly in love with each other. They both want Read more »

Local Fiancee Checking Agency…

By | September 6, 2008

Mawthoo3 kho6obat il ahal is a huge huge HUGE problem in our society.

When it was my time, i used to go bonkers when mom told me ako awadem yayeenlich. Y3ni shino awadem yayeenli? yayeen to see if i was suited to share my Read more »